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Cosmic Coven is a direct connection to the cosmos. Astrology is complex and sometimes you just want clear answers. Cosmic Coven provides the insight, a-ha moments, and supreme empowerment of understanding what's up in the cosmos, in advance.


Baby Witch $5  

  • New + Full Moon audio horoscopes
  • Monthly motivational video horoscopes 
  • Daily detailed astro forecasts
  • Exclusive coven webinar gatherings + bonus content

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Girl I'm a believer!

In Mid July I signed up for the Baby Witch because it was all I could think of to try and help the intense feelings I was having.

I happened upon the IG page, and decided that $5 was a small price to pay for possible help. Since then, this has become my new morning ritual after journaling.

Everything is spot on, I even made my husband listen to his audio horoscope and it was spot on. The Voluptuous Witch has helped make sense of this intuitive feeling that I needed to connect to something more. I grew up super conservative,and the most horoscopes I have took part in were the teen magazines I read.

This is beyond next level, and the perfect addition to your daily rituals, and coming back to our sacredness inside of us.

Baby Witch Membership

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this program! So much content and it's so affordable! So insightful! You can really tell the time that is taken to plan the website and to give advice and lunar information for each sign! I love the rituals and daily horoscopes as well! I am so beyond grateful for this content and to The Voluptuous Witch for sharing her wisdom with us! <3

I am always blown away

I have consistently been blown away with how accurate and informative the astrology I get through baby witch is and how much clarity it has offered me since subscribing. Thank you!!!


Insightful and delightful!

Thank you for what you do!

I have always turned to astrology in times of chaos. Like it was a way of feeling in control of things, even if a little bit. After discovering you and your words on Instagram, this habit of turning to astrology became more a form of self help therapy. The way you explain things calm my heart, and make me be more realistic about how I can use astrology as a tool to feel and be present in my life better. So, thank you for all that you say and all that you have to say. I'll be there to read all of it.