Welcome to Aries Season, star babes. A whole new cycle begins.


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It’s Your Season! The Sun is lighting you up! Venus and the Sun are header for each other while Mercury is moving toward Uranus - all in your sign! Major innovation is happening in your persona and ways of perceiving the world. The rebel in you may be extra strong now and put yourself out into the world in innovative ways is in your best interest. Your presence may still be feeling a bit abrasive or ‘too much’ to others who are less Uranian at the moment, but just practice diplomacy as best you can and keep doing You. Jupiter is still glowing up your partnership sector, and Moon-Pluto gives you a strong career omen sometime the 21st-22nd. There’s a plot development related to action in partnership and your public image at the very end of the month. Your ruler is still super-active hustling up resources, up-leveling self-worth and getting you to invest in your body.



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Mars in your sign until April 21st means you have the power to conquer tasks + hustle, even while your ruler is retrograde. Keep in mind you can be perceived as more aggressive now, so pick your battles by reconnecting to your true intention as often as possible. You may feel extra challenged in your daily life these next 10 days, like the pressure is on or that too much is happening, so try to channel the frenetic energy into improving wellness or planning expansive moves in travel and/or media. You’re being asked to pay attention to what’s arising in your unconscious mind to make time to rest and process, too.




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Plot developments in fun, creativity, romance + sex on the 21st or 22nd! Let yourself go into the deeper, more romantic side of life, just also know your moves have power + inauthentic or dishonest behavior will probably blow up in your cute face. Keep it real! Very psychic dreams for you Tuesday night - write them down when you wake up. You may feel really busy socially, networking your butt off - the Sun’s shining on your friends, hopes, and dreams. Stay a dreamer and enjoy this active social time! Your ruler meets up with Uranus here soon, so your whole social paradigm is evolving.




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Big developments for your family! If you have a move or relationship development approaching, take each step consciously. Beware blowups or tensions - don’t let anything fester now. You have intense energy in your partnership sector the night of the 21st bringing plot developments or amazing intuitive awareness. The Sun has moved to shine on your career and honestly a highly alchemical energy is there.  Claim your boss status, go for what you want! Also, know you are seen now so make the moves you want folks to remember because they will.




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Firstly, know these are intense days in your health + work routine. It’s possible you’ll have a big development at work this week, so communicate like you have the Power to make the moves you need to -- just be sure to also take a time out or a deep breath so nothing negative gets blown out of proportion. The Sun is glowing up your media, travel, study and expansion. This is a big deal and a bright time because you’ve had so much energy here already and now the Sun is coming along to ensure you are seen, so keep going! Keep working hard in career, solidifying your wider public image -- it will pay off.




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Sun moves into the Sex House! Happy Aries Season! Lol. Seriously though, the Sun will meet up with Venus at the end of this week, as will Mercury and Uranus, so think of this time as clarifying Venus Retrograde themes, seeing what you need to see in love, sex, art, and your super psychic senses. Neptune in your partnership sector is going to continue sharing lessons about fantasy vs reality in partnerships of all kinds, so simply surrender to the insight flow and learning process. You’ve obviously come here in this time to evolve in that area of life, so you may as well go all the way with it! Chiron is still there right now too so be sweet with any wounds. Plus, this Pluto-Moon meetup in romance, fun, + art will have you experiencing plot developments or, possibly, an ending of something that simply must go. Pay attention to your dreams, especially Tuesday! Your ruler is headed toward Uranus, so psychic breakthroughs are on the way!




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Wheeee! Aries Season lights up all manner of partnership for you! Big developments for your family and home life on Tuesday night and Wednesday. It could be a very deep, intimate time at home or simply experiencing revelations about your lineage and where you’ve come from. Pay attention to your dreams! You are truly moving toward huge shifts in consciousness around partnership. Uranus has been in partnership sector for ~7 years and at the end of the week will meet up with Mercury, just after the Sun meets up with your ruler Venus (who is currently retrograde). You’re essentially doing an iPhone update in relating. Don’t put it off! Click ‘upgrade’ and let yourself morph into a Libran of the future!




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You’re figuring out how to take care of yourself, earn a living, and have sustainable longevity at a higher level. The Sun is shining on the mechanics of your life starting today and your ruler Pluto is stirring up big action, demanding absolute authenticity + alignment between inner self and what you share with the world. These are fateful days, dear one. The Moon meets up with your ruler late Tuesday night, so pay close attention to your dreams and trust your intuition (without dipping into paranoia, if possible!) Tuesday night and Wednesday. Epic plot developments can occur rather suddenly. Your communication has huge psychic access and impact during that time as well. Spend time writing if you can! You will have access to Your Truth. Mars, your ancient ruler, is still in your house of partners and open enemies. Keep in mind that there’s a tension here between rapid upgrade in how you will operate in the world (which of course impacts relationships) and also definitely wanting to avoid people who just don’t get it or aren’t rooting for you because letting anything get extra negative or blown out of proportion just isn’t in your best interest. This building of solid routine and beefed up wellness can protect you from detractors (because we all have them, especially since you intimidate the crap out of weaker babes). Make that bubble of light and keep doing YOU. Exercise you enjoy is an awesome idea for moving the energy these next days. Trust the intensity is delivering you to your true self and helping you access your true power.




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Your self-worth and friendships are undergoing major change!  There is a strong connection between the value you place on yourself or your fundamental well-being and your connection to community now. Some things in your social circles, or even your finances + general habits, are getting shaken up. Try not to get stressed out, and allow for change that will help you be more authentic and in alignment with habits that will bring you blessings and make your dreams come true. Romance + all forms of creativity are lit!  The sun is blessing this for you, bringing you fun and excitement, and there’s basically no way something really interesting isn’t going to happen in art, romance, or parenting by the end of the week. If a scenario or person feels super seductive, just be sure to run it by your higher self to make sure it or they is what you really want. Let your art + seduction be weird and bold this week - try new things!  Circumstances are still evolving in family and home life, be patient and try not rush things. We still have quite a bit of Venus Retrograde to go and your home life is being morphed as we speak.





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Career is still supercharged and Tuesday night the Moon meets up with Pluto in your sign - I’d be surprised if you didn’t get a pretty deep psychic download on Tues or Wed regarding how you project yourself in the world and how others see you from afar. Your feelings will be hard to hide too, you may feel like folks are reading your thoughts, so just be aware that you’ll come across extra intense and share yourself accordingly to meet your goals and needs. The Sun is shining on your family and home life! A lot has been brewing for you here and this week is building toward major action around family, some of which could be just an elevation of your own consciousness or a realization how you can make your home life more You. Don’t forget you have power and energy to CREATE now, as well as to seduce. Use your powers wisely and as a fun way to blow of steam from your work grind! There may be more pressure on your self-presentation or just a feeling like you are constantly being Seen. The key to this not being stressful is to stay You and not be trying to be what you think others want you to be.



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Wow, your communication sector is lit! If you have a message to get out the world, now is the time. Jupiter is still lighting up media and expansion for you, and you maye find yourself writing + speaking in a more radical way now. Mercury is on its way to meet up with your ruler in your house of communication so your whole message and way of thinking is evolving. Go with the future vibe! With the Sun here now, what you write and say will get noticed more -- make sure it’s in alignment with what you want to be known for. Pluto meets up with the Moon Tuesday night and much, much deeper level of channeling is possible. This could include what you might think of as shadow material, but really the idea is that your unconscious is trying to connect to your studies, spirituality, travel, and your whole possibility for expansion so see what emerges. Do your best to get back to basics in self-care now that the energy is calming down in this area. Be extra kind to yourself and that will help everything else.



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After so much deep time really intensively evolving your Self, now the light is shining on how you care for that Self, and which habits and practices are going to take you where you want to go. You still have quite a bit of intensity in your communication sector so use that energy to hone communication skills or work on a larger writing or speaking project if you can. You’ll be starting to get a lot of information this week that might bring innovation and sweetness to your way of experiencing finances, food, and your Self-Worth overall. The moon meeting up with Pluto Tuesday night in your community sector could be a big development in a situation with friends, community organizing you’re involved with, or your Big Dreams. Definitely pay attention to your actual sleep dreams for clues about your larger hopes and plans and how to make them happen!  There could be intensity too, so definitely do your bet to diffuse any supercharged friendship or reputation situations on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you’re repressing any part of your sexuality or psychic expression for the sake of maintaining your social status quo, that may be about to blow open and change into something more real.