Libras have changed. Our Venus Queen of the zodiac has exploded her manicured persona in favor of something a bit... different. Have you noticed? Uranus (weird planet of invention, non sequitur, disruption, surprise, brashness) in Aries since 2011 (and briefly in 2010) has, through opposition, created A Libra of the Future. Perhaps you and your Libra luminaries (Sun + Moon) and planets will relate to these traits:

Artwork by Dov Neon

  • What was once (ahem) unchecked codependency has morphed into a luscious appreciation of your independence (even on the hard days, you rock your own power like never before)
  • Lack of desire to maintain false contacts (especially those who in your estimation demonstrate false beauty or false fairness)
  • Change in work environment, relationship style, attitude, career, or networks in the direction of FREEDOM
  • Innovator-status 
  • Shocking opinions
  • Newfound ability to be (gasp) rude 
  • Your sense of justice has been challenged and evolved
  • Inability to tolerate being anyone's pretty princess Libra doll (you have always been more than that but now you're less willing to ever even play the game unless it benefits you)
  • More 'You', Less 'We'

If you feel different, it's because you are different. You're a new Libra now. 

This Libra Season is the last Libra Season with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Make some space to reflect not only on your morph since last year around this time (thank you, Jupiter!) but how you've radically grown and changed since 2010/2011. The pieces that you want to stay in the past, lay them fully to rest now. The New Libra of the Future you've been becoming, she's coming with you into 2018 and beyond! Have gratitude for her radical transformation, especially the hardest parts, and remember that when folks talk about The Typical Libra... that's just someone you used to know.