Cancer Season affirmations BY SIGN :: Pride Weekend special edition

❤️💛💚💙💜 Read for your Rising + Sun signs

🔥ARIES: I am safe, rooted, and secure. I am worthy of feeling at home in family and community.

🌷TAURUS: I use my words to heal, ground, and further my dreams. I speak my success.  

📸GEMINI: I love myself exactly as I am. All the abundance that is mine naturally finds its way to me.  

🌝CANCER: I shine unapologetically. I take up space. I allow my feelings because know they are part of being fully alive. 

👑LEO: I heal myself and allow myself to be healed. I seek true connection knowing I am already enough.  

👙VIRGO: I allow my friends to make my life better. I connect with those who boost my money and brighten my days. 

🦄 LIBRA: I own my authority. I choose success. I reign over my own kingdom of delights.  

🦋SCORPIO: I use the power of my unique voice that only I have. I set my sights on what expands, teaches, and excites me. 

☀SAGITTARIUS: I am open to what my intuition wants to me to know. I use my abundant energy and power wisely.  

🍇 CAPRICORN: I hold others’ reflections of me lovingly and lightly. I can see the sacred alive in all my partnerships.  

🌈 AQUARIUS: I am a money magnet attracting all the cash and work opportunities I need. I care for my body + mind with love. 

🍒PISCES: I am juicy, delicious, and ripe. My ideas and creations bear fruit. My life is deeply pleasurable. 

CANCER SEASON is an emotive one. Riding the waves of our feelings is powerful now. Respect your INTENSITY, honor your GRIEF + JOY, remember that when it comes to deep feeling only way out is through.✨🌊✨

Image by the bright + lovely @pomloveshop