You meet helpful ppl -- Let friends introduce you or go to a networking event. Follow up with biz contacts/friends this week too. Then, the priority becomes channeling your creative + sexual energy. Synchronistic love +sex developments on the way. Intuition level: spooky


Big career week for you, signaling the trends of summer and beyond. Try to pace yourself though, so you don't burn out. Relationship situations reach a climax or turning point, especially if they involve cohabitation. Stay cool, calm, and focused on your long-term desires


You can make major progress in publishing, education, or travel goals. Invoke stamina. Your communication sectors are lit up and it's really likely you'll receive important work news (or health, if you've been waiting on that). You make money moves now. Be strategic.


Energy you put toward making money pays off now. Channel any anxiety into financial action. You have breakthroughs in pleasure, self-worth, and creativity. When in doubt, try something new over going back to the old. Love + money prospects are increasing, stay focused.


Big shifts in your home + relationship life are on the way. Turning points and big developments in your living situation/a move coming soon, plus you can create the kinds of lasting partnerships you want now (in love + biz) just by patiently, loyally laying the groundwork.


You absolutely *can* make any health, admin, or work improvements now by taking advantage of any free time this week to move in the direction you want to go. Focus on the long-term. Make time to journal your thoughts + feelings. All manner of impt messages are on their way.


Connections you've been cultivating bring returns soon, esp those that make you $$$ + boost self-esteem. You may meet a potential love interest through friends. Make peace with any creative or romantic "failures" because you can now build something new, solid, exciting.


You've been progressing at quantum speed, now revisit your foundation. Maintain stamina and focus on getting your money/living situation right. You can build something amazing for the long-term, with some patience. Big career + fame developments are on the *near* horizon.


You're moving into expanded, as yet unknown territory. It's mysterious, for now. Go toward what heals you and is true to gut instinct. You have an extended offer to saddle the wild horse of your own words, ideas, routines and ride them to success. Discipline is magic.


Friends + helpful connections improve your financial prospects in surprising ways. You're picking up all kinds of frequencies, so gather the data and see what's most useful to you in the long run. Stay the course in all things finance + self-worth. Endurance wins big.


You're sharpening/honing yourself for battle + ultimate success. This is a little gnarly, sure, but putting energy toward your own strength, aesthetics will bring huge returns. Collabs are right now, especially the kind that raise your profile or inspire great work.


Resist old vices or past fuckboys. Yes, the vibe is spooky/nostalgic, but you need not regress. Channel all your energy toward work, writing, travel, money opportunities that promise to make your world bigger + more interesting. Exciting professional news is on the way.