The Full Moon is near! It will be exact at Friday, June 9th at 6:10 am PST, when the Sun and Moon oppose one another at 18 degrees. Each month, the Full Moon brings an illumination. While both bodies involved are light bodies, there is a shadow element to the full moon because it pulls in the opposing energy of the current Sun sign.

The Sun is currently in GEMINI, so that places the Moon in Gemini's opposite sign of SAGITTARIUS. All opposing signs have a least a few core similarities between them, believe it or not. Opposing signs are not the signs of the zodiac most different from one another, but rather present more of a spectrum of a particular vibe. In this case, we are in Mutable Air-Fire vibe. This energy is quick, mercurial, hard-to-contain, has an element of genius to it, and never wants to be bored. This isn't the steadiest axis of the zodiac, but it is inspired, intelligent, curious, universally interested, and also often quite blunt.

Interestingly, the only planet making a true aspect to this Sagg Moon is Pluto, semi-sextile. Pluto in Capricorn is possibly the energy MOST opposite this Sagg-Gemini vibe. It is staid, deep, and dark. While Sagg and Gem flit about, Pluto in Cap is teaching us about power and authority in ways that are often quite hard. Pluto DOES give us major transformative power though. And the fluidity of these mutable signs really is all about change. The Mutables don't get stuck. They evolve, they are fluid, they are early adopters of the zeitgeist, and they don't get trapped by anything or anyone.

So, what can we shine a light on here? This Full Moon energy is well-used for wriggling free from anything that is trapping you, for using your magic to up-level and transform your relationship to the things in your life that feel like an immovable brick wall. This is the energy of breaking free by turning fluid, electric, and releasing resistance.

By getting in touch with your core desired direction and shifting your weight, intention, and energy toward it without charging ahead right away. Remember, just after the moon reaches fullness she begins to wane. These energies demand lightness. To get where we are going we will be simplifying and traveling lighter. The dark moon before the next new moon, in Cancer, will give us opportunity to release. It's very likely once we set this intention, once we soften and stretch in the direction we want to go, it will become obvious what is in the way. What blocks us, keeps us tight or stagnant or scared.  So learn from the mutables and let go, let go, let go. Love where you are, love what you have, and love it enough to know it's safe to leave the pieces that no longer fit behind. 

 We are in rapid evolution now, my loves. 

Happy Full Moon!