A lot of people have been asking wtf is happening astrologically, and while there is honestly always a lot happening with the planets (and most of the impact will be highly specific to your chart), there are times of greater FLUX + CHANGE and this is one of them. .

🔸We’re emerging from a really sticky RETROGRADE (still in the Shadow Period until May 3rd when we’ll actually be in NEW TERRITORY) dominated by a really industrious MARS ENERGY — confusing because that vibe is so Go, CONQUER, Achieve when all the while we are not in an ideal moment for full-on PROGRESS. Those CARDINAL ASPECTS challenge a lot of us around IMPULSIVITY, LEADERSHIP, and sometimes feeling the rug is just being pulled out from under us.

🔸Meanwhile, CHIRON changed signs, beginning a whole new rotation through the zodiac. URANUS will be changing signs shorty too, SATURN STATIONED RETROGRADE and Pluto soon will as well.

And now TONIGHT, the SUN WILL MOVE INTO TAURUS at 10:13 pm EST, joining VENUS IN TAURUS (where she absolutely loves to be). While this ENHANCES GROUNDING, it also also will bring some challenge to Retro JUPITER IN SCORPIO forming opposition in early/mid May, and perhaps also providing some glimpses of incoming URANUS IN TAURUS.

🔸This really is a TRANSITIONAL time, one where change is afoot and the pieces have not all shaken fully out yet. THEY ARE FINDING THEIR PLACE. Maintaining GRACE in the midst of CHANGE, putting one foot in front of the other to progress our GOALS even in UNCERTAINTY, and also finding WILLINGNESS TO PIVOT when it comes to our attention that something may have been directionally off in our initial estimations of DESTINATION + CALIBRATION will see us through this time.

🔸Keep moving through the UNKNOWN. It is a balance of not throwing your hands up/giving up on what is important to you and not being so stubborn as to ignore where a REDIRECT can actually benefit you. Old ideas + relationships may be breathing their last breath. NEW opportunities are around the corner. Often the predominant sensation in times of SHIFT is DISCOMFORT. Our ability to tolerate that discomfort will determine how much we can GROW + THRIVE moving into this new phase. Don’t sell yourself short! For many of us, SUCCESS is closer than we might think.