The arrival of Leo Season in incomparably exhilarating, in part because we while we begin our zodiacal year with Aries fire, we then must go for what feels like ages without the Sun in a fire sign, newly learning the elements one by one. By the time Leo season arrives, we are ready for  fire to ignite our hearts once again! Leo carries the energies of glamour, playfulness, loyalty, regalness, and showmanship, and this year’s Leo season is incredibly special because it brings us not one but two Leo New Moons, the first in the early hours of July 7th and the second on the August 21st total solar eclipse.  Leo energy undoubtedly has something to teach us at this time.

The sign of Leo is associated with the heart and with the life force itself.  As a child, I was taught that the heart is no more than a insensate pump moving the blood through our bodies. A machine keeping is alive, essentially. As it turns out, the truth is subtler than that. Rudolph Steiner claimed that  “The blood drives the heart, not the heart the blood,” and current theory concurs that he was likely right. The heart does not stoically pump our blood, maintaining its rhythm like a tireless drummer, stubbornly keeping us alive. What the heart actually does is listen. It listens, feels, perceives, and responds to the way our blood is moving, regulating accordingly, mediating fluctuation based on changes in energy. Herbalist Sean Donohue writes, “Hearts are electromagnetic oscillators. And as such they can pull each other into entrainment,” meaning that not only is our heart capable of communicating with our blood, tissues, and emotional state, but our heart is capable of communicating with, and thus regulating, other hearts. The heart, as such is not a pump, but a master listener and communicator. Not only that, but the Heartmath Institute has determined that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field of any part of our body, so “when people touch or are in proximity, a transference of the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs.” East Asian medicine has long understood this, referring to the heart as the Emperor and associating it with both our spirit and our tongue. It makes sense, right? When we speak, we vocalize the stirrings of our heart, and an imbalanced or disturbed heart has grave consequences for the Spirit.

A healthy, vivacious, life naturally flows from a joyful, satisfied spirit. Yet most messages we receive do not center happiness and love as our primary needs. Capitalism teaches us that we are machines here to deliver productivity. Our survival often depends on how tirelessly we can work to earn money, safety, and social approval. No wonder so many of us feel disconnected from our hearts. We learned that the heart is a worker when actually it is a feeler, and if this is the case, then it is likely we are too. That as sensitive, connected beings our happiness is interdependent, and that our happiness depends upon more than mere survival.

If our hearts are sparked to motion by our own internal stirrings, and those same hearts can then in turn spark other hearts into a mirrored state, then what could be more noble than to listen to our own truth and allow it to move us from within. Imagine a life where action is taken  based on pure, surging inspiration, and where our internal longings have permission to find their manifestation in our external world.

As we enter the space of setting intention and actioning forward movement (which we most definitely can as this Leo New Moon conjoins action planet Mars at the powerful zero degree of Leo), the prayer I offer you is simple:

May my intention and action be guided only by my heart’s truest and most loving longing.

In this late summer season, may we learn from our hearts. Rather than move ourselves into action based on pridefulness or external expectation, may we be moved by our own deep connectedness to the subtlest layers of our authentic being.

Wishing you a deeply moving and loving Leo Season,

Xx The Voluptuous Witch

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