FULL MOON HOROSCOPES November 23rd, 2018 - December 7th, 2018


November 23rd, 2018 - December 7th, 2018

Gemini Full Moon at zero degrees opposite the newly Sagittarian Sun! This is blowtorch astrology. Handle wisely.

ARIES :: Major relationship morphs occur in your world, so be mindful of how POWERFUL your communication astro is right now. Aim to illuminate, rather than torch. Your partnerships (or even a nemesis) may be centerstage, but don't miss the major creative inspo you've got going.

TAURUS :: Money + work are ripe for an overhaul. You know something needs to change or grow to meet your needs. Be ambitious! Take an honest look at any ruts you might be in. Bring your self-worth and earning power up-to-date. It's your year to get $$$ rock solid. Friends help.

GEMINI :: An important relationship is reaching a climax or a closure most likely. This is combustible astro for you (which you probably like, lol) so stay nimble amidst any heavy decisions. The biggest positive potential now is in your work collabs and anything "power couple".

CANCER :: Not so comfortable, but the spotlight is on what needs to heal/how you can better care for yourself. Take the info, make a plan, follow it. You'll feel so much better proactive. You're ready for a big career (or maybe home) change. Conditions feel too small. Innovate!

LEO :: Friends + lovers are demanding centerstage now, perhaps some who are a blend of both? Exes pop up too. Emotion/tension are heightened, which can bring romance or possibly drama. You can get your creativity out into the world now but ONLY by being original/not playing safe

VIRGO :: A chapter is ending. It might be your home or your way of projecting your image; a stage of transformation is completing now. Celebrate your progress please! You can do inspired writing, brainstorming, life reorganizing now. Serious love + biz connections speed ahead.

LIBRA :: You can't hold onto any stale connections. They will drain you beyond belief. Some things just don't work, and that's fine. Really synchronized partnerships see major developments though! Your words + writing have so much power now. Focus on your goals, rituals, ideas.

SCORPIO: Something potent is brewing creatively. It could make you a lot of money too. Don't doubt yourself! If a nerve gets struck around self-worth or money worries, remember that you can only start where you are. You develop your talents, bank account, and even true love. Soon.

SAGITTARIUS :: Your relationships are full of electric energy now, just make sure you're focusing on the present and not old ghosts. You're ready for major evolutions in your aesthetic, brand (if you have one), and who you team up with. Trust your gut and go with what strengthens you.

CAPRICORN :: No old grudges or impulsive communiquesi! They're kinda dangerous now. Instead get some exercise, call your therapist, or hustle up some cash. Your life mission gets a burst of inspiration or opportunity. You build slow and steady but sometimes you need to take a leap.

AQUARIUS :: Something or someone exciting comes through your social circle, or maybe you just have really good sex? Both? The pot is stirred (and it's probably you doing it, lol) so work it in your favor, especially networking with folks who give you money/talent opportunities.

PISCES :: If you have been wanting a major life morph (a move, a career leap, a creative fire) - it's here. The key is not locking anything in 100% until after retrograde. Self dev really does bring rewards now. You are your instrument. Cultivate it. Love is subtle, slow, potent.