This week emphasizes your hustle, Aries, and few hustle harder than you anyway, so expect to feel a strong drive toward getting sh*t done. The thing is, you may also feel quite distracted, doubtful, or confused. There is a magical quality to what you are channeling in work, health, and cash flow realms, with much creativity available. Good self care would be dancing, playing instruments, going to a concert, meditating, lucid dreaming, or booking a session with a talented healer. Tapping in this way will allow the magic of Neptune to flow. Things not to do: get really drunk, take a pill not knowing what it does (lol?), or get so caught up in a fantasy that you start to believe it’s real. You can foundation or progress a massive creative or romantic leap at this time so, yes, dream big -- just make sure to do things to ground yourself simultaneously. Sharing more of your personal creative expression with others is destined and auspicious now.  If you feel some tension building in partnership late this week, that’s the Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Are your partnerships supporting the future-focused version of you that’s evolved since 2010? If not, it may be time to break free.



Creative and romantic rebirth is brewing for you -- all you must do is believe, visualize, and werk werk werk for it. It’s an interesting mix right now as fantastical Neptune has you dreaming and hoping, while a stellium of planets of Virgo want you actually putting pen to paper, paint to canvas, feet to the ground, and possibly even your lips to another babe’s lips? Inspiration abounds, the caution here being that you could possibly find yourself a bit *too* caught in fantasy and not seeing all things for what they truly are. Try not to jump to conclusions this week, especially about new friends or romantic interests entering you world. Allow some time for it all to play out. You have the power to take steps toward true wealth and stability now -- ideally, prioirtize long-term satisfaction over short-term sweetness, in spite of abundant temptation! The end of the week brings psychic tension, manifesting as a challenge in work or health. Keep this in mind if your day job and/or routine feels especially confining. You’ll want to dramatically bust a rut, so take a pause to consider the best way to do that in the long-term.



You may be lucid dreaming of fame and lush new living arrangements this week, Gemini!  It’s a beautiful time to work your house magic, attuning your home to maximum beauty and comfort. Play gorgeous music at home, break out the singing bowls or tuning forks, and fully declutter receive a surge of clarity around your life’s work. Just make sure not to dive head first into anything that might be too good to be true. This week brings opportunity but some of it may be based in fantasy, so check the details. A seemingly random introduction or encounter near your home may turn into something enduring. Communications with your most important person/people may also prove to be the basis of something that lasts. Think and speak with your mind’s eye pointed toward the future, not the past. Late in the week, some tension bubbles up between your friends/community expectations and your personal expression (or love interests).



Real, true enhancement of your self-esteem is the everything now, especially in regard to caring for your health, creating your ideal work setup, and living your day-to-day in a financially sound and self-honoring way. So, that’s the priority! You are also probably busy as hell, running around all over town, making short trips, and sending more texts and emails than you ever thought possible. There is a whiff of magic here -- it’s a week where you envision broadened horizons, future destinations, and your message being shared with a much bigger audience. Hold onto these visions while also religiously attending to practical matters for maximum positive benefit. Something else to reflect on: how has your communication recently evolved to reflect your enhanced, developing self-worth? Are there further tweaks to make (or impulses to examine) to ensure that your true value is honored in all your interactions? Dynamics of home and family feel extra-amplified later this week. A home-related surprise/event may require your attention, or you’re called to expand beyond past-conditioning to go farther than before in professional realms.



It’s time to really get into the nitty gritty details of finances, self-esteem, and how you take care of yourself. While you do admittedly have a challenge of not being overly self-critical, you can also manage a level of finances fitness and self-love like none other as the Virgo-heavy sky helps you get real about what’s needed in these areas of your life. The timing is perfect because so much of what is building now is about your personal magic and creative expression. What you feel called to create and express now can be a ticket to more long-term vision and stability, just so long as you do the work! Exaggeration, conflict, and tension run high late in the week so try to reign in any desires to go overboard with drama and gossip. Use the energy to go bigger in your writing, studies, or travel plans instead. You’re grinding out your truest personal offering to the world at this time, so think of how you can honor your self-worth and be of greater service simultaneously.



I hope you have been enjoying your Solar Return (aka birthday!) Season, dear Virgo. The sky is lit up in such a way that’s really all about you right now. It’s intense -- you examine your self-image, love, money, thought-patterns, and how all of this plays into your relationships. Especially in self-perception and important partnerships, Neptune is a major factor here so it’s good to review the ways to do Neptune well. The energy is wonderful for dreamy soul-connections, music and dance, and sweet fantasy. It is not good for delineating intent or objective assessment of interpersonal dynamics or self-worth. If you feel a bit fuzzy in the midst of a strong drive to get hyper-organized and ultra-clear, that’s just the contradictory astro revealing itself! No need to take it especially personally. Photography and cinema are a wonderful outlet now, perhaps have some new photos taken or set up your own selfie session? You’re doing real inner work and foundationing now, so the vibe may not be especially light at the moment, but it definitely is productive. This New Moon in your sign is, in a sense, a “New Years” for you. Set intent for what you wish to see unfold.



Your season begins in just a few short days, Libra! Your sign brings a beloved, gentle change of season into either autumn or spring, depending on which hemisphere you’re in. While the beginning of Libra Season is always cause to celebrate, the energy right now is definitely a deeper, more introspective vibe. There’s a huge concentration of planets asking you to examine your unconscious fears and limitations, urging you to grow past them now. Great healing is possible for you now, but clarity may yet be elusive. Surrender to the healing process now without rushing or judging yourself. Not only are we in the final weeks of Jupiter in your sign, but the Saturn-North Node connection ensures that extremely fortunate connections are made with friends, acquaintances, and organizations at this time. Destined conversations and plans are communicated now. This is about what you share with those around you in order to be of service to the world, a calling I know is extremely important for you Libra! The end of this week is tense as interpersonal challenges arise either with a partner or your rivals. You’ve been growing and expanding tremendously this past year, and now this astro makes it hard to suffer fools. Should conflict arise, maintain your integrity without sacrificing your own rights and needs. You’re not the same Libra you were in 2010! Reflect on your evolution since then and remember how powerful you are!



There is a super strong energy in your networks, friendships, and connections now. You will feel driven to connect, build, and develop offerings that serve the larger community. You have the power to do this, but you also may not feel entirely clear on your mission at the moment. Neptune renders your personal connections and sense of service both  healing and magical, but also a bit nebulous. Allow the visions and fantasies to come through without pouncing on any of them. Allow time to tell you which of these plans are actually viable, especially since you have the opportunity to foundation real money and success now. Your career stars are exceptionally bright and what you create between now and late 2018 brings you massive upleveling in success and prosperity. Take care to invest in yourself and know your worth/power. Self-doubt, fear, or old limitations rear their heads late in the week, manifesting as an interruption in work, routine, or even physical health, but remember: you are mere weeks away from Jupiter in your sign. You’re burning off these old limitations (not a pretty process, by the way, nor should it be) in order to soar even higher in the coming year.



Your career, fame, and life’s mission are intensely highlighted now, Sagg! You’re working hard, getting focused, and stepping into the spotlight in a big way. All these power planets in your career house have you examining at quite a deep level what work you are really here to do in the world and what it’s going to take to make it happen. The tricky part of the current astro is that it also may have self-doubting, anxious, and possibly confused about your public image. Ride out this Neptune influence to see things more clearly in the future. Your publishing, travel, and study prospects are incredibly auspicious now. It’s all about doing the necessary work to get your message out to the world. What you create or transit now has the potential to last and continue blessing you. The end of this week is tricky when it comes to creativity, originality, and your friendships. There may be tension between your lovers and your friends, or a rogue element in your more distant circles that brings conflict. Like all transits, this one will pass, so avoid bridge-burning urges if possible. Focus on your long-term goals and image reforms for best results.



The good news for you, Cap, is that the powerhouse planets in your publishing, education, and travel sector has you expanding horizons like never before. You are really getting into the nuts and bolts of how to share your message with the world and expand beyond your normal comfort zone of ideas and locations. The less good news is that your communication houses are highlighted amidst astrology that has a lot of potential for miscommunication or drawing false conclusions. This is more of a “wait and see” week in terms of knowing exactly what it is you do wish to communicate or explore. A little patience and willingness to check the facts will go a long way. The Saturn-North Node synergy has you building true, deep, lasting security on a whole new level as you work through deep fears or old ghosts to then attract true wealth, support, and intimacy.  The end of this week brings a challenge or irritation in your home or family life. Aim to handle surprises or rebellious urges with grace. You may feel a strong urge to break free or “tell it like it is” at home (or in your professional life, possibly) -- just be sure to consider the lasting impact first.



Your sex house is lit! Intimacy, wealth, support, getting rich -- this is the focus right now. Your psychic work, too. Communing with spirits, exploring your sexual energy, and working with true power are your “tasks” now. At the same time, you may be questioning your worth or  worrying about your money and resources. You can thank Neptune for that (LOL). Do your best to access the higher frequencies of Neptune by tapping into spirit, using tarot cards or other diving methods you feel connected to, and connecting your spiritual sensibilities to your finances and sex life. Despite appearances, your greatest wealth actually lies in your relationships at this time. Developments in partnership feel fated and lasting, and community connections you cultivate will stand the test of time and help you to be of service in the world at a higher level. The end of the week will likely bring some communication challenges or surprises. You’ll want to bust through limitations or what you normally allow yourself to share, or to expand your horizons in some major way, so let the irritation be as productive as possible by pointing you toward where you can grow (even if it’s simultaneously frustrating you’re not there yet.)



The emphasis, for you, is undoubtedly on partnership. This can mean marriage, best friends, or Very Important People in your world. It includes rivals, too, so if you have a nemesis themes around that could be popping up this week too. Relationships are definitely your best area for setting New Moon intention. At the same time, your own image, Self, boundaries, and power may feel diffuse or blurry at this time. Where you begin and others end could get fuzzy, so this is good time for boundary work/practice. You are building your true career and life’s work at this time, making it your daily reality and creating something that can truly last. There is some much power in your career and daily life sectors at the moment -- take steps to really lay a solid foundation between now and late 2018, but especially now while you have a great Saturn energy onside. The end of week surfaces some tension around personal vs. shared finances, or a possible a disagreement between you and someone with whom you’re very intimate. There may be a desire to transcend what you perceive as limitations, but since sex and self-worth are delicate realms, make an extra effort to handle the wild card Uranian energy with care, as an act kindness to both you and those most important in your life.