You can walk away from your fears, your doubts, the beliefs you once had about yourself, the names people called you, sitting alone at the lunch table, being slut-shamed for existing, your mistakes, perceived failures, regrets, things you thought you wanted but never got, things you got but never wanted, times of hopelessness, times of joy that could not last, the trolls, the haters, the jealous and their inferiority-superiority complexes, your own inferiority-superiority complexes, people who think they know you, people you once thought you knew, bad habits, harmful thoughts, confusion, illusion, delusion, sickness, and shame. 

 You are holier than anyone has ever told you. You are holier than your being has ever been able to know. You are holier than the parts of you you find ugliest. You are holier than the parts of you you choose to put on display. You are holy. And you can burn anything that isn’t you away.