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Daily Posts

June 1

Taurus Moon, now distanced from Uranus, provides some calm and nurturing energy. MOON CONJUNCT VENUS today, in Taurus, is a maximally loving, sweet, sensual, and compassionate energy. Express love, receive love. Revel in affection. Slap your own ass and wear your favorite perfume. The Mercury-Neptune square has passed but it might have left you with some of the questions that this first half of the month will have you working to clarify or solve. This was emphasized in both the horoscopes and the audio guide but just to reinforce, Neptune can make us feel somewhat ungrounded. Especially this week, as the Sun and Moon bring this energy back up, be sure to get into nature, hold your favorite grounding stones, eat root vegetables or filling food, and get back into your body if and when anxiety takes hold.

June 2

The dark moon is for release, rest, and yin action. Pushing ahead, starting new relationships, or chasing after someone/thing is not recommended now. This is a time to be thoughtful, reposed, and reflective. Take a bath, work with your decks, and if the scattered astro has you feeling angsty or unclear, just watch a funny movie or eat good snacks. Yes, there is potential for deep insight flow now, but we also don’t need to push that or force it. These are the times when gardening, cleaning the kitchen, or getting a massage can yield the most fruitful insights. Let these float up to the surface, take what’s useful, and let the rest float away.

June 3

New Moon at 6:01 am EST! If the timing works for you, do a spread, exercise, or journaling from the guide as close to the time of the New Moon as possible. If you are forming an intention to set for this cycle, I’d recommend waiting until the 4th or 5th when there is a slight hint of crescent moon visible for actual ritual, affirmation creation, or a first action toward this. New Moons are the product of SUN CONJUNCT MOON, a merging of masculine and feminine energies. In this case, the sign of Gemini is one of fluidity (since it is ruled by gender-neutral Mercury) and it allows us to feel into the part of us that is a SHAPESHIFTER. As much as possible now, let yourself PLAY WITH A FREE SOUL. Invoke the spirit of the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot. Trust that the wheel turns in your favor. Happy New Moon!

June 4

Art by Lisa Belle

This evening brings a new development: MERCURY IN CANCER. Here we get a glimpse into the future, especially the upcoming solar eclipse (next month). There’s a strong focus on the Cancer-Capricorn axis now and these areas of our lives (discussed in-depth in the horoscopes) are in-flux or under renovation. 

Here’s a quick review of the general area of life in which you are attuning yourself to signs of change (read for your Sun + Rising, and even check in with their opposite signs too!) 

Aries: home, family, foundation, father (sometimes can represent mother) 

Taurus: Daily communication, ritual, spirituality, short trips, siblings, neighborhood 

Gemini: possessions, money, self-esteem, self-love, body care 

Cancer: self, identity, aesthetic, your will and magic, partnerships 

Leo: dreams, therapy, fears or self-defeating habits, caring for your health, secret self 

Virgo: friends, groups, organizations, community, humanitarian goals, ideals, personal dreams 

Libra: career, fame, reputation, life mission, mentors and bosses 

Scorpio: education, travel, teaching, religion, spiritual mentors 

Sagittarius: money, real estate, debt, esoteric practices, ancestor connection 

Capricorn: important one-on-one partnerships, marriage, attitude toward relationships 

Aquarius: day job, daily routines, health and wellness, exercise, administrative systems 

Pisces: romance, fun, passion, parties, sex, lovers, overindulgence, fertility/parenting

The Moon will also be in Cancer today, enhancing intuitive flow and emotional sensitivity. You can tune into the indulgent energy of Cancer Moon and Venus in Taurus, just also remember that we now right in the heart of the Jupiter-Neptune square so we want to enjoy our circumstances without lapsing into addiction or fantasy that could lead us astray. Don’t let a desire for comfort take you backward. Do however let yourself get creative, visionary, and ready for more fantastic possibilities.

June 5

Art by Grace Duong / Mystic Mondays

Moon conjunct Mars today means FIREWORKS. This doesn’t mean you have to be stressed. I make this suggestion often and probably always will, but only because I believe it genuinely helps: do something grounding. Why? Because, when there is charged-up energy floating around, it won’t overwhelm us so long as we can channel it. It’s like electricity needing a ground - you ideally want to run energy through you but not trap it. Let it return to the earth. Let it move through you. You can definitely use this type of day to get things done, find some new inspiration (especially with Mercury sextile Uranus the next few days), and get moving. So long as you have some contact with the earth, do something to get into your body (like maybe a body scan meditation), or listen to sounds that help you feel centered, you should be able to move through the day just fine. Be aware of reckless impulses or short tempers. Moon conjoins the South Node as well. How can you be aware of your habitual responses and still choose to react in a way that’s more current?  

June 6

Mars activates the South Node from now until June 16th. There’s lots more astro happening too but it all kind of fits the general gist of Mars-South Node, so let’s focus there for now. This is like a very moody and sensitive warrior taking all their weapons and riling up our most habitual, unconscious, past-life and/or childhood conditioning. We might be sensitive or on our last nerve, especially during the next five days. You know when you’re arguing with someone and what you actually want is resolution and closeness, but you keep noticing your reactions attempting to push them farther and farther away? There is potential for this type of dynamic now. Where can we seek solutions? It’s amazing what a genuine desire to resolve difficulties can do, how much staying close to that can transform our choices. Progression not perfection, babes! Remember to breathe. Check in with your horoscopes if you forget what your bigger mission is right now. If you haven’t done the tarot spreads or magical exercise for this week, try them out. We are going to use our tools all month to stay close to our magic and our power. This is not about trying to overpower the astrology! This month, especially, that would be unwise. There are, however, powerful forces at work and we can evolve at morph speed along with them. Let’s go!

June 7

The Leo Moon also brings some much needed FIRE to the atmosphere today! What can’t the perfect shade of lipstick, good hair, and some extra attention fix? Moon trine Jupiter makes our feelings bigger but also allows us to access a loving, generous, and buoyant part of our spirit. She’ll make a nice sextile to the Sun as well, bringing a better sense of flow and alignment than we had yesterday.Heads up: Sun opposite Jupiter for the next week! This can lend a bit of pomposity or overbearingness, yes, yet it’s also excellent for audacious endeavors, ideas, and actions. This is when we’ll likely want to test the limits of our perspective or desires. The caution here is PROJECTION. We don’t want to take all this big energy and project onto others, especially if it’s about feeling constricted, too small, frustrated, or wanting more. It’s more than okay to feel that (and more) and want more than we currently have. We also don’t want to believe that the people around us are the obstacles to our growth or our dreams. If someone is genuinely an obstacle that will be obvious now too. How can you take that awareness and make choices that free you? Ego will be running wild now! Be aware of this in self and others. If someone else is being a blowhard, you don’t have to get all swept up in it necessarily. We are all mirrors for each other. What are you seeing? What does it teach you about what you want to evolve within yourself? This is what we are looking at the next few days especially.

June 8

Art by Glam Beckett

The Leo Moon continues her reign of glamour all day, although her energy clashes a bit with the rest of the atmosphere. We are still under the tense, oppositional energy in the heavens. Sun opposite Jupiter and, soon, Mars opposite Saturn. If a blow up is brewing, now is the time to bring some mindfulness to it. Journal, talk it out with a neutral party, roll up the windows in the car and scream. Whatever works! This is not great energy to leave things festering, nor is it an ideal time to just say f*ck it and mouth off. Our actions are visible now! If you’re not feeling angsty, perhaps you just want to indulge. This can be fun. These are good days to be generous, to make others feel big and important, to adopt a regal approach to our affairs. Talk up someone you love dearly. Make the time. Boost a babe’s confidence. Beware of overdoing it in… pretty much anything. The desire will be there, you can reign it in to the right level for you.

June 9

VENUS INTO GEMINI :: this is a breath of fresh air as Venus joins the Sun in Gemini, bringing more air to the atmosphere post-Mercury’s move into Cancer. This is helpful because a chatty, flirty, there-are-multiple-options energy is a good thing to have as we go toward from the tougher astrology of the month during the next 7-10 days. Let Venus’ wisdom guide you by staying light, free, non-committal and unruffled by others’ harshness or even your own self-generated stress. It’s ok to disappear for a little while to let a tense situation cool off, or to stay light and breezy with potential prospects (be they for love, money, or friendship.) Work can be accomplished, discipline applied, progress made now. Put your energy toward the right things. We also have a Virgo Moon today that is great for: tidying up, organizing, finally doing what you’ve been putting off, exfoliating, healthy eating, and generally disinfecting your space and life! Make a list and check it twice.

June 10

Sun opp Jupiter is exact today! I wrote about this on June 7th if you’d like to review that post and the overall gist: anything we do now becomes BIGGER than it might ordinarily. To avoid: arguments. To do: hustle and believe in ourselves. Be mindful of ego or overpromising, in any direction.The early morning (PST/EST) brings trines between the Virgo Moon and our Capricorn Power Squad of Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node. This link is fortifying and nudges progress on the deeper evolutions taking place. We also have SUN TRINE LILITH. This is electric. The wild and untameable self emerges, perhaps especially via writing or conversation. Play with this today. Medusa or Baba Yaga could also be inspirations in this vein (a Monday googling assignment if you’re not familiar)

June 11

MARS-TRINE NEPTUNE is creative and magical. This is when ACTION and IMAGINATION meet. Neptune influencing so much of the sky at the moment can make us dreamy, spacey, ungrounded, but it can also inspire us to artistic and spiritual action. There is a genius and intuitive flow that can be tapped into. Also lovely for music, dance, cinema, swimming, strolls by the water. Mercury-Mars-Saturn-Pluto will be interacting increasingly in the days to come, and these are challenging aspects. There could be enhanced desire for conflict or increased frustration. Not a good time to look for trouble or problems. De-escalate, mediate, etc.The Libra Moon trine Venus knows just how to find softness and common ground. Good day for chatting, (light) gossip, and sending sweet texts.

June 12

Mars on the North Node! 

The good news: we are, in fact, making rapid moves toward our destiny. Indicator omens abound now. Give space for listening so you can read the signs. They are there. 

The bad news: Mars’ agitation is upped. And Mars in Cancer is already moody af and irritable. Are people trying it? Or is it just you? Why not both! (lol) It’s all possible right now. 

This week (as you can read in PDF #2 that’s up if you haven’t seen it yet) is so much about MARS. Aggression, action, drive, motivation. We can move now. We can do, progress, assert. Just be wary of overasserting. Of acting too soon, too impulsively, to angrily. With Mars applying to Saturn, we will pay a bit for our impulses. Does this mean beat yourself up? No. But it does suggest that being mindful and proactive will help. 

We’ve got the Libra Moon squaring our Capricorn Power Squad in the morning too (trine the Sun as well) so the essence of today can be a BREAKTHROUGH so long as we don’t waste our energy on the less productive annoyances.

June 13

I note this day as tricky in your PDF for this week and when I say this it’s not to worry you. It’s just as a gentle reminder the conditions are unfavorable for things like: negotiation, mediation, dealing with difficult people, reckless or risky physical activities, or being in a huge hurry. 

What are the conditions good for? Controlled strength training, practicing discipline, doing the work that feels hard to do, resting, chilling, avoiding shit starters, taking the more fluid or harmonious path. 

The day starts off with the Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus too! It’s just a no-bullshit day, what can I say. This ups the recommendation to take things slower or in a less-stressed way than you might normally. Does this mean there won’t be irritations? Maybe. It’s possible. But also… probably not. So this is about how we respond rather than react. Easy to say! Hard to do! But still possible. For example, perhaps you have the morning from hell and are running super late… don’t then speed on the highway. Take the loss and just be late, safely. A good practice for the difficult astro days. We’re getting close to moving through some of the tricky spots.  

June 14

The Moon-Neptune-Mars-Saturn alignment is potent! On one hand, continue to follow the suggestions from yesterday. Mars-Saturn is still very strong today. On the other, Neptune and the Moon come in to make Mars song - the three form a Grand Trine! This could be quite a visionary day for work, moving forward with important projects, and simply feeling the flow of your energy and creativity. You feel your inspiration coming back. This is a time when the inspiration hits… and it involves real work of effort, perhaps some you've been avoiding? Move forward on what is visionary, healing, and truly matters to you. Saturn is a helper when we use its influence to build the scaffolding we really need. If you do butt heads with anyone, remind yourself this is the least productive day for it.

June 15

Mercury conjunct the North Node! It's time to write, speak, create, buy, sell, or take action on what has been brewing. Or you receive a subtle wave of awareness, intuition, insight on which direction you want to go. Conversations, books, tweets - they're all full of omens, including the ones you overhear!We successfully made it through the Mars-Saturn opposition, and now we’re onto Mars-Pluto. The next few days have a charged-up energy between this and the Full Moon. 

We’re on the other side of some tough astro so keep that in mind. You can handle this too. This is super potent energy for Big Magic like breaking free of old habits or stepping more fully into your power.

POWER is a big theme during the next few days. We can conquer demons and make sh*t happen. Power struggles or power trips? Far less recommended.

June 16

Art by Jen Bartel

The Jupiter-Neptune square is strongly felt! You had a lot of into on this in your last horoscopes too! We might be realizing some of our schemes and plans had holes or missing details, or the way we were viewing a particular situation wasn’t quite accurate. It’s okay to be in our feelings, get overwhelmed, or be disappointed by reality sometimes. The important thing now is to hold onto the most beautiful part of our visions while accepting the parts that must be revised. Take the information you’re receiving now and use it to make the vision that much better and brighter. On the other hand, this is a time to action our creative vision and to overcome obstacles to do so. That thing you’ve been wanting to make, do, or advance? Why wait. 

The SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON will be exact early tomorrow morning! Spend today on what is important to you and what you want to see GROW. Think like an archer. In what direction do you wish to take aim? 

For your Full Moon Ritual I suggest including some of the following, to invoke Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius:) 

  •  A royal blue or yellow altar cloth (paper works too)
  • Four (the number of Jupiter) white, royal blue, or yellow candles 
  • Piece(s) of tin or gold, or something made of those metals 
  • Deep blue or yellow pen for writing wishes, desires, requests
  • spiced rum or cognac, and wine (as offerings) 
  • fresh fruit and pastry (as offerings) 
  • The Wheel of Fortune tarot card 
  • lapis lazuli, amethyst, blue topaz, sapphire, or yellow citrine 
  • Something else that feels really luxurious, lush, and Jupiter-like to you 

I suggest making a spread of bounty! Let your altar be lush and full and generous. Write you petition for what you wish to create beautiful. Dance. Be generous. Offer something precious to someone you care about. Express gratitude. 

When you have written your intention, you’ll then visualize it really clearly. Feel it coming to fruition, a full bloom like the moon herself at her fullness now. Imagine you have a bow and arrow and take aim at this reality. Set your sights on it and shoot your bow. Watch it land perfectly in the center of your vision in a place that can receive it (a nearby tree, the doorpost, etc). Be very conscious in what you are aiming for and claim it!

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