That partnership tension we talked about last week? It’s peaking now. A surprise, a breaking point, or a major innovation is underway in at least one important relationship. This week is all about embracing the “you” that had evolved since 2011 and ensuring that those with whom you’re in very close alliance are on board. You’ll likely surprise someone close to you this week -- or an enemy, in which case, I honestly pity the fool. The thing is, your may be pretty low energy which I know is not really “normal” for you, Aries. Your ruler is caught in the vibrations of Neptune, scattering your vibe. I don’t think you should fight this, but rather… adapt. Dance, drum, sing, meditate, or lucid dream. Some time to lay low, opt-out, or just get some extra rest is a good idea. The Saturn-Nodal action is still on: you can foundation or progress a massive creative or romantic leap at this time. Enhanced creative vision, long-distance lovers, exciting new teaching, learning, and publishing opportunities - all are possible now through mid-October. Work with these bigger goals the way you work with your breath in meditation this week -- Neptune will help our minds do what they naturally do, getting distracted, sleepy, or unfocused, and that’s all perfectly ok. Your assignment is to keep returning to “the breath” of your larger goals, again and again,  and hold the container that allows your best inspirations to flourish.



Your romantic and creative radar may be scrambled this week, Taurus. There is undoubtedly a sweet and otherworldly energy in your seductive and/or creative life, but it’s also pretty hard to know exactly what’s what right now. In love and play, try to keep a foot (or at least a toe?) on the ground right now. You’re receiving magical messages, yet at the same time, taking it all a bit slow, allowing things to reveal themselves over time can’t hurt right? Creatively, if you’re feeling blocked, know this particular energy will last a few weeks, so rather than getting frustrated, see what you can do adapt and work through it. Discipline during challenging creative periods can reap amazing (surprise) results! Meanwhile, old ghosts may chatter quite loudly, threatening to throw off your health or work life. You’ll want to bust out of your routine, but make sure to do at least a few practices that help you work better with your thoughts. A genuinely solid family, home, and wealth foundation is further established between now and mid-October, if you work for it. Sex and intimacy can get a major boost, too, especially when you’re be upfront and honest about what you most want.



Home, family, and security are especially  important to you now. You have a huge amount of creative energy and power to put toward homelife and family matters, and there’s even a magical influence in play, but if you’re seeking clarity on these topics it may be hard to come by at this time. Communication at home may even feel especially confusing or pointless, so any family or roommate issues are best approached with patience. Check the facts and avoid jumping to conclusions. Work the energy for what it’s best for: house witching! Feng shui, altar-making, and filling your home with delightful sounds and frequencies are favored now. Write your dreams down too! There’s some wild energy in your creative, romantic, and network sectors. You never know who you might meet this week, or what beautiful inspiration could filter in. The flip side of this can be surprises in romance or friend groups that make you want to “act out” in some way. Break free of anything that no longer serves, just make sure not to make any kind of mess you don’t want to clean up.



You want to break free from anything stagnant in your home or family life. Maybe you want to move, or get a new roommate, or just feel like a change is needed. This applies to your work life and ambitions too! This is a beautiful moment for inspiration or surprise opportunity in either of these areas. Just be sure not to create chaos for yourself in the guide of “freedom” since sometimes the choices that really set you free will require some patience or time.) Your communication sector is incredibly active and your is mind on travel, faraway lovers or friends, and expansive opportunities. Your energy may feel scattered  and important communication is best saved for the “from the heart” variety. (Anything heavily detailed or technical could be a bit fuzzy right now.) Healing with your words is possible too and you’ll be sending a healing message to someone in your orbit, or perhaps even a much larger audience via your writing or speaking. (Take care too though, that same power can wound, so use it wisely.) Your mission is still to cultivate maximum self-worth, resources, good health, and hustle. The potential between for upleveling between now and mid-October is fantastic, so stay on the path of healthy-wealthy-self-loving lifestyle.



You have massive wealth-and-self-esteem-building power this week. You can upgrade your earnings, work life, and even your health by applying some concentrated focus and time.

Yes, there are communication challenges this week (or may have occurred last week and you’re navigating the fallout) but remember you’re going for true freedom here, not just pointless rebellion. That said, if it’s time to break free of something that’s harming you, you have the inspiration and rebellion-factor now. The undercurrent here is that of your North Node in Leo evolution that has Saturn Power behind it now. Use the time between now and mid-October to foundation your long-range creative and romantic success, stay on that despite distractions. This week allows you to really hone in on the self-care, self-worth, and actual cash flow needs that will allow you to move toward destined success that highlights your true, full expression. There is opportunity to be who you truly are while earning money and respect, and you see this now. Neptune is making some matters a bit cloudy or raising self-doubt/anxiety, but these come up so you can release another layer of whatever has been holding you back. Feel your fears and keep it moving.



There is magic in your relationships and creativity this week, Virgo. Your personal constellation charged up and full of a rare vibrancy - the building Mars-Venus conjunction. Romance and partnership have a strange magic, so unless you’re in relationship with someone deceptive (or deceiving yourself in some way),  I’d expect something significant  to happen between you and a  lover or collaborator. The undercurrent that you must pay attention to between now and mid-October is the power to craft home, family, and emotional stability that comes from a very deep place by courageously blasting away old ghosts and limiting beliefs. The tremendous creative power you hold now is not only for outward direction, it’s also to build the base from which you can expand and evolve beyond what you’ve previously believed possible for yourself (and your family). There’s been possibly some ongoing tension or conflict about personal vs. shared resources, so it’s important to manage that rather than ignoring it, and to also take note of any unmet sexual desires so as to include the manifestation of your ideal intimacy as part of what you are now creating. If you’ve been wanting to “renovate” yourself or remodel your expression, now is the time!



Oh Libra, you’re now feeling the constructive tension of the past year’s growth fully, while also hopefully putting together some of the narrative arc. Think of December 2016, March 2017, and September 2017 as the guideposts: these were the months largely defined by a Jupiter-Uranus opposition particularly potent for you as Jupiter is in your sign. If some relationships were exploded, transformed, or destroyed over the past year, perhaps it’s clear why? If not yet, allow some integration time and I assure you the enhanced freedom you’ve scored will serve Future You immensely, particularly Future You of the next 11 years (until the next Jupiter in Libra passage!) There’s a definite undercurrent of True Expression Within Community. Between now and mid-October, take any possible step to align with people with aligned values, helpful organizations, and ways to bring your powers of communication to broader social justice and community-oriented goals. Be intentional with what you speak and share, with whom, and also with any short trips or neighborhood run-ins. There’s an element of fate at play in all of this and tools like social media, email, text have a magical quality. Network with the type of people you want to build future project with in any way you can this week.



Damn, Scorpio, if this isn’t your week! It kicks off with Pluto Direct, always a major surge of energy and competitive drive for you, not to mention both of your rulers moving into powerful aspect along with Venus. Prosperity, love, and creativity are huge opportunities now. Choose your focus and go all the way. Networking is KEY this week, but use it to focus on what matters most. Don’t, for example, waste this energy on hustling up a low-quality romance just because the “love astro is good” when you could better-allocate time and energy to work, creativity, and expression. You’re about to have Jupiter in your sign for a whole year and Uranus in Taurus -- those desiring an exciting partner have plenty of opportunity ahead. That said, you could meet a solid love or sex candidate this week or next, seemingly out of nowhere. You can definitely also use this astro to have great sex, with yourself or a partner, and to score more autonomy in general. The undercurrent is about you getting rich and famous (for real), so between now and mid-October I’d really like to see you focus and foremost on that. Saturn’s powering your career-enhancement now, the fated role you’re stepping into in public life, so all the hard work you’re doing in money and self-esteem reforms is somehow connected to maximum career growth. Your unconscious may be/have been torturing you during this Jupiter-Uranus opp, but it’s the last of three hits that have all been emphasizing caring for your mental health, cash flow, and your body too. The fears or old ghosts coming to light do not contradict the very real success energy. It’s all one thing, love.



Your career sector is lit! Fame, mission, personal power, public life -- these all have tremendous creative capacity for you now. The major, long-term evolution of Pluto in your personal worth and self-esteem sector since 2008 is pinged, as you further grow this Phoenix vibe in a way that’s relevant to Present-Day You. The undercurrent between now and mid-October is your personal will and expression in the areas of publishing, travel, and education. Stay focused on goals related to these areas as Saturn wants to help you foundation an important destiny now. Saturn has not been working you for nothing these past few years! Jupiter-Uranus manifests as major inspiration, but most likely the type of inspo that has you breaking away from the pack rather than running with the herd. Yes, break free of chains that bind, but “no” to initiating conflict with Muggles. Focus more on creating how you want to feel with family and emotional connection, less breaking down detailed arguments with partners or roommates. The Neptune influence is magical, but it can also muddle things quite a bit. It’s an especially powerful time to work your house magic or develop a new facet of your image.



Your power is in your message and its reach right now, Capricorn. Horizon-expanding energy abounds in publishing, travel, education, and even social media. Pluto has been fully working you since 2008, so you’re used to it, but Pluto direct plus this synergy with your House of Expansion signals a development in your continued spiritual/intellectual growth as well as growth of your personal influence. This week and next are very important creatively, so use this energy! Keep in mind that Neptune is still muddling things up so miscommunication is possible too; be sure to tap into heart-centered or channeled communication vs. bickering over details. Annoying details are unlikely to get clarified but an inspired message just may come through instead. You want to bust a rut at home, with family or roomates (and maybe you already have!) just be sure you’re not overreacting to an intense (but temporary) irritation. Same goes for your work life, relationship to superiors, or public image. You want to be free, just gain that freedom responsibly in true Cap style! The undercurrent between now and mid-October is deep: you’re releasing old ghosts and limiting beliefs around sexuality and money to foundation a more liberated future.



Your power runs DEEP this week (and next), Aquarius. Something deeply creative is happening in your psychic work, wealth building, connection with true allies, and sexuality. Old ghosts and fears have challenged, highlighted, and stampeded since 2008, but a new dimension now emerges, one that has a lot to do with what you’re going to do with this energy. Creation comes from a deep place now, just be aware that old, unconscious patterns are highlighted too. Outbursts are possible now, so handle yourself and your wounds with love and grace. The undercurrent between now and mid-October is all about the people in your life. This is a time for networking and forging even stronger bonds with your true partners, these relationships being the net that will support your burgeoning endeavors. Communication has been volatile recently, and that will soon dissipate, but it’s worth examining the pattern of communication between December 2016, March 2017, and September 2017 and what you’ve been breaking free from all this time. Anxiety or self-doubt regarding your worth or resources being a bit tight right now could easily pop up, yet it can also be a potent opportunity to heal self-esteem or sex hangups. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.



You can next-level your career/work life and cash flow between now and mid-October. Stay focused on opportunities and possibility in these areas. The creative power is in your key partnerships right now, even if some discontent or disillusionment is a factor as well. There is a theme of challenged merging, which can also require releasing illusions of perfection or faraway longings that pull you toward grass-is-greener scenarios. If tension has arisen over what is yours vs what is shared, or sexual/self-esteem issues, you may not need to throw the baby out with the bathwater and can in fact learn from witnessing where you feel constrained so as to have more freedom in the future. At the same time, if a relationship feels drastically out of alignment and it really is genuine clarity you’re receiving around this, a tie may be severed now. Some of the wild Uranus energy could simply be translating to great sex too, you just never know with this planet, LOL! Whatever arises, the focus is on the partnerships that are coming into the future with you, especially regarding the now auspicious path of your profession/life’s work.