She’s here. Well, she’s about to be (on September 27th or 28th, find your time zone listed in the sidebar) and if you’re moon-sensitive you may already be feeling her imminent arrival: a deep, salty, rich full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Aries. This full moon lunar eclipse is special. It involves a supermoon and a lunar eclipse occurring simultaneously, and the last time this happened (for reference) was in 1982, and the next supermoon eclipse won’t take place until 2033. So let’s dig into this rare moment, shall we?

For context, we are just coming off of a new moon solar eclipse in Virgo, and from an astrological perspective, eclipse seasons generally bring a time of major growth, transition, release, beginnings, endings, clarity, and seemingly warp speed changes. Sometimes upheaval. Sometimes breakthroughs or miracles.  It all depends on where we’re at personally, and how we collaborate with the energy. It’s not a time to try to control or demand, but it is a time to be aware, awake, and in our personal power, especially if we are seeking to maximize personal growth.

Also important to note, this eclipse is the last in a series of four that began along the Aries-Libra axis in April 2014. If you want to get a sense of the progression that’s been happening here, do a quick mental flashback to these times:  mid-April 2014, October 2014, and March/April 2015. Any major shifts occur for you around those times? Or subtle shifts that looking back you can see now were significant? A pattern may arise. In that context, you can see this Aries Supermoon as a kind of climax of this energy, or the last in a string of pearls along this line of thought.


A supermoon occurs when Earth's natural satellite appears to be abnormally large and bright in the sky, which happens when the moons reaches its full phase at or near its closest approach to our planet. (In other words, the Earth and the Moon are practically kissing!) The super moon, or a perigee full moon, means that the moon will seem 14 percent bigger, 30 percent brighter and fuller than usual.


A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes in the shadow of the Earth, and the light from the sun is blocked by our planet, Earth. As mentioned earlier, this moon is perigee meaning it appears even larger because it is the closest the moon comes in distance to the Earth.


 The full moon that occurs this time of year, falling always in late September or early October. The Harvest Moon is the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox, which this year occurs on Wednesday, September 23rd, and is bright enough to allow completion of all the harvest chores. In a more metaphysical light, we can see this moon as shining a light to allow completion of our personal harvest.  What have these past four eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis signified for us? What areas of our lives have shifted dramatically since April 2014?


<p ">It’s a full moon. The nature of the full moon tends to be either a letting go of something that has stagnated or reached it’s breaking point (a job, a relationship, a way of thinking), or a test that strengthens something solid. I know this sounds scary, but if we take what comes as valuable information then we are able to work with it. All change is for our benefit, even the difficult changes. The full moon can be a good time to lay low when it comes to difficult conversation or challenging feelings, not because those are things to be avoided but simply because of the heightened state of thoughts and feelings at this time. Especially in the cardinal, fiery, self-asserting sign of Aries, there is a chance that if a difficult situation has been brewing, it could get out of control at this time. Know that others may not be handling the intense full moon energy so well, or may not even be aware of why feelings are heightened at this time. I sometimes joke about taking a “harm-reduction” approach to the full moon, but, in all honesty, a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries could be the ideal time to do just that. Spend this moon with safe, loving friends, or in your own company in a nurturing and self-loving way. If your mind finds itself taking a dark turn, take a break from your thoughts, promising you’ll come back to them in the light of day. Things may look different then.

It’s conjunct Fire Goddess Vesta and opposite Sun, Mercury, North Node, Lilith, and Juno. This is astro-speak to communicate that these are important guests at the Supermoon dinner party. If the moon is communicating something, you could see it as being in relation to these other esteemed guests, and their presence and energy effects the conversation. For example, our Full Moon in Aries opposite the Libra Sun is bringing up this very Aries-Libran balance of “I” and “We”. Of independence and joining with the group. Of solitude and partnership. Of selfishness and selflessness.  Ideally, we embody the higher vibration of these energies. That we care for our own needs without needing to resort to selfishness, and that we merge and connect with others without finding we’ve lost ourselves in the process. It is always a balance, the Aries-Libra axis teaches us this.

The conjunction with Fire Goddess Vesta brings the energy of resiliency, sexual passion, and inner fiery feminine strength. The opposition to Mercury in Libra (currently retrograde) could mean some degree of conflict between the head and the heart, or fuzzy communication when it comes to discussing our feelings. As mentioned above, the intense full moon energy is not an ideal time to engage in challenging dialogue. If you have a sense already of what might come up at the full moon, an area of life that is already starting to show some cracks, you can be proactive and attempt to address the issue ahead of time. Or, you can allow the full moon to be a reflective time, but not necessarily a time of action. The days and weeks following the moon are just as appropriate for taking action, under what may be less stressful energy. We can be easy on ourselves and those around us. Understand that miscommunication is likely at this time, and that it may be an opportunity to practice forgiveness, patience, and restraint.




Our brilliant forebearers who figured out this amazing relationship between movement within our solar system and movement within our own lives and inner being as humans were deeply to connected to the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and planets. They stargazed and theorized and philosophized and found pattern and divinatory capacity. Why not taste a bit of that for ourselves? Get out and be with the moon, and be open to hearing her voice. She just may whisper something to you (and if she does, please drop a note and tell me what she says!)


Be gentle with yourself and those you love. Know that intense energy can bring a lot to the surface, but it’s also perfectly alright to wait until we are more clear-sighted and hearted to take action. Practice self-love and support your tribe in practicing their own forms of self-love and self-care as well.


Sit down with a bright, fresh blank piece of paper and a pen that feels good to write with, or maybe your favorite set of markers. Relax and free write or draw your feelings, hopes, dreams, disappointments, hurts – anything that comes to mind is valuable information. Full moons are often times of letting go of what no longer serves, or seeing clearly the nature of our circumstance. The full light of the moon is upon us. Let her illuminate what you need to see. Write it out in the safe space of your journal, and let it flow or let it go. You will know intuitively which applies.  Reflect on the series of eclipses along this Aries-Libra axis.

Think of where you were in mid-April 2014, October 2014, March-April 2015, and now late September 2015. Do you see any patterns? Any major shifts in the realm of “I” vs “We”. Are out partnerships different than they were at the start of these eclipses? What it means to us to partner? How we view, experience, and express our independence?  These may prove fruitful topics at this time.


Close your eyes and take a moment to tap in. Connect your guides of preference, whether it be your inner or higher self, or perhaps your angels and guides, or even the moon herself. Ask for information and insight to flow freely through you for the highest good. If you work with oracle decks, tarot, pendulum or other divinatory mediums, this is a beautiful way to collaborate with the Universe in allowing and receiving the full moon energy.


Full moon eclipses can be a time of intense feeling. Let nature ground you and offer a wide perspective on your life’s events. Know that this too shall pass, good or bad. Nothing is permanent.


This full moon occurs at 4 degrees of Aries, wherever that falls in your chart is the area of life this full moon will impact the most. You can generate a free chart at www.astro.com by entering your birth date, time, and location. (If this sounds like gibberish, consult an astrologer to help you decipher how this effects your chart. If, for example, the house the full moon falls in contains many planets, or is conjunct one of them, you will feel this eclipse even more strongly. It can be good to know these specifics to more effectively work with the energy.)

Love, your witch friend, Emily