Leo Season

It's the first full day of LEO SEASON! Last night at 10:51p EST, the Sun went into Leo and we said goodbye to wild + weepy Cancer Season.

The glory of this SOLAR SIGN is found in EXPRESSION, kindness to children, BOLD leadership, and GLAMOUR magic. Beauty and DRAMA are spells, and this is the season for casting.

There is also a GRAND FIRE TRINE made up of Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon to start us off today! This is MOVEMENT, ACTION, ENERGY. Potentially grandiosity too. The tone of the day is COURAGEOUS so long as it’s used in alignment with our higher VALUES. This is the energy of shaking off old habits, defending yourself or others against bullies, and getting some nice momentum in your activities or even just physical exercise. The lower expression of the energy is arrogance, carelessness, or heavy-handedness. As always, it’s how we use it.

For more on this and lots of Leo Season magic, check out ✨COSMIC COVEN


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