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Click on the play button to the left to hear your scope. Please allow 3-40 seconds depending on your internet connection.

Full Moon + Friday the 13th Chat and Q+A

pisces full moon horoscopes: 9/14 -9/30

virgo new moon horoscopes: 8/30 -9/14

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Theme: Work + Love 

Motivation: Stay focused on work and financial matters in the first half of the month so you can then enjoy the relationship renaissance coming in the second half. 

Caution: The Full Moon on the 14th is an emotional one for you, so you might want to lay low in the days surrounding. Your ruler Mars is quite active this month so it’s your time to shine so long as you resist needless arguments or impatience. 

Week 1: Focus on your work, health, and admin. It’s not just what you do but how you do it. Look at your routines and crack the code of how to make them actually work better for you. Money concepts and business ideas could be breakthrough-level. 

Week 2: This week is about your career. You could see a big development in regard to your life path or relationships with mentors. The energy is really powerful for getting necessary tasks done and getting way ahead of the pack. Success if yours if you stay focused, although be sure to find some fun or pleasure to keep your fire lit so you’re not just slogging along. 

Week 3: The Full Moon is psychologically illuminating and also gives some clues as to how you’re doing on your Virgo New Moon goals. It’s illuminating in work and health matters, particularly in regard to colleagues. There could be a mercury retrograde kind of energy for a few days at the office or on your commute so give yourself breathing room. Then the vibe lifts considerably! Suddenly relationship and collaboration prospects are up. The power you’ve been exuding all month snags you love, connection, or renewed appreciation for the important people in your life. Make time for people, not just work. 

Week 4: The intensity lessens a bit, which is good because you especially have been in full force all month. Exciting relationship arrives or continues to develop from the end of last week. Make some time your important people and enjoy this sweet time. You’re seeing with whom you have Power Couple potential (in work, love, or art) and also with whom you don’t. The pressure is on to arrange your priorities in both success and love. You can do it though. Don’t linger in a “maybe”, it’s a good time for clear and honest decisions about your time and relationships.


Theme: Sex + Business 

Motivation: You have the green light to explore passions, hobbies, sensuality, and sources of joy. If you’ve been hoping to meet a lover or feel more sexually connected, make time for this now while the astro is on your side. The second half of the month gives you more opportunity for bettering your work circumstances, health improvement, and getting better organized. Plan for that now, to do then. 

Caution: If you have any addictions or impulsive tendencies, get some extra support for that now. Things could feel slippery this month in that regard. There could also be plot twists with lovers or passion projects, so stay nimble. 

Week 1: This is a week for fun, indulgence, and doing what you love. Say yes to invitations and give yourself sensual time to enjoy. This is a really good time to work on anything that you want to turn into more than hobby or a future course of more serious study. 

Week 2: The focus is still on your spiritual pursuits, travel plans, and important projects. Focus on what makes you feel expanded, excited, and limitless. There is a message or action that only you can share with the world and this is what you’re being called to cultivate now. Give it time, energy, and space. The Full Moon at the end of the week makes this a busy time for you socially and romantically. The people in your life want to see you, talk to you, or perhaps even new people wanting to meet you. If you’ve been working on art or something else personally important to you, it’s a good time to share a sneak peek with others.

Week 3: If you’ve been wanting to find a better job, work space, or healthcare provider, put some energy toward that now. The astrology is on your side for things like getting a raise or improving relationships with co-workers. If you’re looking for love, mundane place like the gym or acupuncture waiting room could hold chance meetings with promising people. Even your commute has the potential for some sweetness. 

Week 4: Your work life is busy but blessed. The projects you’ve been cultivating all month get an extra boost of power, especially if they involve taking your personal passions and making them into something you share with a wider audience. You might feel a bit scattered, with many responsibilities, so be sure to prioritize the work projects you want to see flourish, as well as your health. Bringing some joy, fun, and sexual energy to everything you do is possible this month and can create new opportunities and outcomes better than what you might have imagined. 


Theme: Behind-the-Scenes Maintenance + Love/Sexuality Reboot 

Motivation: If you put your energy toward things that stabilize you like enhancing your home, money, family relationships, and future planning, it will pay off now. The earth energy might not feel like a perfect fit but it can help you get grounded so you that you may have more of what you really want -- more freedom. 

Caution: If you’re under financial pressure, get some emotional support. You don’t have to figure it out alone. You might have more home and family matters to attend to than usual and therefore feel spread thin. Be aware of the desire to push relationships ahead too fast; pace yourself. 

Week 1: The current astro has advantages and disadvantages for you. On one hand, your ruler Mercury is quite influential now. On the other, there is a lot of earth that can make you feel stagnant or frustrated. It’s time to focus on some of the boring stuff that can help you in the long run, like dealing with taxes, financial planning, contracts, or family matters. It’s also a great time for fixing up the house or finding a new place to live (only recommended if you need to though). Do your best to diffuse any tension with roommates, family, or domestic partners this month. If you’ve been making any decisions around a domestic partnership, like to live together or not, this week or next is likely to bring a development. 

Week 2: Your mind is on your relationships. You are likely to feel motivated to put time and attention there, and developments are likely. This can be romantic or with any important person in your life. It’s all about striking being courageous and assertive without rushing connections to a point of climax too early simply because you want something (meaning anything) to happen. Jupiter is on your side in love and having good allies, so lean into that this week, relying on your trusted people. This is important for you at the moment because you might also be noticing some faulty connections as well. This has been a theme of the year (discernment in relationships, especially work-related or how they impact your success) so you likely have already had some worthwhile lessons about this that you can continue to put into action. 

Week 3: The Full Moon is really important for you in career and relationships, so something has likely just some to a head. Maybe it’s taking stock of how aligned you are with your true ambitions or celebrating the fruits of an important collaboration. It also may have shed light on something you have had some fantasies about in work or relationships. Take this information, whether you consider it positive or negative, put it to use now. Your pleasure and joy are being uplifted so trust good times are ahead. Dating, art, and doing the things you enjoy are not only more abundant but they can be profitable for you now too. You have plenty of options and you should be seeing that now. 

Week 4: If you have been under home/family/money pressures, you feel some of that lighten by mid-week. Continue working toward securing things that genuinely support the foundation of your life, but also say yes to a party invitation or two, take a favorite dance class, or make time to just enjoy being in your body (or enjoying someone else’s!) This month was a little trickier for you in some ways and asked you to dive into deeper things. Hopefully this was therapeutic in some ways and now you get a chance to remember what lights you up. Especially if art is important to you or you make money off of your creative passions, with time and effort, you’re finding a way to do more of what you love.     


Theme: Socializing + Connecting with Loved Ones 

Motivation: You’ll be receiving lots of texts, calls, emails, and invitations to connect with others, so use this time to make space for those who are genuinely important to you and solid for you. New and old connections provide gateways, opportunities, and evolutionary avenues. If your spiritual growth or educational plans are a part of this, even better. If you’ve needed to find a new living space or attend to home/family matters, you get some cosmic help in the second half of the month. 

Caution: Some of the people trying to access you now could be a bit vampiric even if they don’t realize it. It could be easy to feel overwhelmed, as if everyone is trying to lean on you or needs something from you. It’s really important that you make time for yourself and hold your own priorities down as well, so you don’t feel that September blew past you as you attended (only) to everyone else. 

Week 1: The lines of communication are wide open. This is a great energy for getting a fresh start within relationships, social dynamics, and relationship expectations. You can redefine your role in many situations, and all relationships, simply by communicating differently and setting clear expectations. Yes, boundaries are a big part of this! An important week for making new connections, establishing important collaborative efforts, and even reviving (or finding) love. There are some really good opportunities in fostering the right connections. Go where you feel nourished and excited. Handle more challenging connections with a lot of love for your own self and needs too. 

Week 2: Developments in love, collaboration, and teamwork! This is also an important week if you work with clients or are doing important work with therapists and healers. The evolution that began in December 2017 with respect to your relationship standards and paradigm is gaining momentum. Clarity is available, as well as a chance to cultivate or fortify the types of relationships you actually want. Your mission is so much about honesty and clean communication now. Be direct, kind, and truthful. Your work life is busy too. You’ll want to avoid ego conflicts with colleagues though. You can make your mark, get a raise, or even shift your thinking around work and health in powerful ways so long as your ego is in check. 

Week 3: The Pisces Full Moon shines a bright light on how your connections are shaping up and paying off for you. It’s also a time to celebrate the progress you’ve made in your studies, thinking, or how you influence others. Have you been dreaming big enough? Some of that is shown to you now. Your actual work this week, however, is in fortifying your home base and the work is positive. You have a helpful influence with family, roommates, domestic partners, and living situations. You can even find yourself in some good PR or career opportunities too. 

Week 4: This week is an important time to check in with yourself, take some time alone, or clarify priorities. If you’ve been waiting on another person for a green light, news likely arrives now. Continue shifting your focus to getting stable and grounded, as the benefits of this extend to your work life as well. Creating better working conditions and living routines is in full effect and will be especially important in October/November. Start now.  


Theme: Money, Better Living, and Perspective 

Motivation: This is your time to get your money up and take excellent care of your body. The second half of the month is excellent for influencing others and using your words to get what you want and need. 

Caution: The heavy earth energy might feel stifling or boring so be aware of desires to be lazy or turn down opportunities that you can actually handle. On the flip side, don’t work yourself to death either. Seek balance. 

Week 1: You have amazing wealth-building and work enhancing opportunities now. There is a bit of a grind that might feel in contradiction to your fire, but do what you need to do to keep your passion up so you can make progress in finances and career aspirations. You also can make strides in important self-care practices and getting back to good practices in health. 

Week 2: You continue on your money, ambition, and wellness quests. If you’ve been waiting on news from a doctor or colleague, you are likely to hear now. This is a busy, hustling time so be sure to genuinely incorporate rest and nourishment. The Full Moon at the end of the week might have you extra-energized, or it could be a source of anxiety. Financial matters are front and center now, and some of this can be quite positive or an opportunity to find solutions, but also remember that you are more than just your bank account, job, or whatever needs to be figured out now. Aim for success that honors your whole self. 

Week 3: Post Full Moon, you have more clarity on your financial goals as well as your gut instincts on what your next moves should be overall. Now you receive a major blessings of clarity and persuasiveness. Make an effort to upgrade your thoughts to match you goals, as it will pay off now. You also are likely to receive messages of love, affection, and abundance. Your persuasive skills are super-powered the next few weeks too, so say (or write) what needs to be said and be ready to receive. 

Week 4: There could be some high-pressure demands at work or simply a turning point in work and health-related developments. It’s demanding but also potentially fruitful, especially if you have been needing for something to change. You’re feeling ambitious, maybe even to the point of being cutthroat, or at the very least really desiring the autonomy to execute your vision. Use everything as a source of inspiration allow your charm and vitality to help you with love, influence, and money. Surprise element: a flood of hot/romantic communications. This could be massive creative inspiration too.   


Theme: Personal Growth + Living Your Passions 

Motivation: This is unbelievably potent and supercharged time for you. Your energy is up, your art is developing, and relationships have some exciting developments too. Take good care of yourself and show up for your blessings and opportunities. 

Caution: Beware of potential burnout. With so much to do and a desire to get even more serious about your efforts, it’s important to pace yourself. Yes to planting seeds, no to working yourself all the way into the ground. 

Week 1: This is a highly creative and energizing time for you so take advantage. If you’ve not had enough fun or pleasure in your life, the messages will be loud and clear now to recalibrate that. If you have opportunities to turn passions into something more sustainable, do it. This time could feel like it’s just about busy-ness or hard work but it’s not. It’s about putting energy and effort to what brings you joy and what you yourself are here to uniquely express. 

Week 2: In addition to going full Virgo and getting yourself super together, this is a significant time in your relationships, especially those that involve romantic love and sex. You’re motivated to go after what you want in your partnerships, collaborations, and client relationships. Be aware of also possibly having some stuff that needs to surface or get worked out in your important relationships at this time. This can be a good thing and the chances of getting what you want or need are high so long as your honest and solution-seeking. This includes family, roommates, and domestic partners. Even landlords! You can accomplish your heart’s desire there just may be a challenge or hurdle that provides the gateway to that. 

Week 3: The Full Moon in Pisces at the end of last week/beginning of this week is a relationship-reveal moment. It also may have been about your home life or family. In any case, you’re seeing what needs to be seen and assessing progress you’re making in these areas. Assess honestly if you’re headed in the direction you want to go. With so much recent focus on your connection to others, there is an opportunity now to focus on your money, self-care, and overall sense of self-worth. You can make extra cash, boost your self-esteem, and pull in opportunities that match your level of value and quality. 

Week 4: This flow of this month has been a lot of following inspiration and taking action. It’s been busy and hopefully inspired. Now it’s time, in a sense, to cash in a bit more on that. This is a great time to request your pay be in better alignment with what you contribute, for example, or to bask in the beauty of your own efforts. Spend time around those who reflect your true worth and help you feel good about yourself. You can command more respect, cash, and appreciation from friends, acquaintances, and community groups. Put yourself and your work out there to be seen and recognized.   


Theme: Excavation + Rebirth 

Motivation: You’ve been through it recently and it might be so lowkey that no one outside you even knows, but the inner transformation has been significant. You’re taking stock of that now and planning what’s next. It’s powerful. 

Caution: There’s a lot of inner tension to move through that could turn to angst. Unlikely given everything you’ve already just conquered but just beware of seeing things as worse than they are. Great time for therapy and other forms of support. 

Week 1: Cleaning house! That’s the theme this week. Fears and insecurities feel close to the surface, but so do innovative work and health solutions, as well as a strong sense of self-responsibility. Don’t run from the deep, foundational, or challenging now. Your assignment is to get that much more fully in order, clean out the closets, bid the ghosts farewell, and prepare for your (especially bright) season and ruler Venus in your sign mid-month. Therapy, healing, admin, and organization are priorities. Center your wellness, peace, and better approach to tech/admin. 

Week 2: Things could feel a bit tense at home. This is, however, nothing new. Any family, legacy, or living situation circumstances that are challenging have already shown themselves and you’re working through them. It’s actually a great time to take stock of how the construction of your foundation is going, in work, family, and self. It’s not about ignoring holes or problems, but being willing to really consider what it will take to address them and handling that courageously. This week be cautious about blurting things out unconsciously or over-revealing. It’s ok to keep some secrets until they’re more fully processed. Major statements or declaration of intent are better saved for next week. 

Week 3: Now it gets sweet! With Queen Venus in your sign (and hers) along with Mercury, there’s no one you can’t charm and nothing you can’t pull off. Excellent week for financial ambition and big success. Your beauty, money, and love are all enhanced now. Speaking of which, the full moon just before the start of this week kicked love prospects up a notch, as well as general inspiration. Act on your desires. Your allure and creativity bring you love and money now. 

Week 4: Time to shine, Libra. Yes, you’re still sweeping up behind the scenes and doing significant healing. Don’t doubt that you’re ready though; it’s time for your projects, relationships and ideas to flourish. The Libra New Moon on the 28th is spiritually and psychologically significant. Not only is it your annual new moon but your ruler is sextile Jupiter. Wish big. Expect to experience appreciation of and recognition for the many beautiful gifts you bring to this world. You’re working out how to make your family or home circumstances compatible with the epic growth you’re doing, to create the right home base for yourself. You’re overcoming challenges now to make that happen and learning from the process.     


Theme: Community Connections + Communication 

Motivation: Some of your recent path has necessitated solitude and now you’re being called to cultivate connection and own your place in the social landscape. No matter where you are starting from, there is room to build meaningful connections with helpful people and groups. 

Caution: The second half of the month has the potential to be healing but it also draws your attention to some of the more shadowy layers of your consciousness, sometimes with a desire to communicate impulsively. Practice discretion. Helpful for journaling and therapy. Less helpful for social media or within delicate interpersonal dynamics. 

Week 1: You’ve been refining how you speak, write, and think for almost two years now. It hasn’t been completely smooth but what you’ve learned can be quite useful. You’re being called to test the waters by communicating your ideals, hopes, and projects to a wider community or audience, mainly to those you want to serve or collaborate with. It’s also just a social time to network, meet people, reconnect, and redefine (update, upgrade, authenticate) your role in group and community settings. 

Week 2: Love, friendship, and money developments come this week. Your energy is seductive and power-savvy. You might have felt a bit blocked last week as your ruler was in challenging aspect but this lessens and makes way for powerful progress. Sometimes getting dammed up makes you flow that much stronger and this is the case with your water this year. The blocks serve to clarify your purpose, creativity, and earning power. The full moon brings a romantic development and you can trust your intuition on this one. Creative breakthroughs too. Energy is up, so use it. 

Week 3: The planetary sign changes are a mixed blessing for you. On one hand, the atmosphere lightens, but sometimes this is unsettling for you. You prefer depth and this astro encourages it. You’ll want to really be focusing on your truth and what gives life genuine meaning. If no one would ever see it or congratulate it, what would do anyway purely out of true passion and love? Put energy toward therapy, healing, getting organized, and getting on top of your work. It will feel good. 

Week 4: This week begins preparation for your upcoming Scorpio season. Your focus is more internal. Potential roadblocks in love or money, or things simply not flowing smoothly, but know this is a temporary influence. Your focus is, ideally, internal and in your immediate environment. Be mindful of quick retorts or texts under this astro, as your communication might come out harsh or hit others at a depth they’re not ready for. You’ll have a lot of insight just be sure to shift back to a loving place toward yourself and others so you’re not stuck in an overly critical place. These are great weeks to assess your priorities, give your energy to therapy and other healing-oriented pursuits, and get aligned with what really matters to you.   


Theme: Success + Helpful Connections 

Motivation: Money, career, and ambition are back in focus. This is a working month. You’re creating the material reality you want. This is powerful success astro! 

Caution: You have been working with this lesson all year and now it’s back: is your home and family life what you desire for it to be? Challenges with roommates or domestic partners could pop up to be resolved. Also, even though you can make long-lasting financial progress be careful not to overspend now. 

Week 1: All green lights for your future success and recognition. Your ruler Jupiter is direct and finishing up his mission, and now you have powerful earth astro to bring your inspiration all the way into reality. Just beware this energy can also feel a bit heavy or boring to your fiery nature so, yes, work hard but don’t forget to play too. Keeping your energy bright and your flame lit will improve your outcomes. 

Week 2: You’re aligning your long-term career goals (this goes beyond “job” to life purpose) with your deepest sense of self-worth, or perhaps catching your self-worth up to your big dreams. Either way, this alignment wants you to lay a stronger foundation, brick-by-brick, for what will truly fulfill you and utilize your gifts. This doesn’t mean it will happen overnight but progress can happen now, especially if you avoid quick fixes and aim for long-term fulfillment. Be bold, assertive, and confident. You can back it up now. The only caution is potential iffy PR or challenges with someone more senior, so keep your actions above board and audience-friendly. 

Week 3: The Full Moon in Pisces gives some hints as to how your ambitions are progressing and also brings your attention to home and family matters. If something needs to be dealt with, you know now. Most likely though, you have cause to celebrate just how much you’ve enhanced or solidified your foundation in recent months. Your social networks are bustling now. This is an excellent time to get out and meet people, lead events, or get involved with community projects. Socializing leads to useful connections. Charming, attractive people come your way. Watch. 

Week 4: The week starts off on a tense note; just be aware that your thoughts or speech could have a harsh tone to them. Take a breather first if communicating with anyone who can’t handle that. Most importantly, don’t let this harsh lens affect your self-esteem. You have beautiful influences closing out the month, as the Libra New Moon on the 28th is gorgeous and your ruler is in lovely alignment to Venus her ruler. This is enhanced beauty, money, and love. If you’re interested in meeting someone new, this is a perfect time! Friend, business, and other connections benefit as well. Potential benefactors abound if you’re open to fresh opportunity now.   


Theme: Idealism + Success 

Motivation: You’re set up for massive growth now so long as you move in the direction of what makes you feel expanded, excited, inspired and challenged. This month is all about sharing your voice with the world and/or diving into what will help you build mastery. 

Caution: You’re under pressure now. Especially the second half of the month, you will be working hard and feeling quite visible. Careful not to be overly critical or a bad boss to yourself. 

Week 1: Books you’ve been wanting to read or write are calling to you, as are educational and travel opportunities. It’s not limited to just this though! What excites you and lights you up? Life can be heavy at times but it’s important to devote time, energy, and mastery to things that make you feel optimistic and curious; this astrology is perfect for that. You’re also working on your communication, choosing words carefully, or doing important writing. Spiritual pursuits are front and center. This is time for devotion to what you hold most sacred, intellectually and spiritually. 

Week 2: Relationship developments, both business and personal, are likely now. Your vision is directed toward big dreams so remember to have patience as you take the necessary steps to work toward them. The energy really supports hard work and putting effort toward things that require more time and investment to harvest. It’s also important that you be in integrity in your communications. Your enhanced intuition helps with this now. It’s hard for you to fake anything and that’s a good thing. A lie will come back to bite you quickly now and it’s likely not necessary. Pay attention to your gut, your dreams, and make time to journal. Trust what is true for you. 

Week 3: This is such a beautiful time for you to be seen and honored. Good PR is available to you as well as helpful influences from mentors and influential people. If you’re looking for housing or making other home-related changes (or need extra kindness for dealing with family), this week is quite positive for that as well. Find ways to have your work seen, to ask for a raise or promotion, or whatever is relevant to you as a next ambitious step. It’s more than just “career” - it’s about how you bring beauty to the world and find abundance for yourself in the process. 

Week 4: Progress and tension often come together and that’s true this week! It’s your time to shine in professional realms and yet you may feel overworked. You might also experience some conflict between your personal identity and your public one. Ideally those have been coming into more harmonious alignment in the past year and a half or so, and this is a good opportunity to choose what feels good, honest, and aligned. Relationships and career have developments in the same time frame which, again, is often the case. When it rains it pours! If a romantic or business situation has been stalled, you see movement. You’ll likely need to do some negotiating for everyone involved to be fully satisfied, but you can do this successfully.    


Theme: Behind-the-Scenes + Visions of Growth 

Motivation: It’s easy to talk about healing and harder to actually devote the time and space to it. This astrology is handing you opportunity to cultivate intuition and psychic gifts, as well as to do therapeutically valuable work. 

Caution: Your demons will want to come out to play. Rather than fight them, invite them to tea. Have a compassionate relationship with old habits the rear their head. You don’t have to repeat cycles of behavior you’re emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually done with. 

Week 1: If you have any ancestral practices in your life, such as making food your ancestors ate, performing similar spellcraft, setting altars in similar ways, this is a beautiful time to be devoted to that. The same is true for intuitive work and tarot readings (giving or receiving). This is also the time to handle money matters. Whether it’s calling your student loan servicer to update your payment schedule or researching property taxes in the area you want to purchase a home, peace and progress are in the details. 

Week 2: In all honesty this astrology is not especially light for you. It might feel heavy or even depressing. It doesn’t have to mean that but I mention because a lot of pressure is being applied to your inner life. It’s a push toward therapy, dreamwork, and autonomy. This is about supporting and healing yourself in the ways you can. Make time for rest. It’s hard-working astro but for you it’s much more about your inner process and taking the simple steps that demonstrate discipline. You can actually ease up on external perfectionistic tendencies. Rest. Better astro is imminent. 

Week 3: A breath of fresh air coming from your very compatible sign of Libra! Your can lift your eyes from what might have been quite a bit of navel-gazing. You feel re-invigorated spiritually and intellectually, or at the very least inspired to seek a bigger perspective. This fresh energy is so aligned with the curious explorer you are. Spend time with the information and influences that make you hopeful and curious. 

Week 4: The highlight of this week is the Libra New Moon on the 28th which has beautiful accompanying astrology for you. Someone really special could come into your life now. Say yes to invitations out or opportunities to do community work. The caution is that tricky or self-sabotaging behavior might want to peek out now right in the midst of other positive developments. The helpful momentum energy outweighs that though. This week is about your bigger visions and hopes and those who are allies in that quest. Stay connected and optimistic. 


Theme: Love, Connection, Crowning Achievement 

Motivation: The most exciting things often happen via the chemistry we have with others and the magic that happens by joining forces. This month is so much about that for you! Whether it’s simply time to celebrate and honor your important people, or you’re actively seeking new friendships or love, this is the time. If you do anything artistic or spiritually-oriented as a job or a side hustle, you could receive some attention for it now or have a creative breakthrough. 

Caution: Even with all the dreamy romantic possibilities, be careful of getting lost in fantasy. Neptune is heavily in the mix of your relationship attitudes now and this can mean rose-colored glasses or codependency benders. 

Week 1: Epic time for love or artistic collaboration! You’ll likely want to feel connected now so it’s valid to find time, space, and specific projects that allow you to play off of someone else’s talents. If your work is client-based you’ll be especially busy now. Like all worthwhile things, good connections take time, effort, and patience. Make time and space to meet people or to do meaningful things with important people in your life. That said, some tension could arise with someone who wants more time or attention than you’re able to give them. 

Week 2: You’ve been in a deeper process of finding ways to live your values and be of greater service in the world since late 2017; this theme is emphasized now. In community, it’s become quality over quantity for you, and now you’re being given a bit of a push to steadily continue building that which you’d like to be a part of. Your influence on others is quite magical now! More attention toward you from the public has been building since last fall and you can really capitalize on it now. The exception being any particularly delusional PR moves, rebrands, or substance-related excesses. The full moon in your sign on the 14th is cause to celebrate yourself and/or an important Power Coupling. Relationships reveals abound. 

Week 3: Libra energy might not be the most classic pairing with yours but it really helps your financial life. Especially with the epic professional moves you can make now, or already have, it’s important to think about opportunities to make more money or secure a positive financial future. Not only is there opportunity for more income but your intuition is at spooky levels of accuracy now. 

Week 4: You’re seeing which relationships of yours are built to last. This week brings a turning point or two in deciding how committed you want to be to key lovers and collaborators. This can actually be a positive catalyst. Just also be aware of a possible “work life balance” conflict of interest as you’re pulled in a few directions at once. This is also excellent astrology for seeking benefactors, grant opportunities, and highly supportive people in general.  

Daily Posts

September 1

Sun conjunct Mars is the star of the show today! This is ACTION. It can also trigger some ego-driven tendencies so just be aware of that in yourself and others. As Mars separates from Uranus and moves to trine Saturn and then Pluto in the coming two weeks, we are going to be working our asses off most likely. Productivity is emphasized. Don’t push the annoying tasks to the side. Tackle them head-on for extra blessings and doors opening everywhere. Believe it. Also an excellent time to start or return to body movement, weight lifting, or anything that really moves your energy. We have a gorgeous Libra Moon bringing the breeze and off-setting the potentially cranky Mars vibe. Socialize, connect with different types of people, visit a museum or garden. Find ways to appreciate the beauty of life, music, art, and other people is Libra’s forte. In the evening, Moon square Saturn isn’t the cuddliest of aspects. If you’re being hard on yourself or judging your feelings, just say “thank you for sharing” to those thoughts and keep it moving.  

September 2

Sun conjunct Mars is still at the center with Mercury trailing closely behind. This could be agitating and, if so, try not to sit and stew. This isn’t a great time to be fostering resentments or making super-impulsive statements. It is, however, fabulous for INITIATIVE. Give your brain something to work on, your body something to do, your heart something to get excited about. No need for any Pollyanna-ing either! You don’t have to think there are zero obstacles or problems. In fact, this is premium astrology FOR facing obstacles and getting into the real sh*t that’s going to make life amazing, better, and functional. Mars square Pluto brings massive insight and intuition. Or, possibly, obsession. Only go down the rabbit holes it’s genuinely a good idea for you to explore! So much can change now, if you want it to. Take advantage of the transformative possibilities. 

September 3

Sun-Mercury conjunction! This conjoins Mars and, loosely, Venus as well. This can manifest as agitation, restlessness, or frustration. Or you might just find yourself running around, going from place to place, or thought to thought. Be aware the others might be irritable about your changing plans or needs. The mood is more about everyone wanting to do what *they* want to do and not much else. These are days during which it might feel like we do a lot without actually accomplishing as much as we wanted. This is good practice in tolerating impatience or unmet expectation. This isn’t to say we can’t accomplish anything, we can actually do quite a lot, but it might feel like catch-up or putting out fires when we’d rather things just be more straightforward. 

We can learn something from this that will actually help us a lot the rest of the month. Mars is quite active in the current astrology and sometimes Mars can have us be incredibly active only to wonder “what did I actually get for all that effort?” While we can’t get a guarantee that our output will always yield the desired result, we can be mindful when choosing to exert ourselves by carefully weighing our options and being strategic rather than impulsive. We can also bring a lot of compassion and acceptance to our circumstances and ourselves. And a sense of humor never hurts either! Even if you have to do a little extra legwork or experience added frustration, if you keep checking in with yourself, your goals, and your truth, you’ll still come out ahead. Scorpio Moon sextile the Virgo stellium enhances intuitive action today.

September 4

The coming week has our Virgo planets square Jupiter. It’s time to go after what we really want. These are, as previously mentioned, working weeks. We have a lot of signals to take action. It doesn’t have to be quick, easy, or even immediately fruitful. It is, however, important that you prioritize a cherished project or two during this time so that day-to-day “busyness” isn’t all that gets accomplished. It can be tempting to make grand statements under this type of astrology. If you’re truly in a position to do so, that’s fine, but if not try to channel that into tangible steps you’re actually taking. Grand statements can, themselves, be wonderful manifestation tools, just also be aware of getting yourself in deeper than you can actually deliver on. Channel the ambition and excitement of this time for what feels truly meaningful for you, choosing that over what will simply get a desired response or make a splash.

September 5

Sagittarius Moon brings that extra optimism and skip in our step! Or, perhaps, too much bravado. As always, you choose! The Moon in Sagittarius is extra special between now and December 2nd with Jupiter direct again. It brings feel-good vibes, generosity, desire to travel, expand, and seek. We might also want to indulge so give yourself at least one really nice treat in the next few days, like a fabulous meal or luscious bath. Setting time aside to read a great book or go to a talk on something interesting is also great Sag Moon activity. We can use the extra optimism today as Mercury squares Saturn. This can bring roadblocks both literal and figurative. Awareness of a genuine obstacle could come into play and, at the same time, things might seem more impenetrable than they actually are. Take a breather, wait a couple days, or get an outside perspective before assuming something is actually impossible. Sometimes this aspect can connect to self-critical thoughts or agitation, so try going for a drive, listening to a podcast, or leaning into a spiritual practice. Connect with what makes your world feel big.

September 6

Moon conjunct Jupiter and Venus square Pluto! Appetites are big now. This is a powerful opportunity to notice what you CRAVE. Desire is powerful magic. Venus-Pluto is a money-generator too. Be ruthless about your ambitions and loving with your heart, whatever that looks like for you. The past few days might have had a hint of intrigue, intensity, or obsession running underneath. For true, actual love this aspect can spark passion and devotion. In matters of jealousy, possessiveness, or manipulation, this aspect intensifies as well. Venus-Pluto is best handled with eyes wide open to our own shadows. Things like gossip or slander, or quietly putting others on the “do not f*ck with” list, can be satisfying in the moment but just be sure it’s coming from real necessity. We always have a choice to take the high road and that’s often what will bring our own soul peace. If others show this shadow under this type of influence, it’s true that they may be showing you who they really are, and do simultaneously consider if there is opportunity to bring love to the situation. Sometimes walking away is a loving expression! There’s no action that’s inherently kind or unkind. It’s all about motive. Sometimes Venus-Pluto tells us that being a bit slippery without motive will somehow give us an edge or that it’s simply necessary. Some gentle self-questioning can reveal what’s beneath the surface and save us from creating or participating in drama for drama’s sake.  

September 7

The Capricorn Moon is right at home with this heavy EARTH SKY we currently have. Over the next few days we get that much more serious about our mission(s). On the 18th, Saturn will station direct. Saturn has been retrograde since April 30th. This will be helpful since Saturn is such a significant presence at the moment, especially since this means Saturn finally getting off the South Node (which we’ll really be able to feel by mid-October). This non-stop haunting of the past and/or personal accountability for less-than-desirable qualities, at last, eases up a bit then. It also means we can more effectively put Saturn into action which is what so much of 2019 and 2020 are about. The next few days of the Cap Moon are the ideal time for a strategy session on the moves you’re making between now and February. These can be big and exciting, or incredibly foundational and not at all glamorous from the outside. The important thing is that they be what you actually need. Not what you want to need, what others think you need, or what would you would need if you were someone else. Your own solutions and structures are what will help you now.

September 8

Sometimes Saturn is a downer but the Saturnian influence is actually quite helpful now since the other really powerful influence we have going on is Neptune. Neptune opposite the Sun, Mercury, Mars is dreamy and creative, but also can be confusing as hell. If you feel spacey, tired, need naps, just go with it and do your best to work with the most free-form and lackadaisical vibe.  

September 9

Sun opposite Neptune and Mars trine the South Node might have us wondering which era or lifetime we’re actually living in at the moment. There’s a bit of a dreamy haze that can make it hard to concentrate, keep a regular schedule, or feel awake. Make space for creative and flowing thought or movement. Moving meditation is a great idea now, whether it’s dancing, meditative walks, time by the ocean, listening to music and stretching. Do things that are grounding if you feel too far out! Drink bitter-leaning herbal teas like dandelion or even earthy potions like chai (ideally with only a small amount of sweetener since sweets also make us feels expansive and we are actually attempting to counter that influence). Root vegetables, exercise, touching plants and trees -- all the usual suggestions are recommended now. Journal, listen to music, and accept the fogginess. You might need to check the facts or other people’s work if you need to accomplish anything super-precise..

September 10

One thing to beware of when the Sun and Mars are applying to both Neptune and Pluto is the potential for deception, manipulation, or trickery. This is definitely just a potential, not a guarantee, but fuzzy communication (which can sometimes be actual lying) and power plays are in the air. It’s really important to stay connected to your own truth now. The more clear you are about yourself, the less susceptible you will be to this. Stay in tune with your own body sensations, instincts, needs. Write down your own priorities and refer back to those. It’s perfectly ok to say “Let me get back to you about that” rather than immediately committing or giving an answer. Gossip and intrigue are not a great idea now. Be in your integrity and, when in doubt, keep it simple. The objective and skeptical Aquarius Moon is quite helpful for this! The positive side of this is major potential for personal transformations and creative departures. Big things are happening, no doubt about that.  

September 11

Mercury has been hanging out with Venus (will have this again coming up in Libra too, which will be lovely!) and this is a boon to biz ideas, commerce, romance, art, and communication. In Virgo, Mercury is stronger than Venus so in spite of the Neptune haze surrounding us, it’s to our great benefit to ground into details now. Come back to what is more concrete: coming up with a first action to take, getting things down on paper to be shared or reworked, making time to express yourself in your journal or another space, and connecting with loved ones or socializing. The Aquarius Moon is helping us with this. It brings in a much-needed dose of Air element, as well as a nice energy for calm, impersonal dialogue where even challenging subjects can be broached in a less reactive way.  

September 12

The Moon enters Pisces today and really intensifies our experience of the Neptune influence. This is great if you’re working well with Neptune! It can be a beautiful influence for intuitives, channelers, artists, and healers. It’s dreamy, romantic, and open. Boundaries are also harder to maintain and fantasy can be overpowering. It’s a slippery time for drugs, alcohol, codependency, and avoidant behaviors. The higher frequency is about creation, connection, and oneness. This is a good time to practice loving with an open heart while also upholding personal limits and needs. We may simply be awash in a sea of feelings and ideas, finding it more difficult to pin them down or organize them. If you’re enjoying the Neptunian influence, then go all in. Watch beautiful film, listen to experimental music, meditate, swim, take baths. If you’re feeling anxious, confused, or unsettled (this can be part of the ungrounding influence of Neptune) then go in the opposite direction and do more grounding things. Lean into activities in which you have mastery or steady people, places, and things. Patience helps too. Clarity will come again, just perhaps not today.   

September 13

Mars opposite Neptune is visionary and highly creative but a bit slippery. Be careful driving, using your body (don’t be reckless in exercise or other situations), and don’t take any intoxicants that are new to you or use them in a setting you’re not totally comfortable with. We might feel confused by other people’s actions, or our own, and will want to be careful of making grand statements or being aggressive. We might look back and see our perspective was really unclear at the time and have regrets about our stance. 

Tonight is the FULL MOON in Pisces at 12:33a EDT and it’s a tricky one! The Jupiter-Neptune square is activated and it’s hard to tell what’s actually true at the moment. Normally the full moon is an illuminator and if you’ve been following me for a while you know I’ll usually say we get some information at this time. That is still true, and situations may come to a climax, but we can’t really underestimate the influence of gossip or fantasy now. If you’re sensitive to the full moon or feeling anxious, just lay low. This is definitely not a time to get involved in power struggles, try to send a clear message, or do any manipulation. It could all backfire. Jupiter has been making things bigger, in mind or in reality, and it’s going to take a bit more time to see what really sticks and how to proceed. Give all important matters at least a few more days of thought. 

Apart from that, this is a very magical moon! The perfect time to be doing our usual things: tarot spreads, gentle spellwork, visioning, crafting, and connecting with the spirit realm. We’ll want to be conscious of boundaries now and, at the same time, this permeability can be to our advantage if we really want to connect whole-heartedly or channel messages. Again, these are less likely to be linear or clear direct answers. Don’t rush timelines, decisions, or answers.  

September 14

Mercury and Venus are not in Libra! This breath of fresh air isn’t the quick little burst we get with an air moon for a few days at a time but rather the entrypoint to a long, full season of LIBRA. The Moon in Pisces is still sending out her luscious and mysterious energy until 6:32p EST tonight when she moves into Aries. It’s like a record scratch that suddenly flips into another tempo. The connection between these things has a lot to do with LOVE + CONNECTION. The Pisces Moon puts us deep into our DESIRE + HEART SPACE, which Libra (in her own way) is also all about. How to bring JUSTICE, HARMONY, SERVICE, and LOVE is the question. To ourselves, to others. 

Allow the feeling, healing, and awareness of these recent weeks process through you, pay some extra attention to your dreams, and let this shift in energy carry you forward. Last night’s webinar brought up the KNIGHT OF WANDS + KNIGHT OF SWORDS in relation to this moon too, which I feel connects really well to the incoming CARDINAL energy. We’ve been revving our ENGINES and now there is more possibility to MOVE. You can watch the replay if you haven’t yet, too.  

September 15

Art by James Turrell

Now that Mars is no longer applying to its opposition with Neptune, I think we will all have an easier time getting things done. That’s a legit need and concern so worth mentioning! Sure, Neptune is still influencing Mars and the Sun, but they are now moving out of aspect (away from their connection) and more clarity is bound to come along with that. Does this mean we must reject the liminal spaces we recently found ourselves in, the emotion, the fluidity of self? I don’t think so. Those elastic times are powerful and freedom-granting because they demonstrate we don’t need to pull ourselves back together into the identical form we one took. We can shed, shapeshift, break out into a new form.ARIES MOON wants to MOVE, ACT, DO. Last night was especially inspiring or brought with it fresh interactions and plot developments. We can lift ourselves up out of a funk now or, if we are already on a roll, get that much more active in taking steps toward our hopes and dreams.  

September 16

Art by Christian Schloe

Mercury-Venus in Libra opposite Chiron asks that we CENTER our healing in our PROCESS now. It’s natural to relegate this to a side-note but there’s greater benefit to seeking contact with the lesson of Chiron: that the place we are wounded contains a powerful gift. This might be a sensitive few day so have awareness of that with yourself and others. At the same time, there is space for connection, empathy, and understanding. Most importantly, INSIGHT + COMPASSION are available pertaining to both ourselves and others. We can see into deeper patterns and needs. While that might not always be comfortable, so much freedom is on the other side of showing up courageously to our genuine needs.The Moon squares of with our Capricorn Power Pack: excellent for taking charge of our circumstances but perhaps a little chilly emotionally. This could be a challenging day for requesting others’ sympathy or leniency. Take good care of your own feelings today.

September 17

 At 6:31a EST, the Moon moves into voluptuous Taurus. We still have a very strong EARTH ELEMENT representation at the moment consisting of the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The Moon joins them and immediately teams up with Uranus. This can shake us right out of any complacency or stagnancy! Do also be aware Uranus can bring irritability, brashness, or impulsivity. It just might be the moment to make a BOLD statement, but make sure it also fits into your master plan or held VALUES. Sticking with your values in the face of a CHALLENGE is a great way to build SELF-ESTEEM. If an annoyance, chaotic driver on the road beside us, or tech glitch interrupts our FLOW, we still have a choice of how to respond. Do something kind for the earth today. Say thank you to a tree or sing a quick song to a patch of flowers. Uranus in Taurus wants to radically shift our relationship to the environment and the more RADICAL we can be in our approach to bringing back love and RESPECT for our physical home the better. 

September 18

SATURN DIRECT! This is the first in a series of videos about Saturn. The rest will be private and just for us in coven. Saturn is so, so important now and in the coming months. Anything out of alignment is going to become quite painful and anything built with integrity is going to get a huge boost from the cosmos. It’s progress not perfection! Our own truth is what matters most now. If this is important to you, you’re in the right place! We’re diving deep into that in the coming months to prepare for 2020.

September 19

Surprising love or money moves are in the air today (or a drastic makeover, perhaps?) but it may be more like a missed connection for the time being. We're ready for something new and different but perhaps not totally sure of what we want or ready to fully action it. Take the inspirational cues though. Humdrum dating, tinder messages that just say "hey", and the same style you've had forever aren't going to cut it now! 

Keep in mind, too, that Uranus in Taurus is changing up the food we eat and our environmental practices. If you’ve been feeling called to shifts in diet, food sources, or practices like composting or taking some tips from the zero waste folks, do it! The timing could not be better. I believe that this long (~7 year) transit of Uranus in Taurus is also making us more sensitive to the food we eat (in ways that are specific to each of us, since no two bodies are the same) and to the environment in general, so make space for what your body and intuition are telling you, even if it’s different info than you were aware of before.  

September 20

We are still feeling the effect of Mars-Pluto and the Gemini Moon plays nicely with Mercury-Venus in Libra. All signs GO! There is so much energy for conversation, playfulness, thinking, writing, and just generally being curious and involved. Ask questions, FLIRT, make moves. 

 Late night brings Jupiter opposite Moon which is pretty fabulous for doing something fun. Show out! Feelings and the way we express them might be big, too, so spend time with folks who make you feel good. Propensity toward making a scene so keep it a high vibe one!

September 21

Heads up that this weekend will conclude Virgo Season! Monday (the 23rd) brings the Sun in Libra. Reflect on the past (blur of a) month and consider what was revealed to you. The heavy Neptune influence will linger via Saturn sextile Neptune but the effects are quite different. While Neptune recently brought us to heights of dream messages, creativity, wistfulness, emotional outpouring, and sometimes just general confusion, Saturn sextile Neptune will now be asking us to actually build some of these higher visions we have. 

 The fresh air astrology continues to bring movement and possibility where things once felt stuck but now Mercury and Venus will butt heads with Saturn for a few days which can throw up roadblocks either in reality or in our minds. Limitations might look quite big and immovable… but please keep in mind that objects may be smaller and more malleable than they appear. If you hit a roadblock, keep breathing. Be kind to yourself and others. Sometimes that’s all we can do.  

September 22

Lilith opposite Venus is a spicy addition to the atmosphere. Let your wilder self run free. Make bold moves in love or money. At the same time, the Sun is anaretic today (at the 29th degree) and not in its strongest form, so perhaps not the time to do anything you don’t genuinely have the confidence to do (harder to “fake until you make it” under this influence) especially since Mercury is exactly square Saturn. Words and thoughts could be harsh or cold today. This is an important time to be aware of your attitude toward obstacles. Are you of a mindset that you’re ready to conquer challenges? Or do you feel easily defeated and discouraged? Either one is understandable, but to get the most out of Libra Season this year we all need to be ready to rise to the challenge. The Capricorn Power Pack isn’t giving us a break right now but we have Saturn direct on our side. Trust and remember that challenges don’t exist just to mess with you. Get better. Get stronger. Get more unstoppable.  

cosmic guide #3 



SATURN is the theme this week in big and small ways. Saturn’s station direct has us attuned to it’s stern, dedicated, and (sometimes) depressing frequency. There is undoubtedly a power returning to us and a major call to action as the Saturn-Pluto conjunction approaches (January 12th) We need something important to work on now, especially if that something is ourself or something just as eternal. Saturn is how we create anything lasting and solid in our lives but can also be the source of self-doubt. This is a bit contradictory because how can we move forward, build, and create if we’re constantly questioning our worth and validity? So we have to dig DEEP. Surface-level confidence isn’t going to cut it. We build true self-esteem by keeping our word to ourselves, behaving in ways that make us feel whole, and finding alignment between our nature and the life we choose to lead. This week’s astrology might be a bit rude in pointing out places where we feel less than aligned. Roadblocks might appear. Remember that this new influx of air astrology does give us more options than we had before. If you catch yourself in despair or frustration, genuinely attempt to look at things in a fresh way. Is there help available to you that you haven’t called on yet? Is there a different angle you could work from? Do you just need a break so you can come back refreshed? No need to hurl yourself against a brick wall repeatedly! This is a marathon because significant things take time. It’s essential to care for yourself at an equally deep level as you expect to be able to challenge yourself. Pilates, weight lifting, and stretching are good for the soul now too. Take good care of the house you live in (your body) and your home space too.  

journal questions

  • What is worth doing slowly? 
  •  If you felt totally satisfied with yourself, would you have the same deadlines/timelines for the things you’re doing? 
  • Is there anything you could do more slowly than you are doing it? 
  •  What is something you want to do, experience, be or accomplish that it would be irrelevant to you if anyone else saw or recognized the achievement? 
  •  List some things you can count on. If it feels, in this moment, like there’s not much, then start with the sun rising and setting each day, the trees or buildings you see when you walk out your door, your breaths and heartbeats, and so forth. Take time to list anything that seems solid to you, that you can (or could) lean into its steady nature.   

tarot spread


Card 1: The challenge 
Card 2: The attitude you must bring to it 
Card 3: The attitude you currently are bringing to it 
Card 4: You in this situation 
Card 5: Your higher self in relation to this 
Card 6: Something you’re not seeing or need perspective on 
Card 7: A current asset or essential component to acquire 
Card 8: How you’ll overcome 
Card 9: The outcome 
Card 10: The long-term result  

magical exercise

LIBRA SEASON WELCOMING RITUAL FOR 9/23 OR 9/24 will be posted this weekend!

cosmic guide #2 



A full moon on Friday the 13th! You may have heard me (or someone else) say that Friday the 13th is considered unlucky because of patriarchal fear and oppression - and it's true! Friday is Venus' day and thirteen is the number of the GODDESS. This is a day of MAGIC, FEMININE POWER, and mother goddess LOVE.

The PISCES FULL MOON is practically a MIRAGE. It arrives under a highly changeable, mutable atmosphere, and just after reaching her FULLNESS, the astro landscape rapidly morphs again. We are moving from a MUTABLE T-SQUARE to a CARDINAL T-SQUARE, from RECEPTIVITY to INITIATION. The incoming astrology takes us much closer to the work of January 2020's SATURN-PLUTO CONJUNCTION. The cardinal astrology now is not only about what's current, it's activating the deepest, most FOUNDATIONAL lessons we are learning in our lives at this time.

The PISCES FULL MOON could be rife with ghosts, energy vampires, or buried emotions. It's ok to FEEL now or even to simply feel lost. If it's more of just a SPACED-OUT day with lots of naps, that works too! This is a good time for journaling, being honest about what you've actually been FEELING (or trying not to feel) and SURRENDERING. Pisces has a way of bringing us to our KNEES whether in GRIEF, REVERENCE, or both. There is something SACRED + HOLY about being awash in SO MUCH - so much feeling, so many expectations, so many demands - that we have no choice but to bow down to the TRUTH that we do not control anything or even much. How can we embrace the BEAUTY of the ENORMITY of it, and do our very best with our own small plot of land, life, being, and care. 

This is a time for TENDING to what calls your SOUL. We are FLUID creatures, changing all the time. There is potential for TRANSCENDENCE now. The calcified PATTERNS or PERSONALITY that we feel stuck inside are just as BENDABLE as everything that feels so out of control. There is a GIFT in this. We are never stuck or stagnant. We can always EVOLVE and grow into the BIGGER Self. The HIGHER Self. The One we deeply now we are.  

journal questions

  • Am I overwhelmed or anxious? By/about what? 
  • Have I been distracting myself or tuning out? How so? 
  •  What have I been needing to feel or process but have not been able to give myself the space or time? 
  •  What do I feel most inspired to create or do that seems to have the details get in the way? 
  • What do I want to do that I end up telling myself it's just too tricky or hard or impossible? 
  •  Imagine yourself as a powerful goddess. What do you look like? What are your tools that you hold? Accessories you wear? What magical powers do you have? What's your speciality? What do others come to you for help with?What does your goddess Self say about question #4? Ask her. Tune into her advice. How does she view the situation?

tarot spread

True Self Tarot Spread 

 Card 1: The mask I think I have to wear 
Card 2: The benefit of that mask 
Card 3: How it hinders me 
Card 4: The aspect of myself now trying to emerge 
Cards 5: What that part of me needs to flourish and become visible 
Card 6: What is in the way of this emergence 
Cards 7: What needs to die 
Card 8: The power I will receive in the wake of that death 

magical exercise


 You can do this digitally or manually (sometimes making things with our hands is more grounding, which is helpful right now). This project is an exploration of who you are now, who you are becoming, and cultivating awareness of what you have transcended or outgrown.Use a paper as large as you'd like, although a notebook or legal pad page can be enough space. Gather magazines, flyers, takeout menus, favorite online images to print. The most important thing with this assignment, which is a little different from a vision board or other similar exercise, is that you are creating something that FEELS LIKE YOU, that is like a mirror reflecting unseen parts of yourself. You need not have tons of images and words (although you can if that feels right), the most important thing is that they really fit. What does your heart feels like? Your gut? Your soul? The most loving part of yourself? Your strength? Select images, words, and colors that feel like they represent how you experience yourself energetically, spiritually, and psychically. Pay homage to who you feel yourself becoming. Bonus: notice default things you're drawn to and before adding them, consider if they are still a fit.

cosmic guide #1 



Mars is a major player in the current astrology and normally we associate this with action and vigor! The Virgo stellium certainly has us valuing action, precision, and achievement. We want to get stuff done! One important thing to note, however, is that Mars is quite close to the Sun for almost the entire month of September. This actually weakens Mars somewhat (which may seem counterintuitive, but makes sense since any planet can easily be overpowered by the Sun) so we want to be proactive and quite patient with ourselves simultaneously. Striking a balance between high standards and realistic expectations is important now. We want to aim high without expecting to do a full lifetime of work in the next weeks (or even the rest of the year). The tone is that of seeking real and lasting solutions and that usually takes time. So, we are going to do all we can to 1) get clear on priorities, 2) strengthen Mars, and 3) remember there's more to life than to-do lists. We are not the sum of our accomplishments. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE. We are vast beings operating in multiple planes of existence at once. Our hearts alone produce a field of energy far beyond the space our physical bodies or even our auras take up. It's time to work hard, yes, and this season also want to remember that we have a lineage and are part of something greater than ourselves. We don't have to do it alone and there is something bigger operating behind our trials now. We are overcoming things that may have held us back for lifetimes. We are undoing contracts we can longer participate in. We are building the foundation we need. And absolutely none of this can happen without mistakes. You are not your mistakes! And the downfall of this season can be self-castigation. Neptune might make us feel quite confused at certain points this month, including now, so if or when that happens Keep It Simple. Your journal questions will help with some core ideas to come back to. 

journal questions

  • What has been the major narrative arc of the last two years (Mars cycle)? 
  • What would you go back and tell the you of two years ago? 
  • What do you know or understand now that you didn't know then? 
  • What meant a lot to you at the time but doesn't mean much to you now? 
  • What have you accomplished that is meaningful to you? 
  • What haven't you accomplished that is still meaningful to you now? 
  • What do you think the you of two years from now would want you to know? (we will look deeper at this with our decks) 
  • Do you have a vision for something you'd like to experience or create during the next two years?If not, what do you think is making it difficult to see?

tarot spread

Mars Rebirth Tarot Spread 
 Card 1: Inner Self/Circumstance 
Card 2: Outer Self/Circumstance 
Card 3-5: Past You/The Past Two Years 
Card 6: Your Expectations 
 Cards 7-9: The Work That Needs To Be Done 
Card 10: A Way to Be Kind To YourselfCards 11-13: Future You/Future Two Years

magical exercise

Altar to Strengthen Mars 

Tuesday Day and Friday Night belong to Mars. Any magical work you do then will be extra potent during these times. 

You'll want for your altar: 

something made of iron (metal of mars)the Mars symbol (can be easily drawn) 

red altar cloth 

red candle 

offerings of meat, wheat bread, or red wine 

images that remind you of being powerful, focused, and exacting 

Tend your altar daily. Bring offerings, prayers, writings. Ask Mars to come to your aid in strengthening your intent and action. Ask that it be possible for you to accomplish what needs to be done without getting distracted or confused.You can carve your candle or anoint as you wish and burn ritualistically. Ideally, you'll have a very clear target for your Mars energy in mind.