Uranus Direct: December 25th, 2015 at 7:52pm Pacific Standard Time

While we were all gazing at the beautiful full moon in Cancer last night, another majestic sky being was electric with the pull of a soon-to-be new direction.  

Tonight, Uranus goes direct!  

I think of Uranus like a lightening bolt since we often experience the effects of this planet in a sudden illuminated flash. The manner is abrupt, the thought style is genius, the lifestyle is eccentric. Those of us with a prominent Uranus in our charts have a certain something about us that you can't quite put your finger on, and we're not usually everyone's cup of tea either.

When I imagine Uranus seated at a winter celebration, surrounded by their fellow planets in our solar system enjoying a delicious meal, Uranus is the guest speaking bluntly about the future of the Black Lives Matter movement, radical ecofeminism, pansexuality, the end of white supremacy on Earth, telepathic communication with aliens, mandatory global reparations for slavery, some scientific breakthrough I'm not up on because I don't read obscure journals, their panoply of lovers, and straight up laughing at anyone who can't grasp gender fluidity or dark matter. Uranus is ahead. Uranus doesn't worry about tact. Uranus doesn't care if anyone can keep up, including you and me.  Uranus, frankly, does not give a fuck.

Some other Uranus associations:  WIld God Pan, "the great awakener", avant-garde, Aquarius, destruction of the old patterns, plants that shock or excite the nervous system, tree of heaven, wizard, the Greek myth of Father Sky, called Uranus (who emerged from Chaos along with Gaia, then mated with Gaia), revolution, the masculine, non-conformity, self-expression, sexual expression and sexual appetite, and inspiration.

Uranus went retrograde July 26th, 2015, and now is turning direct again (at 16 Aries) just in time to close out the year. 

Tonight is the perfect time to perform a ritual in honor of the weird. Your weird. The strangest most eccentric and non-conformist part of yourself, and the wild, chaotic nature of all life here on earth and in the deepest darkest reaches of the Universe. 

Light a candle, throw some glitter, howl at the still-very-full moon, and thank Uranus for your most inspired thoughts, the great human revolutions and breakthroughs, the unknowable, and the lightning storm of your life. 

I'm a Uranus-worshipper for certain. I thank this exquisite celestial body for tearing shit down, fuqing things up, and bringing the innovative. I am grateful for excitement, surprise, and the challenge of the brand new thing.

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