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July 3rd Webinar

Boss Witch includes weekly webinars! I wanted to share the replay of this one with all of you too, so you can check it out! We talk about the new moon, mercury retro, and do some Q+A.  




Art by Erika Duran Scrocca 

Welcome to July + to Cosmic Coven if you’re new here! This is a truly exciting and dynamic month, perhaps the most evolution-oriented month of the entire year. Tomorrow will be the Solar Eclipse // New Moon in Cancer. 

Your New Moon audio horoscopes (covering the next two weeks) and July monthly written horoscopes (broken down by week) give you everything you need to be prepped and ready so try to review them asap. You can always refer back too, which many people say is helpful.

The big news of the day is that MARS ENTERS LEO. Leo Mars is fabulous for having great hair, great sex, being the center of attention, and audaciously going after exactly what you want. This is the energy behind the wonkiness of the month. Start dreaming up opportunities to be fabulous, or just put a mirror on the ceiling above your bed, etc. I love Leo Mars! 

The GEMINI MOON opposed Jupiter around midnight EST, so perhaps you noticed a late night surge of optimism, energy, or big feelings. We’re right in the zone of the eclipse now and excitement is running high, and upheaval as well. Saturn on the South Node is all about coming to terms with BOUNDARIES, DISCIPLINE, and THE PAST. I wrote a lot about this last month but it will be quite important this month too (underlying theme of the whole month). This is deep excavation soon to be activation by the ECLIPSE as well. 

Two questions you can think about in relation to Saturn-SN astro: 

  • What has outlived its usefulness? 
  •  What got lost in your lineage or your growing up that it’s time to go back and retrieve? 

Keep in mind that we’re coming up on a Mercury retrograde too (starts July 7th) so patience with communication, tech, traffic, delays -- that’s quite necessary starting now. You might have noticed some retro-like symptoms the past week too. 

We’re in for an interesting one this time! We are going to make it fun though and go FULL LEO. The Moon enters Cancer at 9:24p EST tonight so I’d recommend holding off on magical work (other than basic energy protection) from that point forward.



The full duration of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer will be 12:55p until 5:50p EST on July 2nd. The New Moon is exact in the middle of this, at 3:16p EST. As per the Boss Witch eclipse instructions, this is mostly a day for laying low (as much is possible, we always just do our best in our particular circumstance). 

This solar eclipse is connected to the NORTH NODE as well as all the important Capricorn Power Pack astrology (Saturn-Pluto and the South Node). This means the changes being catalyzed now are part of a larger trajectory of significant astrology in January and July 2020. It’s not about an overnight makeover, but much more aligned with really committing to our Saturn-South Node work (described in your horoscopes) and embracing what needs to shift for that to be possible. The North Node is about FATE. Are you open to destiny, even if it involves some unexpected turns? Surrender and faith in things working out for the highest good are helpful now. They can help us get onto the most direct path to where we are meant to go. 

Mars and Mercury are traveling close together again for a bit which can breed some anxiety, irritability, or impulsivity. It’s a good time to start being mindful of our egos or those of others. Great astrology for talking yourself or someone else UP! And given some of the current vibe, many of us need it. The eclipse is exciting and potentially hopeful, but it’s also creating rapid change which can include difficult endings (especially for those who are very cardinal - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.) Be gentle with yourself and others today. 

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse! 


Art by Erika Duran Scrocca 

So, I had a little bit of guilt for not talking about the eclipse in some of the GRAND ways that many people do online, but here’s the thing: in ancient astrology, eclipses are actually considered malefic (negative). They’re not, in and of themselves, positive events. If you think about it, it makes sense. The sunlight is blocked! Sun is the life source for everything on earth. So of course eclipses were feared! It’s said that the Sun actually doesn’t want to be looked at during an eclipse because the King (the Sun being ruler of royal Leo) doesn’t want to be seen in a weakened state. 

This means that now, having gotten through the eclipse itself, we can move away from simply being protective and toward being PROACTIVE and starting to embrace the season of CHANGE, POSSIBILITY, and OPPORTUNITY. 

Today the CANCER MOON is still activating the eclipse energy and VENUS MOVES INTO CANCER at 11:19a EST. Venus is her most MOTHERLY, LOVING, NURTURING self in this sign. If you know anyone with natal Venus in Cancer, you know that once you are in their heart you stay there FOREVER. The Moon will then leave the sign of Cancer and enter Leo at 11:20p EST. My suggestion is to do your NEW MOON RITUAL at or after that time. Any time on July 4th, for example, would be excellent. 

This astrology is so much about PARENTING, and for many of us that might mean SELF-PARENTING. The Sun is the Cosmic Father and the Moon the Cosmic Mother. The theme of this eclipse is our relationship to our parents/guardians and subsequent authority figures (which are modeled off our parental relationships) and commitment to offering ourselves both DISCIPLINE and SOFTNESS. I would suggest a ritual that involves a loving mother goddess like Mary, Kwan Yin or Venus, one that emphasizes COMPASSION, CARE, and commitment to your own instinctive needs and desires (very much tied to the moon). Ceremony that involves comfort to the senses, cooking and delicious food, or making offerings at the ocean or other body of water are all good ideas. With Venus newly in Cancer, this is the perfect time to embrace this loving mother goddess energy that is available to all of us, no matter what we grew up with. The goddess, the Earth herself, the water, the moon -- there is so much loving feminine energy that is our birthright to know and feel. 


Art by Erika Duran Scrocca 

The day is off to a CHATTY and social start with the MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY. This can also bring an important communication or development in an ongoing storyline (sent or received). With Mars newly in Leo as well, it’s time to show off a bit. GRAND GESTURES, more style (in everything), and pursuing what our HEART WANTS. The warnings are: having too big of an ego, being a blowhard, making a scene for no reason, etc. This is especially true since we have Mercury and Mars bumping up against each other for a while. Be aware of EXTRA FORCE that can come through in words or writing. You can, of course, also use that energy positively to DAZZLE, CHARM, show your TALENT. (A heads up though: the 8th, 9th, 10th of July are going to be especially tricky days, so keep that in mind when planning your getting-what-you-want offensives. Those won’t be ideal days for that.) 

As mentioned yesterday, today would be a beautiful day for your NEW MOON RITUALl, intention setting, or making an altar. Reference back to yesterday’s post for more on that. If you are in the U.S., given the history of this “holiday”, it’s also a good time to donate to native people and pay our tax as settlers (if we are; I am speaking from the perspective of a white person living on this land) since native people were the original caretakers of this land and lived in right relationship to her. Giving your money to trans women, for example, or to attorneys defending immigrant children and parents in detention, are good ideas too. These are ways we can connect the themes of the astrology to what occurs in our society and make this connection part of our ritual too.Wishing you all a safe and happy day!  


Art by Erika Duran Scrocca 

MOON IN LEO all day today. This infuses some PRIDEFULNESS into the atmosphere. Leo Moons love the way a child loves and also sometimes pout the way child pouts. There is risk of projecting our feelings, being egotistical, or going over the top (remember we have Mars and Mercury in Leo too right now). However, we can also harness this energy for glamour, fun, performance, and accessing our INNER QUEEN. It’s best to stay regal and keep it haute now. 


The MOON IN VIRGO as of the wee hours of the morning snaps us back on track. This is the time for list-making, cleaning, organizing, vitamins and fresh vegetable juice! We don’t want to get overly critical or nit-picky because this Mercury-Mars conjunction in Leo is no joke. We could be biting off heads or making a huge display that we later regret. It is, however, fabulous for compliments and adoration, for making things bolder and more artful. Treat yourself and your life a work of art today. ADORN yourself. Be selective about what gets in the frame. Beyonce is a good example of someone who blends her Leo and Virgo traits to be bold with a great degree of discipline and discernment. If this is you today, you will thrive.


Art by Jen Bartel

Now we are in a tricky zone! 

Today through the 10th, especially, we might see some themes of mid-June (the last full moon when we also had Mars opposing these same planets) pop back up or just feel that general sense of tension and exhaustion again. The SUN OPPOSITE SATURN-SOUTH NODE is the main cause. The 9th will be a hard day, as mentioned in your horoscopes, so remember that if you need a lot of goodwill to pull off your ambitions, it’s best to postpone those until after at least the 12th. It’s not like the sky is going to fall down. It’s simply that atmosphere is prickly. Loneliness or low self-esteem come into the mix when Sun and Saturn interact. 

Then, in about a week, we’ll feel the influence of Sun-Pluto too (power struggles). This month’s astrology is quite dynamic, especially this window we are currently in between the solar and lunar eclipses. People are changing, growing, and outgrowing and at warp speed. Lean back into your self-parenting practices, the mother goddess, or other influence you’ve brought in since the New Moon. We need to be our own guide now and follow our own compass. Don’t get distracted by what others are doing because they might not even be on sure-footing now. The Virgo Moon and all this earth energy still lends itself to grounding practices and nourishment.  


It’s the first real day of Mercury Retrograde! Last night was the station and this means things are sloooowed down now. The important thing to know about Mercury Retrograde: Mercury! Is! Drunk! So, it’s not the time to do your petition to Mercury, for example (in Cosmic Guide #1). If you didn’t get to it, no worries. Plenty of time to do that post-retro. 

For now, we must remember that we are seeing a face of Mercury we don’t normally see, like maybe the first time you and a new friend or lover take a weekend trip together and you see the traveling version of the them, or what they look and feel like in a new place. Mercury is not him/her/theirself and so we cannot expect what we can usually expect. This actually does not mean we should expect bad things! It means we should expect to see things differently. We often have a lot of reasons for resisting this. Maybe we think if the schedule, flow, concept, framework changes then everything will fall apart. Maybe it’s scary or will take a lot of work, or will be humbling as we realize we were wrong about something. Remember that the sooner you surrender to change, the quicker it can become growth. Resistance to shifts takes more energy than surrender. 

And, perhaps most importantly as we are smack in the middle of eclipses, it’s ok not to know. It’s ok not to know! Confusion is its own medicine. I think of confusion as Neptunian, as far as planetary associations go. Neptune doesn’t understand boundaries, divisions, limits. That’s both its strength and its weakness. The humbling that Neptune gives us when we feel, essentially, lost is also the gateway to psychic gifts, transcendence, and healing. Blurring the boundaries can release rigidity and unlock doors we didn’t even realized were shit. A retrograde Mercury can do this too. Seek the willingness to see in a new way. 

Today’s reflection questions: 

  • Where has my perspective become too limiting? 
  •  What would I see with new eyes if I could, even if I have no idea what that would actually look like? 

Daily practice: 

Mark the four directions on a piece of paper (north, south, east, west).

In the North section, write what you’re seeking clarity on, or where you’re seeking wisdom

In the East section, write what new beginning or new venture you feel you are moving toward 

In the West section, write what you are still seeking resolution on from the past

In the South section, write what makes you feel vital and alive, as well as what is most alive to you in this exact moment (topic, feeling, desire, anything) 

Of these four directions, if you had to choose one, which would you be most relieved to arrive at on the other side of the retrograde? Which feels most central to your happiness?


Today we feel the intensity of MARS SQUARE URANUS starting to build and the SUN APPROACHES SATURN. These are kind of jangly, jarring, and not necessarily comfortable aspects. Mars square Uranus amps up IMPULSIVITY + RECKLESSNESS, but also can help us GET OUT OF A RUT, use our body in new ways, get MOTIVATED, or get moving. The key is not to use it for a huge grudge or overly aggressive stance you could later regret, given the other astro we have going on. Communication is still challenged and Sun opposite Saturn (exact tomorrow) can already have us feeling lonely, isolated, or misunderstood. Maybe you feel something’s limiting you full EXPRESSION and it’s frustrating. One thing we can learn from this type of astrology is to KEEP GOING. Move through doubt, take action, do what is possible to do in the present while being ok with uncertainty or having your actions not as fully supported by others as you’d like.  

Fortunately we have the LIBRA MOON to bring su a breath of fresh air and some HARMONY. She squares off with the Capricorn Power Pack today so we’re feeling reading to DO SOMETHING, see PROGRESS, work through what’s in the way in regard to our more long-term assignment with this planets that we’re completing between now and approximately February 2020. Listen to or read your horoscopes to jog your memory about what that is for you and see what SIGNALS you receive today. 

Today’s reflection questions: 

  • Where am I claiming there’s a holdup and the roads are actually clear now?

Daily practice: 

Sweat! Sweat it out in any way you want or can - a brisk walk, punching the air, dancing, going to an actual gym… it all works for this. You just want to get yourself into a different physical state, different rhythm of breathing, heart pumping a bit harder (again, this can be a small or big difference depending on your body and where you’re at). When there’s tension in the skies we want to move and not get stuck. The fact is that no matter what we are thinking or feeling, we can always modify our physical state to get some different chemicals flowing. It’s not a bypass and it doesn’t matter if it makes it “all better”. It’s a bit of time in a modified state and it might shift your perspective.    


In the early morning hours, the Moon moves into Scorpio. In the context of this astrology, that could mean ex-stalking, digging and researching, obsessing, or desiring extreme clarity while feeling something more along the lines of looking through a glass darkly. 

What is good to do? Anything involving MASTERY. Even just not acting on an impulsive urge could be the expression of that mastery today. Perhaps it’s spending time in the kitchen to make a beautiful meal or bettering your form in a beloved physical or technical practice. This is not the type of energy we want to be acting out unconsciously because it’s powerful and can be cutting. Better to put it toward an important task. If that just doesn’t seem possible, you can always do the minimum! Path of least resistance is genuinely good approach for the difficult astro days. I believe it’s about checking in with what feels possible, and choosing your own adventure accordingly. 

 Mars applying to Uranus and Sun opposite Saturn suggest treading lightly today in dealings with others, not looking for difficulties or a fight. Most importantly, be kind to yourself too. You can always be gentle with you. Especially when the astrology demands a degree of perfection, you get an opportunity to look at what that surfaces for you while choosing the thoughts and approaches that make sense for who you are now, and for who you might soon be. 

 Eclipse season is honestly exhausting in a lot of ways! It’s natural to feel tired now. The true NON-LINEAR nature of time shows itself now. The combination of eclipses, a retrograde mercury, and Saturn on the South Node have us digging for meaning and order in the past, or rapid processing the lives we’ve lived while sitting at a traffic light or waiting for a steak to char. We’re moving through molasses and whole days can go by where we wonder where the time went while still feeling that millions of things happened requiring our attention and energy. It’s a surreal time. DESTINY is more relevant than WILL. When you have the opportunity to float these days… just float.   

Reflection questions: 

  • Who does my harshest inner critic sound like? 
  •  How does that voice make me feel? 
  •  Are they getting an appropriate amount of airtime, or do they need some new boundaries?

Daily practice: 

Choose one thing to do BEAUTIFULLY and acknowledge it. It can be laying your fruit artfully on top of your yogurt, timing the process of doing your laundry really well, or configuring the perfect look for the day. Nothing is too small to apply this to. 

 There are just two requirements: 

 Be as present as possible while you do this, for real. This usually means putting the phone away. Do your best! 

Honoring the beauty and perfection of what you did fully. No diminishment, please. “Oh it’s just yogurt” type of thing. Everything we do is an offering to the spirits, our ancestors, our higher self, the earth. Taking time to do something beautifully is sacred and it makes a difference. So cherish it. 



GRAND WATER TRINE BETWEEN THE SUN, MOON and NEPTUNE today. This influence is like a light vibration in the background of all this other big noise. Neptune blurs the boundaries and when it connects with the Sun that can impact our SENSE OF SELF. On one hand this gives us flexibility. Perhaps who we are, how we present, and especially OUR PERSPECTIVE are not as rigid as we think. It also adds a muse-like influence, for poets, musicians, photographers, dancers, and spiritualists especially. Withdraw from the fray and get into a moment of appreciation for your surroundings. Meditation, a yoga class, mind-mapping your ungathered thoughts are all things that might feel good. Also a beautiful day to be by the water or connect with WATER ENERGY OR DEITIES. This can also stir up deep feeling. EMOTIONAL RELEASE is available amidst the harsher aspects. Tap into this to access COMPASSION too. Mercury-Mars-Uranus still has us ready to go for the jugular or to make hasty errors if we’re not willing to slow down and consider that there could be more to the picture than we are seeing right now. 

Reflection questions: 

  • Am I holding any grudges? 
  •  If so, is it still helping me to feel that way? 
  •  Is there somewhere in my life I want to be softer but believe I can’t be? 
  • If so, is that really true? 

Daily practice: 

Send healing to yourself through the medium of water. Pour yourself a glass of water and wrap your hands around it. Pray into the water, sending thoughts of love and grace and compassion. Feel the water becoming infused with healing. Call on angels and ask them to infuse light into the water. Make motions with your hands to send the light into the water and repeat the word “light” as you do this. Observe what colors you see or sensations you feel as you do this. Drink your water and notice how it tastes and feels.  


We are on the other side of Mars square Uranus and Sun opposite Saturn! You should feel triumphant. Remember that you were able to find your way through the tricky, explosive, anxiety-laden territory of the past few days since we do have a bit of intensity ahead. 

Sun opposite Pluto on the 13th and the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th are the stars of the show now!Sun opposite Pluto can bring out our more compulsive or unconscious tendencies in interpersonal relating. Power trips or secrets revealed could be a theme of the next few days. In the content of your relationships, this could look like attempts at control, or obsession. If you’re fixated on something and don’t want to be, use your tools. Take ownership and remember you don’t have to act on every feeling. 

At the same time, Sun-Pluto can be quite healing. The type of healing this aspect brings is getting sick enough of our own ego or bullshit to hang it up and try something different, to make even the tiniest bit of space for a new thought or action. It has transformative potential. It could even be about getting really honest with someone else in a way that allows you to be seen. There’s more to being here on this plane than love and light. Love and light are real, and they are important, but we know there is more to this existence than that. Sun-Pluto is the type of transformation that comes with greater acceptance and love for what might commonly be considered ugly, broken, or shameful, in both ourselves and others. 

The Moon is still in Scorpio until mid-day (EST), too, and ‘unearthing’ is the theme. Skimming the surface won’t satisfy now. These aren’t days to pressure yourself about feeling good, more just to feel whatever you’re actually feeling. 

Reflection questions: 

  • Am I (presently or recently) judging someone else for a way they seem “stuck” or a change they’re not making? 
  • What do I think they should do that they’re not doing?What is the theme or core of this frustration? 
  • Do I have any similar frustrations with myself? 
  •  Is there something I could be doing differently that would be beneficial but I have rigid stories around why I can’t?  

Daily practice: 

Today, get your feet onto some dirt, put your back to a tree, get a massage or do some self-massage. Groundedness is about coming into the body and then finding the connection between your body and the earth. Visualize and feel the cord that runs directly from your own root into the depths of the earth.It’s ok to feel ungrounded sometimes, or to find that you don’t immediately feel “good” or more centered as you try these things. Grounding is simple but not easy for a lot of us. I really encourage you to keep trying anyway, in small manageable doses. Over time, your nervous system will adjust to the possibility of a new state. Keep it simple. Plant something, touch leaves, smell flowers, lay on the ground. You can’t go wrong so long as you try something!

We want to start getting more grounded as the eclipse approaches. Important things to pay attention to before lunar events: Hydration, Nourishment, and Sleep. Commit to better sleep hygiene the next few days, drinking water throughout the day, eating some grounding foods like root vegetables or dandelion tea.


Art by Pigolin

SPARKS FLY! We have a burst of fire as the SAGITTARIUS MOON dances with Mercury-Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Aries. This began yesterday and continues through the weekend. MOON-JUPITER CONJUNCT today raises our spirits, makes us more buoyant, and ACTIVATES emotional expression. It’s a day to be GENEROUS and OPTIMISTIC where and when we can be. The Sun-Pluto opposition is exact tomorrow so everything has DEPTH now. Even small comments and micro choices are imbued with MEANING and provide a window into the soul. This can motivate us to connect and create with honesty and authenticity, or if we were to be accessing the more manipulative side of Plutonic energy to go big with ultimatums or judgments. Obviously the former is more ideal. 

Reflection questions: 

  •  What makes me feel awake and alive? 
  • When is the last I remember feeling truly excited and engaged? 
  • What sparked it? 

Daily practice: 

I will call this “laugh, dance, or masturbate”. FIRE ENERGY is passionate. We can access it through lighting candles (also an option) yet apart from that sometimes we are mystified as to how to bring fire element into our rituals. Fire can actually be accessed through things like spontaneous movement, expression of sexual energy, and pure joy. 

 In my East Asian medical studies, I spent time learning another way to understand our physiology. In that system, the heart is associated with fire. The organ it connects to is the tongue and the emotion associated with it is joy. You can easily see the connection between that and speaking from the heart, sharing our truth, allowing pure joy to rise up within us and radiate outward. For all the obsession with being “happy” in present U.S. culture, there’s also a lot of shame around JOY. It can be suppressed or considered childlike or not cool. Joy is a powerful tool that can only be accessed through authenticity. We might be able to find some degree of happiness doing what we are told will make us so, but joy only arrives via what YOU actually love. It’s not a test to pass or fail, today just simply lean a little closer to that flame of excitement and see what happens.  


Art by George of Color Me Lurid

We have a Sagittarius Moon most of the day, making yesterday’s post on FIRE ELEMENT still relevant. Sagittarius Moons really are about curiosity and discovery. They’re also about PLAY. Healthy Sag energy strikes that balance between serious dedication to understanding the world and just being silly. Like a very respected spiritual teacher who you expect to be really solemn but then is actually always laughing. 

The moon then moves into Capricorn at 7:05p EST. This is an important shift! We are now just two days away from the CAPRICORN LUNAR ECLIPSE.The themes of this eclipse won’t be a surprise at all. Your horoscopes and a lot of the daily posts have discussed these extensively, both for your sign(s) and generally for the astrological themes. 

The Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn are OUR COSMIC PARENTS, with a twist. The Sun represents the father and is in the sign of the mother, and the moon represents the mother and is the sign of the father. Neither are particularly comfortable in their current position but this is especially true for the moon. 

The Capricorn Moon experiences the FEAR OF VULNERABILITY. The improvisation and emotional spontaneity necessary for intimacy does not always come naturally to this placement. There can be almost a delay or a barrier to feeling the full depth of feelings, our own or others’. The emotional depth is there but there can be reminders of the ways in which we weren’t nurtured, the care we needed that was not available to us.So much of what we are witnessing now is about how to really care for ourselves and others. 

The moon is ‘yin’. It is the actual stuff of life, the shape, the texture, the physicality. Not an idea of who we are or our perspective but the softness of our actual animal. Saturn is also about the material and the physical, not just dreaming but actually building. This is a very ACTION + EXPERIENCE oriented lunation. When the Sun and the Moon are opposed this way, we are asked to look at where we must soften (the Moon) and where we must build a strong container (Saturn). We need both.

Reflection questions: 

  •  What does love look like? 
  • What do I call care that might actually be harm? 
  •  What do I fear is harmful that might actually be care? 

Daily practice: 

  • Breath! First, revisit the grounding practice suggestions from July 12th. We want to stay with that this whole Cap Moon transit the next few days. It’s important to breathe, too. If you have breath practice you already like, beautiful, but this can also be as simple as spending a few minutes consciously doing nothing but breathing. 
  •  Set a timer for five minutes. 
  •  Close your eyes.Breathe normally without forcing a rhythm. 
  • Sit and wait to feel in tune with the natural rhythm of your breath which will vary depending on the time of day, your emotional state, your environment. 
  • Notice the quality of the breath. 
  • Spend some time just letting it be as it is.If you notice your breathing is shallow or quick, slowly deepen and slow your breaths. This can be gentle. 
  • On the inhale, start to bring air into your whole rib cage, all the way down your sides and your back. 
  •  When you notice yourself returning to shallow breath later in the day, you can always stop and do this again.
  • Repeat. There's no such thing as doing this too often!


We have the Moon freshly in Capricorn, trine Uranus and square Chiron in the wee hours of the morning (EST). This can bring a desire for CHANGE, some anxiety, or awareness of a wound. Write your dreams down if you remember them. We are past the hurdle of Sun opposite Pluto (yesterday) and tomorrow is the CAPRICORN LUNAR ECLIPSE. One blessing is that Mars and Mercury are no longer tightly conjunct, as Mercury continues retrograde and Mars continues direct. This lessens the INTENSITY and difficulty of MERCURY RETROGRADE irks as we were experiencing them at the start of the retrograde and makes the mood less angry, impulsive, or piercing. 

Today we begin to feel the effects of VENUS OPPOSITE SATURN. This week isn’t ideal for major makeovers, wooing, or anything demanding a lot of charm (especially if you have Venus-ruled Taurus or Libra as your Sun or Rising). Venus is like the heart chakra; she just wants to CONNECT. Venus wants everything to be AT EASE, COMFORTABLE… and just okay. When she opposes Saturn, there are blocks, lack, loneliness, sacrifice, or LESSONS to be learned. It’s brings a bit of a CHILLY tone to the lunar eclipse as it involves the Capricorn Moon’s ruler, Saturn. At the same time, it’s an influence that helps us get REAL + CLEAR about our CONNECTIONS, ART, LOVE, or MONEY. If you work with any challenges that present themselves, there can be lasting REWARDS. 

 Note: This is the type of astrology that can cause those who are less aware of it to act out in some way. It’s a good time to observe what others do without getting super hooked into their emotions or demands. Same goes for our own inner instigator or inner self-defeater.It’s almost always possible to have a good day, or at least some part of the day that is. Don’t let ‘negative’ astro get you down or make you fearful. We are in an exciting season and, believe it or not, most things happening for us personally now are as they should be, with Eclipse Season having the emphasis on FATE that it does.  

Reflection questions: 

  • What has this eclipse season been about for me so far? 
  • What has been revealed? 
  • What is still left unknown?  

Daily practice: 

Clean! Eclipse energy has us wanting to clean house. Making a nice mixture of essential oils, vinegar, baking soda and wiping down counters and washing floors is a good idea. Doing laundry or clearing a cluttered tabletop is a great idea too. Buy fresh flowers to add to your newly cleaned space. Make room for yourself and for new perspective to enter.


It’s here! Today is the day of the CAPRICORN LUNAR ECLIPSE. Your new audio horoscopes will be up later today and have lots of good info for you on what’s up ahead in the next two weeks and you can also review your written horoscopes that cover the whole month. 

Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node are keeping us in check now. We are quite likely pulled between intense emotional needs or processing and the demands of our work. There is so much to get done and some much to feel under this combination of influences that it can be hard to know what to attend to. Put your energy toward what is truly aligned with your interests and priorities. A quality over quantity approach works best now.  

Eclipse Instructions

Eclipses are not the time to be working magic. You will want to lay low and follow simple, protective protocols. Personally, I draw the shades, lie down, and keep close to me what feels protective. If you can’t do exactly that, that’s totally fine. Do what is possible for you, keeping these general principles in mind.The Moon will leave the sign of Capricorn and enter the sign of Aquarius on July 17th at 5:19a EST, so that's the earliest point at which you'll want to do any spellwork.

The full duration of the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will be 2:43p until 8:17p EST. The Full Moon is exact in the middle of this, at 5:36p EST. During this window of time the recommendations are as follows: 

  • Stay indoors, if possible, since getting as little of the eclipse light on us as possible is ideal (even if the eclipse is not visible where we are located, which for most of us it will not be) 
  • Take a salt bath 
  • Leave a bowl of salt water out for cleansing and protection 
  • Rest 
  • Eat light 
  • Drink Water 

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