Mercury in Cancer

MERCURY IN CANCER :: We are now entering the Cancerian portion of the RETROGRADE and if you haven't picked up on it yet you definitely will soon: this season is all about BOUNDARIES..

A lot of what we are learning on the Cancer-Capricorn axis is about THE CONTAINER. What are the STRUCTURES, LIMITS, and REQUIREMENTS that must be in place for you to SOFTEN, OPEN, FEEL. To NURTURE and be nurtured.

Boundaries are HARD WORK. They ask for us to be in contact with the SUBTLE body, the subtle self, the layers beneath the layers. .

Remember that all capitalist, patriarchal, racist, cisheteronormative systems are DESIGNED to devalue the VALUABLE so that it can be more easily exploited. Unf*ck your own Self and mind first because you absolutely cannot rely on anyone else to do it for you. .

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