artwork: The High Priestess by Camille Chew



You are moving toward a magical breakthrough in about ten days time! Keep resource hustling and loving up your body! Career and key partnership in your life are steady streaming up while, simultaneously, some challenging realities may have emerged from your inner or spiritual life. Know you're strong enough to take the steps you need to take and apply the learning to your personal image/manner of assertion, as well as your key connects!  Enjoy the moon in Sagg this weekend - she's perfect for fun and expansion!



Enjoy the moon in your psychic sector this weekend! You're having big realizations, so allow yin down time to let them surface the now and for at least the next ten days. You've have some social pressure or grind recently, let the moon this weekend help to surface some more helpful feelings and insights. Get your routine to a point where it is singing with efficiency and loving you back! Let it springboard you into a whole new era of travel, study, and getting your message out to a wider audience.



Mars is still bugging you to do that deep work and face any challenges around illness, stagnation, or mental health challenges. Know you have the power behind you to address issues in a lasting way now!A sense of limitation is heightened these next weeks, but use it to see how you can keep getting freer. You've just had some trial by fire in your key partnerships and public image sector, some helpful contacts may have been less helpful than expected, or you simply now have a more realistic view of the terrain. Focus now on getting really clear in art, romance, sex, intuition: you have the power there if you keep it real!



The power of networking is real for you right now! Maybe everyone wants to hire you or you're ready to Boss Up. Moving toward a major career breakthrough and genius level career plan so stay the course. Nip any bubbling tensions at home or with important people in your life in the bud so that the rest of the month can be about really building power in those areas to better foundation yourself and score your most dreamy, authentic home and partnership life!



You're in superpowered fame + domination mode until April 21st, so this is where your energy needs to go! You have the steady power of Mars in Taurus (a fixed sign, like yours) that can really become something if you apply a work plan and stick to it. Some pressure has been on in your deep psychic + creative pond which should be easing by the weekend. Keep the insights and relax your body! Stay aware of the temptation for intense workplace communication these next weeks. Use your word power wisely! 



Extra tension or practical focus you're feeling at home and in relationship should ebb away by Sunday, leaving your mirror is clearer in these now so that will be helpful! Keep plugging away at really connecting your earnings + creativity, also noticing any self-worth issues in the way of romance + fun. You can do some major reform here by the end of the month! Know your worth and care for yourself exquisitely now! Enjoy this weekend's sweet mutable moon in your home sector, bring some play + open-mindedness home with you,



You've had some intensity in communication + work routine sectors, so this weekend can bring some welcome playfulness and emotional honesty to your life, softening any hard edges! You're moving toward some big breakthroughs in key partnerships. When Mercury meets up with Uranus in ten days, you hit   abig milestone in your relationship evolution these past ~7 years. Stay present to get the insights and clues on any radical adjustments to be made! Focus on your home and your own self the ready of March, making steady power moves.



Self-care weekend! You've had some feeling of struggle around food, money, or possibly codependency, so this weekend's Sagg Moon time can being in some much needed optimism around fun, romance, and art. Really get back to basics in terms of nourishing yourself and find freedom in meeting your own needs! Be gentle with the love + creativity lessons you've been learning. You're moving toward a major breakthrough in worklife, routine, and health - capitialize on the rut-busting genius and take charge ideas flow on this. Deep talks with close ones the rest of the month helps this all process out!



The moon enters your sign this weekend! This brings some deeper emotionality for you to express yourself. Breakthroughs and rut-busters in art and creativity are coming! Major reforms are building between your community + ideals (lucky area for you now!) and your stewarding of your own body/money. Self-care really is a key to fortunate friendships and realizing dreams now. It may have been pretty stressful just being in the world or dealing with home-life recently, that should be much eased up by Sunday!



Your career is lit, as is your presence in general! You're advancing with power now so use it responsibly. If you're feeling overwhelmed, eliminate anything inauthentic or forced. Go for the truth. There has been tension and probably some deep exhaustion, maybe even communication fatigue, that should lighten this weekend. You're going to stay busy the rest of the month so put all you've got into getting more Boss, while still making time to play this weekend! Relax and be with peeps you don't have to censor yourself around. Get back to kissing and creating where applicable. 



Spend some time with the femmes in your world this weekend! Be playful + social. Reflect on Venus Retro + the evolution you're doing in art, beauty, love, and deep values right now. Truly keep going for expansion in travel, study, and getting your message out to the world, just make sure it's all in alignment with your soul's yearnings to access the true power available to you now. You have huge potential for a communication breakthrough or an upset -- go for freedom + truth in a way that leaves you feeling loving and positive.



What a marathon! You're moving toward a true breakthrough around your relationship with your body + abundance. Old ways won't open new doors, so go for the groundbreaking! Pressure's been on in your career and self-image, that will be softening weekend thankfully. Take the wisdom and leave the rest behind! Your communication is extremely powerful now so use it wisely. The rest of the month has a big push toward authenticity in your relationships + your true, deep lusty life desires. Use this weekend to playfully access career expansion ideas!