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I suggest listening to your audio horoscope first. Listen for your Rising Sign (Ascendent) primarily and your Sun Sign as well. (If you have another sign that figures prominently in your chart or would like to listen for your Moon Sign, you can try that as well!) If you don’t know your Rising Sign, use astro.com to make your free birth chart and then you’ll know all your info.Click on the play button to the left to hear your scope. Please allow 3-40 seconds depending on your internet connection.

Click on the play button to the left to hear your scope. Please allow 3-40 seconds depending on your internet connection.

virgo new moon horoscopes: 8/30 -9/14

leo new moon horoscopes: 7/31 -8/14

aquarius full moon horoscopes: 8/14 -8/30

Daily Posts

August 1

The Leo Moon is still in effect! We have Big Leo Energy with the Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars in Leo and today is a great day for a new moon ritual and taking action in alignment with your intention. (Listen to your audio horoscopes and read through the monthly written horoscopes to get a better sense of what this moon is about for your signs and see how that aligns with your desires at the moment.) 

 The Leo New Moon is partially about our inner child, who they are, what they need, and how we can bring them with us as we also own the other part of Leo energy which is that of the leader, teacher, and guide. What if leadership were not about abandoning our vulnerability or our needs that initially went unmet, but about going back for that child and setting the example of how to be both gentle and fierce, fully present and ambitious, innocent and mature? What would that look like for you?


Leo New Moon Ritual

  • Distill your intention down to 1-3 words that invoke its essence. This can be totally personal to you or you can invoke Leo themes like glamor, loyalty, leadership, fame, power, honor, and so forth. 
  • Carve these words into a candle (you can use a pen or any tool with a point that’s good for “writing” with.) You will, of course, want to remain focused on your attention as you carve. 
  •  Dress your candle with olive oil (a small amount) 
  •  Put a light dusting of gold glitter on a plate, along with any other ground herbs or resins you’d like to use 
  •  Roll your candle into your glitter so you have a smattering of glitter on all sides of your candle 
  • Light your candle and hold your intention. Call in your helping spirits. 
  •  Let your candle burn all the way down, or snuff it out (don’t blow it it) when you need to leave the house and relight when you return.   

August 2

The Moon enters Virgo at 9:21a EST. Today’s Virgo Moon can be quite grounding and this is helpful. One thing to keep in mind with FIRE ENERGY is that it can burns out. An excess excitement, passion, desire can become challenging to properly tend. We want to charge off in every direction and sometimes that can be about making up for lost time. A sense that we had fallen behind over the retrograde and must now overcompensate can be motivating, but it can also be stressful. It all depends on your own system and how it works well, of course. My suggestion is to enjoy the optimism to, yes, absolutely grab the torch and start running, while also knowing it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Or maybe there’s a sprint or two to do, just be mindful about which things need to be prioritized for that! 

The Virgo Moon is so helpful with this. Time to GET REAL. Sit down with a planner, bullet points, a list of potentially helpful sources and people. Break it down. What can you realistically do? What is your ‘why’ for doing it?  

August 3

Mercury stationed direct the night of July 31st on an eclipse degree (within a few minutes of the Sun at the time of the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse) and this means, now that Mercury will be gathering speed, that the eclipse shocks and shakes will start to make more sense now, or that the way forward will at least become increasingly clear. That point of closure, endings, or illumination made us a bit lighter on our feet in the long term. Options abound. Over the next two weeks we trace the mercury retrograde journey and I can guarantee there’s at least one surprise or big a-ha moment in store. The post-retrograde shadow always reveals! 

Today the Virgo Moon trine Saturn brings us back to our bigger picture mission, the one we have had running in the background all year that was highlighted in January and July of this year. I’ve called them the Capricorn Power Pack in other horoscopes and I mean it! The combo of Saturn’s longevity, Pluto’s transformative potential, and the South Node’s deep well of past life knowledge means that if we commit to the work we know we must do, our lives will change for the better. I sometimes avoid statements like that because I do not want to trivialize what anyone is going through. At the same time, I do believe that our integrity is being put to the test and if any behaviors, scenes, or habits are clearly in the way of our greatness, or if there are clear indicators of what we must cultivate and nourish to reach the desired target, it’s time to be a bit serious about actually doing that. 

 Look for opportunities today to live as Future You would want you to in order to arrive at your destiny safe and well. And take them! You can do this by experimenting with one new choice or behavior, no matter how small.  

August 4

The Moon enters Libra at 9:30a EST. Breath of fresh air! You have noticed we do not have any air element at the moment, so these windows of time (about 2.5 days that the moon remains in a sign) with an air moon bring us a bit of what we are missing, and are especially helpful because AIR FEEDS FIRE. And we have a lot of fire at the moment! VENUS CONJUNCT THE SUN the rest of the month enhances our PASSION, ARTISTRY, and need to live in alignment with our VALUES. 

Leo is associated with THE HEART + THE SPINE (discussed in more detail in your first Cosmic Guide) and Venus’ presence enhances the emphasis on LOVE, AFFECTION, ADORATION, and SWEETNESS. The Libra Moon is an ally to this, encouraging us to connect, harmonize, and appreciate everything beautiful around us. To whom can you express gratitude, kindness, or encouragement now? 

 Charge a beloved adornment (earrings, ring, hair clip) with your intention for the next few days and wear it or keep it close to you. Touch it to remind yourself of what’s important. 

August 5

The Libra-Leo vibe has a superficial side to it that’s all white teeth, great hair, and empty flirtation. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be deep too! Beauty has depth and is, in and of itself, a spell. Sometimes what we perform, say, or even “fake” can become real as a result of us doing that, can’t it? There’s something powerful to believing now, to holding onto hope where we still have it, and trusting that you have your cherished dreams for a reason. They’re part of something bigger so maybe you’d like to invest in them and find out what that is? 

 Today and tomorrow, the Libra Moon squares off with our Capricorn placements reminding us of the more noble side of these energies too. The Leo-Libra mix inspires courage and a fight for justice. The underdog, children, those who are vulnerable can be the beneficiaries of the more noble side of these transits. Moon square Saturn is emotionally harsh and unforgiving, so beware of tendencies to be overly rough with yourself. Under this astro, lack of self-kindness could easily get projected onto others, but it can also be used for high-level accountability and putting your money where your mouth is.  

August 6

The Moon enters Scorpio at 11:32a EST and this is a charged placement as it squares Venus, the Sun, and Mars in Leo. FIRE AND WATER MAKE STEAM. The planets and luminaries are oozing allure and sexuality, while also being potentially explosive. We want to dig deeper and may feel especially uninterested in small talk now. Within the next few days, we are likely to see movement on a project or conversation that was happening around the time of Summer Solstice (June 21st). Or maybe it’s just gossip that comes your way now! Regardless, expect a revelation or two coming soon. Moon opposite Uranus today can bring surprises or sometimes accidents, so just try not to be reckless or invite unnecessary chaos. Good for shaking things up or even getting a good cry in. Complacency receives a rut-busting shock to the system. 

August 7

Today is about HARD WORK. The astrology supports the tenacity, ambition, and insight necessary to accomplish important or difficult things. It can be a bit ruthless too! Which, of course, sometimes we need to be. Doing absolutely anything necessary to get ahead can be admirable (like the way an athlete rigorously trains) or unethical (like a warmongering politician), so it’s up to us to harness our ambition for good. DESIRE is strong now. The atmosphere is full of craving. It’s a delicious time for sex, pleasure, and sensual delights. Doing something REALLY WELL works too. Make an exquisite meal or use a technique that took time to master. It will feel especially good now.

August 8

The Moon is still in Scorpio at the start of the day and trine newly direct Mercury who is now starting to pick up speed. PROGRESS is the theme of the day. And perhaps some sleuthing too. Then at 4:35p EST, the moon enters Sagittarius and the mood picks up significantly! Fire likes fire, and this moon enhances all the bright Leo energy. Careful of acting too much like a Sagittarius though -- there might be a tendency to go over the top in our opinions or desire for absolute freedom. That said, this evening and the next few days are the perfect time for an adventure. We still have Venus conjunct the Sun, so perhaps the bold moves we are about to make are in love, romance, or expressing our creativity in new ways. It’s a great day to do a bit of calculation first and then be BOLD. 

August 9

Sun-Venus-Jupiter are MAGIC. We really feel their power this next week and it’s potent for bringing in LOVE, MONEY, AFFECTION, MORE BEAUTY. Makeover perhaps? You know when you find an absolutely perfect and cherished accessory, hair color, or tattoo it acts as a talisman or a spell of its own? That’s the type of energy that’s in the air. The superficial is actually deep. Desire has potency and depth. Lilith is in the mix too, so don’t be afraid to get feral. Lust, dream chasing, and (the word I hesitate to say but…) MANIFESTING. Say yes to great opportunities or CREATE THEM. I used to be really disappointed as a teenager when my horoscope would tell me someone was coming to give me this great offer and... nothing would happen. As it turns out, I am built to be the creator of my own opportunities. I make what I need to exist. So a lot of those times I was waiting, I didn’t know I was supposed to be creating. But I know it now, and maybe you do too? Sometimes what we notice is missing is actually ours to contribute. What’s missing? What part can you play in making it that much more real? 

August 10

The Moon is still in Sagittarius all day today. Inspiration runs high, although beware of tempers possibly flaring too. Some good activities for today: taking a different route somewhere, driving out into nature, hiking, listening to podcasts or reading books that stretch your thinking, or spending time at the beach. Moon square Neptune keeps us from getting too lost in the clouds or overly wrapped up in fantasy but it will still be a day when our mind and body wants to wander. Mundane or rigid circumstances feel particularly constricting. Notice desire to be impulsive or even to throw a tantrum. You don’t need to act on it but sometimes there can be good information there. Notice where you are ready to be more free. 

This evening and tomorrow during the day, Mercury sits at the very last degree of Cancer; June 26th and July 19th and 20th were the recent times Mercury was at this degree. Mercury movement continue to expand upon events from those days or surrounding. Tomorrow Mercury moves into Leo and then in just a few days that retrograde shadow period will be over. 

Today is the last remnant of the super Cancerian Cancer season we just experienced and time to wrap up much of what came through for us during that time. If you were in coven last month, look back at your “goodbye to Cancer season” letter, which was one of your daily assignments, to have your mind blown regarding how much you have learned even just since then! 

August 11

JUPITER DIRECT at 9:38a! This was discussed in your horoscopes as being a lucky and beautiful influence and now it’s finally here! If you’d like to learn more about Jupiter’s influence for your sign, I made an awesome product called Lucky Witch when Jupiter first went into Sagittarius that’s full of great stuff and I’m putting it on sale now for Jupiter Direct

In the coming weeks, Jupiter will be gathering speed and giving us a great send-off during the last few months of this placement. On December 2nd, Jupiter will move into the sign of Capricorn and I’ll have lots to say about that then! It’s going to be a really epic placement, joining up with Capricorn Power Pack we have already talked so much about. Jupiter is the bringer of GIFTS, LUCK, AND ABUNDANCE. Thursday is Jupiter’s day and this coming Thursday would be a beautiful to make an offering to Jupiter (today too!) and to start working regularly with Jupiter on Thursdays if you can. 

Then at 12:51a EST the Moon moves into Capricorn. Between now and the full moon is a very potent time for intentional action and magical practice. Use these days wisely! Direct your focus toward what you are BUILDING. Let trolls or irritants do their thing without much or any participation from you. 

We have a few other shifts as well. Mercury moves into Leo at 3:46p EST and then late tonight at 10:51p EST Uranus stations retrograde. A different facet of the process we have been in with Uranus in Taurus since May 2018 is illuminated now. The upcoming full moon will illuminate a challenge or point of tension and part of what we will do during Uranus’ retrograde period is review our progress and recalibrate our approach. Uranus stations direct again in early January 2020. Notice what comes up in the next few days, especially internally, and treat it as an exercise that will make you stronger in the end.  

August 12

Moon conjunct Saturn, South Node, and Pluto today competes with Venus conjunct the Sun to set the tone of the day. Where do they meet? Ambition, commanding respect, loyalty to beloved people or deeply held beliefs, and embodying authority. This is a powerful day for working money magic, asking for a raise or a promotion, or using your influence for something important. Accumulation or distribution of resources is highlighted, as are your (and others’) affections. It’s time to make the gesture or follow through on what you’ve been saying you’re going to do. And for good reason because, so long as it’s been well thought through, your chances of success are extremely high now!  

August 13

The Moon moves into Aquarius at 11:36a EST. The Full Moon vibes are fully on from now! I’d like to share an action suggestion for each sign to apply over the next few days to get through the full moon feeling as balanced as possible: 

Aries: Be wise with your finances, if you have an opportunity to save money or make a smart investment, do it. Make an offering to your ancestors. Listen to your gut. 

Taurus: Spend time with an important person in your life who is a genuine support. Invest in your most important relationships. Make choices in alignment with your rapidly evolving relationship values. 

Gemini: Don’t fall out of your routine. Keep up with body movement, nutrition, and anything that keeps your days running smoothly. Attend to work matters with willingness and attention. Get organized. 

Cancer: Make time for play, pleasure, and enjoyment! Go on a date, self-pleasure, or get lost in a creative project. Do what makes you lose track of time. Spend time with the children in your life. 

Leo: Feather your nest. Spend time at home or with family. Strengthen relationships with those you live with. Bake something delicious or do a really good and healing cleanse of your space. 

Virgo: Journal! Get your thoughts and ideas down. Try not to fall behind on texts and emails. Stay alert for valuable messages. Take a walk around your neighborhood or a quick trip out of town. 

Libra: Keep your mind on your money. Make wise financial choices. Nourish yourself and your body, stretch, rest, make time for other self-care practices. Remember your inherent worthiness. 

Scorpio: Cast a spell. Do something exciting or enjoyable with your appearance/aesthetic. Make time to focus on yourself and your needs. Be active in creating what you want to happen now. 

Sagittarius: Write down your dreams. Don’t skip therapy or wellness appointments (and make a last-minute one if you don’t have and feel you need). Rest. Do psychic protection work. 

Capricorn: Spend time with friends. Network with potentially helpful people. Do work toward a cause that is important to you. 

Aquarius: Keep your eye on the prize. Make your work visible. Connect with influential people and mentors. Remember your long term goals and what you are working toward professionally, and act on that. 

Pisces: Keep hope alive and focus on your most expansive possibilities. Read interesting books and listen to podcasts. Make time for your spiritual practice. Start learning a new language. 

August 14

The Full Moon in Aquarius is exact tomorrow morning. This means tonight is one of the most ripe, potent, magical times for ritual. Generally on the full moon we are working with BIG MAGIC. Abundance, attraction/lust, recognition, and success are all topics we can petition on at this time. It is also possible to use the full moon for banishing or endings. Whatever we choose to focus on now, we are simply choosing to put our full power behind it. Remember that your actions are more visible at the time of the full moon, too. It’s not a time to be sneaking around or trying to hide anything. In combination with so much other lush astrology, this is a time to be in your own fullness as well. The Leo-Aquarius axis is so much about our personal magic and the unique creative expression that can come only from us, and where that links up with our highest ideals and the needs of our community. The only caution is that Mercury square Uranus over the next few days can make for brash, cranky, or shocking conversation. In combination with full moon emotions running high, some of it could go too far or over the top. For creative innovation and getting out of a rut though? Brilliant. 

August 15

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS // exact at 8:29a EST 

Venus (and a dash of Mars) star in this lunation, along with the Sun and the Moon of course. At the time of the full moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite one another with Venus conjunct the Sun. The ongoing theme of THE HEART’S TRUTH continues. If you have love, sex, or romance to share, this is an absolutely dazzling moon for it. It’s also an incredibly creative time especially for anything performance-related. Public readings, teaching, filming your work -- put on display what you wish to be seen. 

In a month of a lot of sweet and sexy astrology, there is a bit of a bump in the road now, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Mercury square Uranus is forcing our hand, asking us to make the changes we observed were necessary over mercury retrograde. It is through deep and intentional internal work, resolving contradictions and inconsistencies (or at least making peace with them), that we get to experience deeper and more lasting joy. Don’t shy away from obstacles now. Let the Universe give you a push toward something greater than complacency. Allow the light of the full moon to shine a light on your unique contribution to this earth and exactly what is so valuable about it. Commit to following through on sharing this with others, knowing that anything in the way is part of the process of your own becoming. 

Refer back to August 13th’s post for a reminder on how to bring in some balance right now too! Listening to your audio horoscopes and checking back with the written monthly horoscope is a great idea as well.  

August 16

Whew! We are on the other side of the full moon and out of the mercury retrograde shadow period. A new era begins! We are finally on fresh ground and done with the lessons of the retrograde. The mood shifts significantly with the Moon in Pisces, and the moon is now waning as well, so we enter a more inward and contemplative time. Something really important to note about the astrology now -- we have nothing in air element and very little water, unless the moon is in one of those elements! So, today for example, the Pisces Moon brings us some much needed extra water. Yes, during water-heavy seasons we can get water-logged, but we can all also understand water as a giver of life, and as a necessary intuitive and emotional force. Take advantage of these Pisces Moon days to feel, to do readings for yourself, to soften. 

FIRE + EARTH as the dominant elements at this time are known to be “the steamroller” in combination. Stephen Arroyo wrote this about people who are fire and earth dominant, and I feel it describes the energy combination well. This energy can help us blast through anything but it may also leave less room for nuance, discussion, and sensitivity. With everyone expressing and achieving, there can be less time for introspection and receptivity. Being aware of both the advantages and the disadvantages helps us. If you’re water and/or air heavy (especially air) the atmosphere might feel a bit more uncomfortable at the moment. Spend time by the water, in baths, lighting incense, deep breathing, and being in the fresh air to invoke more of these elements into your world for balance in the coming weeks.   

August 17

Today is the last day of Mars in Leo! This isn’t such a bad thing. Mars in Leo is fabulous, sexy, and a total ROCKSTAR, but it can also be a bit much. So much pomp and circumstance, plus a great deal of pride-driven action. The move to Mars in Virgo late tonight or early tomorrow morning depending on your time zone is an excellent one for the craftspeople in us. Mars in Virgo is a master at getting things done right. So, we can say goodbye to Mars in Leo today and thank him for all the boldness and excitement, and look forward to getting a bit more precise in the coming weeks. 

The Pisces Moon is sextile the Capricorn Power Pack and this greases the wheels of our efforts, lending flow to the hard work we have to do. A Jupiter-ruled moon helps us relax, indulge, and embrace sweetness. Excellent day for a nice bath and some alone time. Moon conjunct Lilith is quite claircognizant. Trust your instincts.   

August 18

Mars enters Virgo at 1:19a today. This begins the planetary progression into Virgo, as we’ll soon be switching from a fire-heavy sky to an earth-heavy one. Mars in Virgo helps us accomplish what needs to be done and to do it well. I think of Mars in Virgo as the faithful apprentice and ecstatic student. There is a sense of doing what one loves purely for the sake of it and gaining mastery through extensive, genuine practice. Not to mention that the earth Mars placements do seem to give us tangible results. Mars trine Uranus to come so start dreaming up your money, food, and farming/gardening innovations. Get your hands on some crafts or on your keyboard. It’s time to channel some healthy attention to detail! The Moon in Pisces most of the day plays off the Virgo energy. It’s a really good day to seek ways to be of service, to be helpful, and to be kind.   

August 19

GRAND FIRE TRINE of Mercury in Leo, Moon in Aries, and Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is a sparkling, enlivening day! Aries Moon always kicks up that unstoppable feeling. Especially nice when it comes on a Monday (which for most of us reading it does) which not only kicks off our general work week but is a day ruled by Mars, as is the sign of Aries. This energy gets us into action and make us a force to be reckoned with. With Mars in Virgo, the tone is less about shouting or making a fuss and more about getting focused, practiced, and prepared. Mars square Saturn, in the afternoon, can be rough on the emotions and create a prickly atmosphere. Head down and accomplishing is what’s likely to feel best, but if that becomes overwhelming then make some time to rest. The last thing we want to do with a hard Saturn aspect is fray our nerves to the point of becoming overstressed or taking it out on someone else. Jupiter’s involvement in today’s fire trine brings a generous and joyful influence that counters some of this just so long as we don’t go overboard into being obnoxious or arrogant.   

August 20

Moon square Pluto today has a pop to it! I wouldn’t go picking fights or doing anything especially reckless with your body, but this aspect can also be incredibly motivating and transformative. Moon-Pluto ups intuition and instinct, although it can also cloud our ability to discern which is which. Reactions can be strong and e-stalking or other overly curious or compulsive behavior becomes tempting. If used wisely, it’s a great day for checking in with your gut and harnessing the power of your will. Pluto represents, in part, the collective shadow, and so it stirs up deep emotions, knowings, and reactions. As we know, shadow material often gets projected onto others, so it’s good to have awareness of this since we may unconsciously want to do this or perhaps experience it from someone else. 

Mercury trine Jupiter lends lots of optimism to the day and also makes it a great few days for commerce and taking action that boosts our success. Potentially a good day to get writing or studying done, although sometimes Jupiter makes us a bit lazy or convinced we don’t even need to study because we’re already such a genius (ha). The combination of aspects today could produce some genuinely great ideas or dialogue, so stay open. 

August 21

Venus into Virgo at 5:07a EST. This is an epically earthy day as the Moon is in Taurus as well. Venus and Mars in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, plus Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. EARTH ENERGY abounds. This can be grounding, fertile, and nourishing but it also can make us feel super stuck. Especially for air sign folks, it’s a bit rough out here right now! The terrain is supercharged fire and earth which, as I previously mentioned, is steamroller energy. This pulls us in different directions because earth wants to be steady and fire is always dancing in a new direction. The highest expression of all of this is being highly inspired and then actually being able to ground it in action. The lowest is, essentially, banging our head against a wall. If you get stuck, remember the ways of air and water. Remember some of the softer ways around a project or a challenge than grinding yourself into dust. The Taurus moon is quite good for that as it encourages the lazy, sensual side of earthiness. Let sweetness and beauty open your heart a bit more. Moon conjunct Uranus brings more surprises (yesterday’s Moon-Pluto might have as well) and does lend us a jumpstart out of the heavier energy. Sometimes this aspect creates an anxious atmosphere too, so grounding is a good idea for that reason too.  

August 22

Venus conjunct Mars is incredibly creative! And in Virgo it’s kinky too. There’s a low-key sensual energy happening, with the Moon still in Taurus too, and a lot of great art and sex can happen when Venus and Mars connect. Moon trine Saturn is excellent for things like cognitive behavioral therapy or any other conscious rewiring. Saturn can limit the Moon’s spontaneity and range of emotion, but the trine is a gentle aspect so it can bring beneficial effects if emotions have overwhelming. This influence helps us do what is necessary and effective.

August 23

Last day of Leo Season! What a whirlwind it’s been. The passion and intensity of this time has brought joy, play, and excitement, as well as heartbreak. They don’t call it playing with fire for nothing! Reflect on what this time has shown you. Virgo Season brings us from the revelry of summer into a more focused and serious time. Soon it will be fall and we will become increasingly aware of the little deaths around us with the leaves falling and a more fallow part of the cycle on it’s way. 

The Taurus Moon squaring the Leo Sun at this last degree of Leo might bring an aftershock, resolution, or awareness pertaining to events around the Aquarius Full Moon. There’s some tension in the air today as Mercury squares Pluto as well. It’s not the smoothest start or a particularly good morning for starting a brand new important venture. 

However once the Moon enters Gemini at 10:34a EST the mood lightens significantly. Conversations spark up more easily, thoughts flow, the pace of writing quickens. Definitely make time for your writing and art over the next few days. The combination of Sun-Mars-Venus with their ruler in Leo plus the Gemini Moon make this a really fun time to brainstorm or create. Air signs especially will enjoy this nice infusion of air. 

August 24

Sun into Virgo and a Gemini Moon! Mercury rules today (as ruler of both Virgo and Gemini) and since Mercury is still in Leo we have some leftover Leo vibe in the air. The Sun, Venus, and Mars in Virgo are a much gentler pack than the Leo grouping of the same planets a few weeks ago. Virgo is fundamentally a gentle sign, even if it is often known for its cutting perfectionism, and the mutability mitigates (a bit) how strong the earth influence is now. Virgo’s mutable earth is more flexible. And we have some air with this Gemini Moon too! Thank goodness. Conversations spark up more easily, thoughts flow, the pace of writing quickens. Moon opposite Jupiter lends a buoyant and jovial tone to the day. Our appetites grow under this influence so have snacks on hand. Or plan something indulgent like a massage. Virgo Season has a lot of its own wonders in store and in just one week we’ll have the Virgo New Moon. Start gathering your money, body, intellectual, and organizational wishes. Virgo helps us turn plans into action.   

August 25

The Moon into Cancer at 5:05p EST is a welcome addition of water and an opportunity to feel our feelings, and the Moon squaring Chiron this evening ensuring that we will. The overall current astro energy has us a bit detached from our emotions and this aspect reminds us that we actually need to feel what’s below the surface in order to fully experience life and move forward in the ways we want to. The next few days bring up themes we were navigating during July’s eclipses but quite a bit less fanfare.  

August 26

Moon conjunct North Node. Omens abound today! Moon opposite Saturn, too, so we revisit a lesson we spent a lot of time with last month during the eclipses. Generally, the topic of BOUNDARIES comes up again. So many things can be considered a boundary! Defined, specific amounts of time for appointments, fee structures, portions of the day that you don’t check email or answer your phone -- these are all boundaries. So, in keeping with that, when you have an appointment with someone, for example, and either you or they are late or the meeting runs over the allotted time, that is a boundary violation. “Violation” is, of course, a harsh-sounding term. The goal is not to label normal, human things as wrong or punish ourselves/each other, it’s simply about noting that a boundary was set and now it is being stretched or broken. Boundaries are a big part of what creates safety and sustainability! Take inventory of where boundaries are being ignored, stretched, or broken, by both you and others, and what needs to happen in order for a sense of peace and safety to be restored. Mindful awareness of boundaries takes effort yet it is also a very effective way to plug energy leaks and come into more easeful alignment.  

August 27

Cancer Moon all day until 7:54p EST. The Leo Moon joins Mercury in Leo, giving us a last few days of Leo influence! This is the final Leo Season sendoff. One thing I appreciate about Leo Moons is their ability to love the way a child loves. There’s a purity there, even if coupled with a bit of immaturity, that loves big with a lot of loyalty, and therefore tends toward forgiveness. For a fixed and stubborn sign, there is a huge willingness to see the good in others. It’s important to remember this quality under such fire and earth astro which can create a mood of righteousness, sometimes morphing into self-righteousness. How can we be loyal to our values and to other people too? Loving toward our highest ideals and also to the imperfect people we expect to embody them including ourselves. Showing someone we see their greatest, extending love and generosity toward them even as they make mistakes, will often be more effective than condemnation and shaming. This gives us an opportunity to live our own values as well.  

August 28

It’s the last day of Mercury in Leo and Mercury does not especially love being at this degree. It’s not an ideal day for suddenly deciding to begin something brand new and important. Communication is not at it’s finest. Sun conjunct Mars adds to the feisty atmosphere. This lends power and strength, so that is positive, and we also want to be aware of any overly aggressive tendencies or seeking out unnecessary wars. In Virgo, Sun conjunct Mars is great for strategic “attack” of challenges, problems, and difficulties. This energy wants to get in there and handle things in tangible ways, leaving systems and structures in better shape and more integrity than they were before. Virgo is the wordsmith and thinker, but it’s not purely an intellectual exercise for this sign. Virgo is very much about healing, helping, and being of service. Use the power of Virgo Mars for strategic betterment of circumstances and you can’t go wrong.  

August 29

At 3:48a EST, Mercury moves into Virgo. Virgo Mercury is EXALTED. This means that Mercury’s highest and best functioning happening in this sign. It also means that the Sun, Mars, and Venus in Virgo now have a very competent ruler. Everything is run through a lens of pragmatism, ethics, and efficacy. Articulation, precision, and thoroughness are rewarded. Study, practice, and perfect as needed and it will all pay off. Early September features some beautiful earth trines that can help us get established, organized, and grounded. Next month is a time to get rooted in the world, be in our bodies, and practice self-improvement in healthy ways. And we feel it starting now!  

August 30

Venus trine Saturn over the coming week is so good for what is REAL. Real love, real stability, real financial breakthrough, real structure that is in alignment with our real values. This is incoming energy and, while Saturn does put the brakes on a bit, with the trine slowdowns tend to be with a good outcome. This is about creating ‘luck’ that lasts. Or love. Cherished relationships and creative projects receive additional scaffolding under this aspect. 

Today we have the Moon in Virgo as well. The Moon conjoins Mercury, the Sun, Mars, and Venus today. This is action! The Moon pulls the strings of pre-existing dynamics that have been waiting to spring forth and materialize. Along with Uranus, these form a GRAND EARTH TRINE. Opportunities present themselves or you create them.  

August 31

Moon trine Pluto in the wee hours of the morning (EST). We are ready to turn the page but not without a quick flash of insight into some of our deeper motivations at this time. This month ends on an earthy note with the Moon still in Virgo, highlighting the strong earth energy of our Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn placements. It’s undeniable that this era of Uranus in Taurus combined with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is about making real reforms in the way we live, eat, construct our day to day lives, use technology, and care for our bodies and societies. There are some things over which we have no control, areas we do not hold power, and spaces into which we do not have access. Many of those desperately need reform. While we can’t know exactly what the future holds for these things, and it can be confusing to understand our role in changing them, there absolutely do exist circumstances over which we hold more sway. The earth energy of the coming weeks asks us to ground into the place we do have power, to create change in the areas we have the capacity to do so, and to strengthen what is worth building on, even if many days it feels as if the rest of the world is falling apart. Focus in on your power and what it can do. Be intentional about the actions you take and remember you are doing your best. You can do so much now. Use you energy in places where it can make the chess pieces actually move. 

See you in September! 

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