Lucky Witch - A Jupiter in Sagittarius Guide

Get aligned with the ultra-abundant incoming energy of Jupiter in Sagittarius! Jupiter is the planet of Luck, Generosity, Joviality, Riches, and Indulgence. Jupiter makes everything BIGGER and is at its most maximally optimistic state in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a year to let the lush of abundance of the cosmos rain down on you and fill your cup all the way up. We created the ultimate guide to ensure you get the most out of this magical year!

What’s in Lucky Witch?

  • Audio horoscopes by The Voluptuous Witch for your sign(s) detailing the essential astrology + your personal success strategy
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius video reading for the year by The Voluptuous Witch
  • Lucky Witch PDF with spells, tools, and journal prompts
  • Custom Tarot Spread created by Tatianna Tarot
  • Guided Meditation with Tatianna Tarot

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