Gemini 2019 Horoscope

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Your 2019 Horoscopes are here! This is a short, sweet, and totally to-the-point guide to the year. They are 100% written by me for you (nothing computer-generated, unlike most astrology reports online) and will absolutely help you make the most of your 2019.

Your horoscope includes:

  • your themes for 2019
  • your priorities
  • your “good luck” areas
  • which areas to put in the work
  • love + romance prospects
  • monthly breakdown

The 2019 horoscopes highlight these themes for your sign:

  • money + life path
  • personal growth
  • love + sex
  • spirituality + healing

I suggest buying this for your Rising sign (aka the Ascendant), if you know it, and your Sun sign. They are especially accurate for Rising sign. Reading both Rising and Sun is ideal, and many people purchase for their Moon Sign as well.

If you only know your Sun sign just buy that and enjoy!

Buy one (Sun or Rising) for 7.77

Buy two (Sun and Rising) for 9.99

Buy three (Sun, Moon, Rising) for 11.11

Happy New Year! Wishing you every blessing.


The Voluptuous Witch


***This is a digital PDF product.

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Helpful guidance!

So glad I purchased this 2019 horoscope, it's given me some really great and useful information that I can apply to the rest of my year. Overall the horoscope has been useful in guiding me, and highlighting to me what areas of my life may need more attention or tending to, and doing what I can to prepare and center/care for myself. I really appreciate the language of the horoscopes and how accessible and clear it is.

2019 horoscopes

Amazing and on point! Also I love your instagram!

gemini 2019 horoscope review

Really grounding and affirming to ready. thank you for all that you do :)


Gemini 2019 Horoscope

Gemini's title

I loved it. It is accurate and it give me strength to keep believe in myself in 2019