New Moon Horoscopes - Nov 7th - 23rd 2018

HOROSCOPES :: November 17th - 23rd 

This month brings more movement and change than any other this year with six planets changing sign or direction.

Venus Stations direct this week + Mercury stations retrograde, and Jupiter newly in Sagittarius = big things brewing.


ARIES: Your heart will feel much clearer on what it wants + needs from your loves and collaborators, just remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Let mysterious scenarios continue to cook without taking the lid off to peek inside. What you can do from this wknd on? A new lewk.

TAURUS: Your money and your overall vibe are about to be UP. Worklife is ramping up positively, but avoid signing actual contracts or making big commitments til mid-December. Your intuition is on fire in the weeks ahead. Listen patiently. Love prospects are finally getting good.

GEMINI: A burst of creativity, lust, or inspiration is here. Just don't let your mind get ahead of your heart in important conversations, or vice versa. Don't rush into dialogue and definitely tell zero lies in love. Mind your money +  big financial goals first. Love will come.

CANCER: Obey urges to decorate your home + make it cozy from the weekend on. Work/daily routine is a little tricky - give yourself extra time on everything and leave early for appointments! Lust + creative risk-taking are mostly greenlit, so long as overspending isn't involved.

LEO: You feel the urge to communicate! And yes, conditions for that are improving, but let's also have a think first shall we? Ghosts of lovers and creations past are flying around and you want to be choosing *in the now*. Let your best ideas simmer. Let love have its mystery.

VIRGO: Your money starts flowing again + your self-esteem gets a well-deserved boost. Home and family situations must be handled with care now, so go scream in a pillow if you have to, then discuss in calm (lol). If love has been feeling dry or scarce, that's about to change.

LIBRA: Your full Seductress of Life magic is back! But communications go haywire. Keep secrets or ideas that aren't ready to bloom. Let love + work dialogues evolve slowly. You're hatching a golden egg. Final semester of relationship school is here til March. Show what you know.

SCORPIO: Your life force is back and stronger! If only your money (and/or body) would cooperate! Trust that you have 13 months to rocket yourself into a whole new financial/well-being stratosphere, and this is just the planning phase. Focus on seduction, hot sex, and your art.

SAGITTARIUS: If your life suddenly makes you claustrophobic, that's because you're about to up-level. And it's gonna be gloriously messy. Take this opportunity! And choose it over fear. Friendship magic returns, even as you feel a bit hermit. Just try to keep the peace at home.

CAPRICORN: A sweet victory around career or your rep is coming! And you feel more inspired. You'll also need to be mindful of compulsions or simply projecting onto others, so s l o w your reaction time for best results. Keep your secrets, for now, and your friends boost you up!

AQUARIUS: Congrats, you've made it through the fire. Now, people from the past pop up. Remember to hold everyone to a HIGH standard because this year brings lots of amazing new people. Beautiful time to work on a book or project, or to travel. Priority now? Hustling some extra cash.

PISCES: Your money starts to get back on track! Plus, you feel a huge lift in your energy. Inspired and unstoppable is the vibe, just don't rush into contracts or share your work too soon. Take time to plan your biggest aspirations for the next year. You will be seen + successful.