They say it takes 40 days to change a habit or make a major shift — and Venus Retrograde provides us with 42 days swimming in the seas of reflection on love, beauty, relating with others, our true values, self-compassion, the feminine, and our relationship with money. This offering is not guided steps A-Z. It’s not about me leading you somewhere. It's about you leading yourself home — back to your own alignment with your Higher Self. It’s a daily download of the astro weather paired with guided journaling, spells, and exercises (actions) to help you get the most out of this potentially monumental shift in the way you relate to yourself and your softest parts and dreams. You can do every exercise to the fullest or simply read them for knowledge and reflection. You choose the pace and depth at which you participate, and I can promise that the deep seas of Venus in Scorpio (and the sky of Venus in Libra too) will feel more known and inviting with these tools at your side.

You'll come back right to this spot for each day's materials.

See you soon!


It has been such a deep pleasure and honor to share space with you during these sacred 42 (a little bit more) days. Creating this container has been a beautiful experience and I'm so grateful for your presence here. I hope you continue to find the work we have done here useful. I wish you every blessing and so much love. 

I would love to know more about your experience with this guide. Click here!



VENUS DIRECT IN LIBRA the rest of the month is a beautiful thing. She is powerful, in rulership -  her Queendom is BRIGHT + BEAUTIFUL and returned to her power. This is a beautiful time to solidify your relationship with her, and as this is our final post of the program, to feel into which pieces of this work you would like continue and keep with you, and how you will do that. 

Venus is also moving toward an opposition with Uranus (which we just during Halloween as well, but in different signs!) so breaking free is also a theme. Independence and dependence and interdependence all dancing together and finding their right place, time, and expression. 

And if you have a moment to offer feedback on your experience with this guide, I would greatly appreciate it. 


What do you find beautiful? 

What is your relationship to the beauty around you? To your own beauty? 

What makes life sweet for you? 

What does harmony mean to you? How does it express in your life? 

Where do you feel most abundant? 

What is an offering of gratitude you make on a regular basis? Or, what is one that you could make? 

What reminds you of your sensual nature? 

What beings, deities, parts of nature, myths, or symbols do you feel most connected to or that help you return to these parts of yourself?


Consider if you would like to have a more permanent altar to Venus, Love, Beauty, Abundance, Self-Love, or any of what we have worked with here. Venus loves the color green, emeralds, diamonds, apples, honey, beautiful clothes and jewels, makeup, fresh flowers, floral scented incense, potions, lotions, and oils (like jasmine, for example). You can get creative with what you offer and how. If you want to hold onto a what you have been doing in this work, an altar space is a beautiful idea. Think of where you can place it and what you can start putting there. Clear the space and start creating today. 

A daily visit to your altar is a wonderful idea! Perhaps you are going to light an offering of incense and sit in meditation there. Or maybe you have poems you want to read aloud. Songs to sing. A movement practice as an offering. Time spent writing. A candle you light. This can be simple and ideally something that feels possible. Relationship is built and strengthened with time, particularly the one with your own discipline and dignity. Allow this practice into your life so that you may nurture and witness your own blossoming. Commit to 13 days of this practice, to start. See where it takes you. 



Use the power of the ARIES MOON connecting with Mercury to get INSPIRED, SPARKED, and INTUITIVELY ALIGNED. 

We are nearing the end of Scorpio Season and will move into Sagittarius in just a few days. Venus now DIRECT and MARS SQUARE JUPITER continue to call for action and forward motion. The Mercury-Neptune square continue to bring a surreal quality and lethargy or confusion may be present, but moving through a to-do list or making sure to save some energy for essential self-practices can go a long way to perking up your SPIRIT.


What are you calling into your life right now? What are you absolutely sure you want to see become real for you? 

What is something you once thought you wanted really badly that you either got and it turned out not to be so great, or that you didn't get and are now happy about it?

Is there anything you're still holding onto as a "should" that is draining you? Is it optional, or is any part of it optional? 

What low-key or high-key time wasters take time/opportunity away from bringing in your one important thing from question one? 

What prevents you from raising your sword and slashing them of out of your life? 

Are you willing to prioritize eradicating distraction, and sacrificing the temporary comforts of those distractions, to create what you want to create? 


Write down your vision from question in the center of two separate pieces of paper. 

On one paper, draw outward from your vision all the things that can help it come into being. These are actions of your own, as well as fortunate occurrences and assistance from others that will make your vision possible. 

On the other paper, write down what gets in the way of executing your vision. My suggestion is to focus primarily on your own thoughts, actions, and behaviors, although writing down external obstacles is perfectly valid as well. 

Now think about your day, however many hours you tend to be awake each day. Carve out the time you have to work on your vision. Depending on your circumstance, it could be all day or it could be one hour. Whatever you have, get clear on that. 

Looking at your lists of what will help and what will hurt, how do you want to choose yo spend this time you have to create your vision? What would a schedule of a week's work toward your vision look like and include?

Write this out and sign an agreement with yourself to execute this for one week. 



MERCURY RETROGRADE last night at 8:33p EST. Mercury-Neptune square, Mars-Jupiter square. The challenges, internal difficulties, motivations, and drives arising now are actually pretty indicative of what our work is in 2019. The tension of expansion and what needs to be worked into pliable new forms in order for that expansion to occur. Don't panic. Just observe, for now. 

I can't stress enough how much this astrology is not for ultimatums, contracts, or anything requiring you to go against your gut. The current Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is dreamy, intuitive, diffuse. Take some time with your decks today. Free write. Tune in on a feeling level. Move gently through what you have to do. With MARS IN PISCES, as of yesterday, after nearly 6 long months in the sign if Aquarius, we are in new territory. Hallelujah! The retrograde astrology may be messy, but we also have an amazing opportunity for closure, healing, and moving sweetly and gently through uncertainty. 


What is my biggest challenge in communication? 

When am I most likely to be vague or struggle to be direct? 

When am I most likely to attack or be more aggressive than the circumstance demands?  

Do I have a process for questioning my assumptions about what other people are thinking, their motives, their intentions? 

What is an example of a time that I was absolutely sure I was correct about someone's ill-intent and turned out to be wrong? 

What is an example of a time when ignored my gut feeling and regretted it? 

Where there any differences between these experiences? How can I slow things down to learn from this going forward?

How can I continue deepening my relationship to my own internal navigation and perceptions? What practices might help me?


Write down a conflict, situation, or pattern with another person that has been bothering you. When you do this, make an effort to write JUST THE FACTS. This is hard and it should take some work. You will need to re-read each sentence and scan for judgements. A judgement is ANYTHING that goes beyond fact, even 'positive' judgements. Keep editing and rewriting until all you have is a very dry, probably boring account of the situation.

Looking at it now, and thinking about some of the judgements you had to pull out of there, write down some other possibilities that differ from what you have been assuming to be true. If you think someone at a party barely acknowledged you because they were being rude or think bad things about you, for example, what are other possibilities? Maybe they are socially anxious. Maybe they were having a difficult night. Maybe they were really engaged in the conversation they were in. And so forth. 

Do this for all the parts of the story that seem important, and even some that don't. Just treat it like a rubix cube that you're twisting around to line the colors up different ways.

There's no conclusion here. Every situation is different. This exercise definitely shouldn't be used to gaslight yourself. It's not about proving yourself unreliable. It's just communication yoga, stretching into a different stance or perspective in the hopes of becoming more resilient, adaptable, and maybe more comfortable too. This also helps to know when something genuinely is a problem, and gives you a way to communicate about it non-judgmentally, if you would like to.



VENUS DIRECT! At 5:51a EST on November 16th, Venus ends her retrograde. We have come through so much in this time! She will very slowly get back up to speed, remaining in Libra for the rest of the month, then re-entering Scorpio at the beginning of December. She does not emerge from her shadow until December 24th. That is when she clears the point at which she stationed retrograde and moves into new territory.

Give yourself time. This isn't a race. There is much to be integrated and we have about five weeks to do just that.  (We still have three more program posts coming after today, too!)

Mercury Retrograde also begins today! It's a very hazy communication week, as I have discussed in previous posts. I won't write extensively on Mercury Retro in here since I have a whole other program dedicated to that. It has audio horoscopes and PDFs each week full of journaling and other magic. Assignments are weekly, as opposed to daily. It's really great and we are going to do some fun and deep work to have an exceptional year ahead! You can check it out here.


What has the theme of this Venus Retrograde been for me, if I were to give it a title or just one word?

What were the parts I enjoyed most?

What am I grateful to have witnessed in myself?

What am I grateful to have witnessed in others?

What is something I am leaving behind, that I do not want to bring with me into this next phase?

Is there any treasure I found that I want to hold closer than I did before?


Spill your guts! Leave it all on the table. Write this letter to Venus to thank her, forgive her, praise her, ask for her comfort and guidance, or anything else you want to say. Reflect on what she has shown you during this time. Think about how your relationship with her has grown. Creating deep and lasting relationships with our guides take patience, love, and attentiveness. Write her a letter that further deepens your relationship. And, if you can, make an altar to leave her a gift. This gift is of your choosing and comes from your heart. It reflects what you have come to know of her. Generously give her a gift of love. 



MARS SEXTILES URANUS now, on its way out of Aquarius. The Mars-Uranus squares (while Uranus was in Taurus, it's now back in Aries until March) were TRICKY, but this energy is easier to work with. If you need to hop a fence, figuratively or literally, this aspect is on your side. Great for busting through blocks and switching up your action plan or exercise regimen, or for just bringing an electric zing to personal magnetism and sexual attraction. 

The MERCURY-NEPTUNE SQUARE is nearly exact as well so make sure to read the last post about some of the slippery side of this energy and boundaries. This is in many ways the trickiest part of the retrograde for LOVE FANTASY. Neptune is not good for realism and can make us wishful or even delusional. I'm not saying you are, but if you are in fact considering texting an ex or glossing over a red flag or two, it's a great time to hit the pause button and just say "If this is real, it can wait. Real things don't dissolve in a matter of weeks." Because this week Mercury stations retro just after Venus stations direct, and Venus will not be out of her shadow zone until late December. We still want to step back and allow things to evolve organically. Let situations and people reveal themselves to you over time.


What is one shift, small or large, that has taken place within me since October 5th? 

Does it feel good to be in deeper conversation with myself?

Or, if I haven't been, how does that feel? 

Have any codependent tendencies or desires been arising, with lovers, friends, money, substances, anything?

What's that all about for me? What might be the desire beneath the desire?  


Choose a type of movement that you enjoy or that gets you out of your comfort zone a bit. This can be as simple as walking, putting music on and dancing, or going and taking a boxing class. Or yoga! Etc. You can't go wrong. Anything that moves your body.

Before you begin, set an intention. It can be just for the duration of the exercise, although ideally the intention will be something fuller than that, it will be a prayer you have for your life. 

Next, as you move, hold that prayer in your heart and your mind. Speak it aloud! Something very powerful happens when we move and speak at the same time. Our mind responds powerfully. Sharing your prayer in the affirmative form, as if it is already true, and speaking aloud while you move with intent is pure magic. Whether it's aloud or internal though, repeat either the full prayer or a shortened version that makes you FEEL it. That gets to the essence. 

Continue your movement as prayer. Send all your intent into this practice of total presence with your body and your spirit. When you are complete, thank your body. Send love to all your parts and to yourself as a whole. Put your hands and your body and say thank you. Thank the larger forces to which you feel connected, too. 



Sun trine Pluto has recharged us some! Keep in mind Pluto aspects can trigger the desire to control, or obsessive tendencies. Apply this energy to anything that helps you get better-situated and expressed in the world. Mind your money. Ditch a bad habit. Grab the reigns of your own life. Pluto (for all of its problem-causing tendencies) wants this. For you to OVERCOME.

Pluto has our attention, as does Saturn, because the MOON IN CAPRICORN highlights these serious planets and their doings as it moves through the sign. This is a Monday for handling sh*t! Tackle something you've been avoiding and feel ah-mazing. 


What am I grateful for right now? 

What do I have or experience now that is something I once longed for? 

What would me at a long-ago challenging time in my life envy or appreciate about my present reality? 

What can I give more of? 

What can I receive more of?  

What would I like to see EXPAND in the next month? 

What can I focus on, do, and remember that will help me to make that possible?


For some of you this will be a stream, others a river, other the ocean. Any body of water accessible to you is perfect for this.

Assemble a basket of offerings. Some suggested items (these or similar):

sweet fruit (oranges, berries, stone fruit)

cooked rice (a small amount, like a cup when cooked)

gin, rum, or another alcohol (you just need a small amount to pour in)

white or yellow flowers

a favorite food of yours 

anything else natural that inspires you!

Put care and love into arranging your basket. You are on your way to visit an honored friend. When you arrive at the water take time to relax and center yourself. Talk to the water to gather your thoughts. Collect your desires and needs. 

Begin sending your offerings into the water. At first you can simply say thank you. Then you can get more detailed, if you wish. 

Here I will suggest a prayer, though you may use any prayer you want (this is one that I wrote):

Thank you

Thank you for your sacredness, your vastness, and your beauty

My life is because of you

Thank you

My heart is pacified by you

Thank you

My mind is run clean by you

Thank you 

Please protect me now. 

Please hear my longings for peace. 

Please hear my longings for love. 

Please send away anything that would harm me. 

Please protect me from chaos. 

Help me live in peace.

Help me see the bounty of what I have. 

Help me with my heart's desire. 



So we know we have a fire energy popping off, and another very important influence, felt for about the next ten days, is Mercury square Neptune. This is a tricky aspect. Neptune makes thinking fuzzy, anxious, or sometimes deluded. Having really unrealistic expectations of others, misreading messages, and generally feeling overwhelmed are all possible. 

The other side of this energy is more dreamy, creative, and spiritual. Write your dreams down! Listen to music. Make time for meditation or walks by the water. And if you are feeling the extra anxiety, be kind to yourself and do what feels grounding. Slippery people, gaslighters, and manipulative types sometimes slither out during Neptune transits to imply *your* boundaries are bad. (The classic gaslighting response to a setting of a boundary is a CORRECTION. That somehow the *way* you set the boundary is wrong. Or it's too late, it should have been before. Or they give you a little explanation of how boundaries *really* work. Or the boundary is rude. On and on. These are all toxic responses to something HEALTHY. Ignore ignore ignore.) Trust yourself. 


What do boundaries mean to me? Is it a positive or negative association? 

What are some examples of boundaries I have? These could be time boundaries, space boundaries, emotional, mental, financial and so forth. 

Some of the most important boundaries are boundaries we set with our own self. Maybe it's about amount of time on social media, or not looking at a particular person's posts, or not working for free, or not following a negative thought loop. Many possible ways to have boundaries with ourselves. What are some of yours? 

What are some boundaries you would like to be stronger (or to exist in the first place)? 

Discomfort and exhaustion are two potential signs that some type of boundary has been crossed. Do you know what any of those signs are for you?  


Choose a boundary that feels like it would be helpful right now. It can be with others or with yourself. Write it down. 

What will feel really good about the outcome this boundary? 

What is likely to challenge it? 

Visualize that happening and get a little creative. What's a way you could handle that situation that you haven't employed before? What's a subtle thing you could do to shift back toward your boundary and your goal?

Know that your boundary will be challenged. Know that you might waver or even falter. Be prepared to forgive yourself. This is not an exercise in perfection. It's an exercise in self-kindness. 

Work with this boundary for one week. Make note of any positive changes you observe, as well as feelings that arise around this practice.



We have the most fire-focused sky we have had in quite a while! The Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are now in Sagittarius and Uranus is back in Aries until March. Uranus squares the nodes newly in Cancer/Capricorn. Do you feel a shift? November really is a month full of change and I feel that it's mostly positive. We are getting unstuck!


What am I passionate about at this point in my life? 

What makes me feel excited? 

What was exciting to be at age 5? 

Age 13? 

Age 21?

Do I feel entitled to center my passions at this point in my life? 

What would it mean to center the things that make we want to do the most having to push myself the least? 

What was the last healthy-feeling thing I did that I just couldn't stop myself from doing because I felt so drawn to it?


Use an oracle or tarot deck of your choice for this!

Card 1: the essence of the change that is occurring in my life

Card 2: what my higher self wants me to know about this

Card 3: what I can do (or not do) to facilitate this change

Card 4: what quality can I invoke to make this more enjoyable

Card 5: where I am headed if I continue on this particular path



The major astro news is JUPITER ENTERING SAGITTARIUS! A major cosmic shift. November 8, 2018-December 2, 2019 is the timeline for this transit. We have shifted out of our Jupiter in Scorpio year and I hope that as a result of working with this program you feel more complete, clear, and resolved with the astro year we are saying goodbye to. Jupiter is now blessing a new part of your chart. Let's dive in!


As of today, November 8th, 2018, JUPITER is influencing this area of your life (READ FOR YOUR RISING SIGN):

SCORPIO: Money, Body, Self-Esteem, Possessions, Material Needs 

SAGITTARIUS: Self, Image, Will, Personal Magic, Style, Body, Relationships 

CAPRICORN: Mental Health, Dreams, Secrets, Inner Development 

AQUARIUS: Friendships, Social Life, Social Justice, Big Dreams + Aspirations 

PISCES: Career, Reputation, Fame, Power, Public Role 

ARIES: Travel, Study, Spirituality, Expansion, Education, Publishing 

TAURUS: Investments, Financial Stability, Benefactors, Ancestors, Divination 

GEMINI: Marriage, Partnership, Best Friends, Business Partners, Enemies 

CANCER: Work, Physical Health, Commuting, Ritual, Routine 

LEO: Creativity, Romance, Seduction, Sex, Fun, Parenting, Risky Behavior 

VIRGO: Home, Family, Lineage, Security + Foundation 

LIBRA: Communication, Thought Patterns, Neighborhood Connections, Siblings

Jupiter makes everything BIGGER. What might this transit be likely to shine a light on for me?

Am I open to expanding and having my limits stretched? 

What are my dreams and hopes for this part of my life? 

Do I have any study, travel, or teaching aspirations I can move forward with this year? 

Sagittarius is so much about what we believe. What are my checkpoints and guideposts for knowing my actions are moving me closer to what I believe in?


Distill the essence of your BIGGEST, MOST AUDACIOUS DESIRES into one word. Write that word in the center of the page and circle it. Now, start brainstorming anything that is connected to this word: places, people, actions, thoughts, feelings, tastes, wishes. Draw lines off of the center word and write these words. Circle them. Then, off of those words, brainstorm one thing that can bring you closer that thing. Write that word off it, circle that. 

The outer circle is where you can start. When you need a place to begin to move closer to your center word, start with that outer layer of ideas, and move inward.



** please note I'm putting two posts up at once, so scroll down to do the post below first. thanks!** 

SCORPIO NEW MOON is exact on Wednesday at  11:08a EST. It is enhanced by Neptune. Powerful visioning, healing, and creation is possible.

For spellwork, I suggest the time of the New Moon or after (meaning that Wednesday night is better for this than Tuesday night.)  We are going to revisit our self-love spell with the knowledge and growing awareness we have now. We are using the New Moon to cast the most powerful of self-love spells!  

This is a spell of INTEGRATION. This love includes the parts of us we consider ugly. Scorpio helps us with this. Scorpio welcomes this. You have worked so deeply with the weeks of Venus in Scorpio and now with Venus in Libra we will continue to honor all parts of ourselves, to not retreat into duality or self-rejection. That's what this moon is for. 


In mere days, on November 8th, Jupiter will leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius! The new moon ritual focus on what the past 13 months (since October 10th, 2017) have taught, gifted, taken away, and illuminated. 

What has been the overarching theme of the past 13 months for me? 

How have I grown?  

What have I lost or given away? 

What have I gained? 

What have I learned about Scorpio energy over the past 13 months? 

What has pushed my limits?

What is my prayer to the Scorpio New Moon, now having lived all of this? What do I wish to carry forward?

What part of myself have/had I been rejecting that I am willing to let in and to include in my love offering?


Whole-Self Love Spell 


  • 5 candles, any color that calls to you (suggested colors are pink, red, white, or yellow) 

  • A large, heat-safe plate

  • Healing herbs of your choice (choose four, some suggestions below) 

  •  For love: chickweed, red clover, jasmine flower, hibiscus, basil For peace/cleansing: olive leaf, chamomile, pine


Place one candle in the center of the plate. This candle represents you. You can anoint with an oil of your choice, or simply use olive oil. Rub the oil into the candle and talk to it about your intention and desire. Melt the bottom of the candle and stick securely to your heat-safe plate. Place the other four candles around it, toward the four corners. Now, take your herbs and place between the candles. I place each herb separately in its own space; you can place yours intuitively however feels good to you. Hold your hands over the herbs reinforcing your intention. Speak out loud, thanking them for their power, claiming your intention of deep self-love and healing, distilling down to the PUREST ESSENCE of what you desire. Light the candles and pray to them. Revisit them in the coming hours, days, week (depending on how long-burning your candles are)

**Note: If you would like to do a similar process with one single candle, you are welcome to. Do what feels best to you. You can buy a single candle and fix with herbs and oil, or buy a fixed candle already made and use that. Work with what works for you.



SCORPIO NEW MOON is exact on Wednesday at  11:08a EST. It is enhanced by Neptune. Powerful visioning, healing, and creation is possible.

The DARK MOON until then is quite mysterious. We have the change of sign of the nodes bringing in a new energy we don't fully understand yet, and a big release of some of the shadow material that's arisen in recent weeks. Some of the discussion of "letting go" and "releasing" in relation to lunar events can grow tiresome honestly, even to me. (LOL) 

I think it's also misleading. It implies we are cutting something out of us, like surgically? As if this darkness is something we must remove. I encourage a slightly different orientation perhaps. That maybe we release our grip on it. Our desire to control it. Our perspective on it. The relationship to it that is hurting us. And also let it be, as it is. Not to be cast out or mutilated or destroyed. But something that can be witnessed, and even loved. Even healed. Even at peace. Someday, if not now. 

Tuesday night is for decluttering, resting, gentleness, journaling. It's for a gentle release and the softness that comes with swaddling ourselves through change or pain or transition. Holding ourselves close and with kindness. 


revisiting some early program questions. :)  if you like them, consider checking in with them more regularly.

How am I feeling in my body today?

Close your eyes and do a scan of your body, starting at either your head or your feet, and moving through each part to feel into the experience your whole body is having. Note any important sensations, awarenesses, pleasure, pain, absence of feeling.

When I get very still and quiet, is there a message, image, or word that surfaces? Write this down. 

If you have time, do some free writing or automatic writing to see what else comes up around it.

Do I have a longing right now? It could be for touch, food, closeness, peace, sex, freedom, love, care, relief, numbness… anything really.  

Sometimes we don’t wish to feel our longings because we fear they can’t or won’t be satisfied. In the coming weeks, we will be connecting with desire and gently nurturing its flame. In a way that feels gentle and safe to you, notice if you have a strong desire for something right now.

If my heart could have one thing right now, what would it be?  


If the water is a safe place for you, and you have a bathtub, you can do this as a bath. You can also use a blanket, a sleeping bag, any cozy space really. The important thing is that you feel physically wrapped and protected in some tactile way. 

Think about what you want closest to you, to have right around you and up against your being. Send that energy into your blanket, your bath water, etc. It could be love, comfort, protection, ease, rest, solace, acceptance... anything you desire. 

Make the room energy healing for you with candles, scents, or other comforts that help you be at rest.

Slide into your love-filled space. Wrap yourself/immerse yourself in it. Hold yourself tightly and feel the love and care seeping into you. Remind yourself that you can create a cocoon of comfort and safety any time you wish, even if it feels hard. Make a safe space and remind yourself of the ways in which you are safe, and of how you are worthy of comfort. 



The square between the Moon and Saturn has been a brutal today. Sometimes this makes us depressed, hopeless, or doubtful that things will improve. I always remind clients that Saturn is the harshest lens. There may be a grain of truth in what we are seeing, or more than a grain even, but it doesn't necessarily make pessimism correct or true either. If you have been feeling this, be gentle with yourself. Gentleness is always called for and appropriate.

The SUN-NEPTUNE TRINE I mentioned yesterday is in full force. The journal questions will focus in that direction. This can be dreamy and inspirational, but it can also be somewhat un-grounding. Put your feet in the dirt, hug a tree, hold grounding stones if you have some, walk and move and just feel your body. Grounding is not as easy as it sounds, for some of us, and if that's you don't feel bad about it. Just keep returning to what is present and tangible. Mindfully wash dishes or fold clothes. Immerse yourself in physical experience.

The Libra Moon is lovely for friendship, museum visits, starting a writing project, decorating, or bringing a solution-oriented approach to a challenge. This also amps up our Venus-related perceptions, intuitions, and fixations. '

This is the DARK MOON phase, the days before the upcoming NEW MOON IN SCORPIO on the 7th. REST is essential and productive now. Do less. Let go. Declutter. Release.


Have I been wishful during this Venus Retrograde? Longing for something? Missing a certain person, time or place? What are the things that sparked this feeling in me? 

Is this a wish I would actually want to come true?

Why or why not? 

Are there elements of fantasy to my longing? What are they?

What needs are being met by this fantasy?

Are there other ways I could meet those needs?

Are there ways in which the fantasy harms me or holds me back?

If I really am honest, what is this desire really about?


Choose a photo of yourself as a child. If you aren't immediately sure what age to choose, get into a quiet space and ask yourself. Trust whatever floats up. Ask for the child who most needs you right now. Take the picture and tuck it into a corner of a mirror you look in everyday or make it your phone background. Take a few minutes, starting today, to look at the picture and talk to this child (you). Tell her you love her. Ask her what her interests are. Ask her what she wants you to know. Tell her that you're here for her, that you are a safe adult who is here for her now. If there is something you know she would love, do it! A treat, an experience, a feeling. 

Remember that this is you. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to a child. That child is also you and is living inside you all the time.


Thanks for hanging in through the pause in the program! A couple quick notes:

As some of you know, I have been navigating health challenges. The past few days did not allow me to offer what I had planned. However, as my experiences always do end up informing my work, today's journal questions come from some of what I have been thinking about in relation to this. The questions can be applied to any and all forms, levels, and manners of healing.

Rather than post multiple days all at once, and cram things in (and creating a "catch-up" situation), I am going to add in additional rituals, spells, and tools on certain important days, to give you more to work with without spreading time and effort too thin. I'm going to make some audios as well on the very dynamic November astrology + what it means. So I hope you will like that, too. 

Now onto the astro!


We've had some changes! VENUS INTO LIBRA, the nodes of the Moon changes signs as well (North Node into Cancer and South Node into Capricorn), and we've had the MOON IN VIRGO gracing us with her presence for a few days, soon to move into Libra as well. The Moon will go into Libra at 4:01pm on Sunday, 11/3 and remain there for 52 hours. These two days highlight the Libran themes of the retrograde. 

As far as Venus Retrograde goes, we are in different territory now. Venus in Scorpio represents many of the rejected  and exiled forms of the feminine: the whore, the lunatic, the bitch; the lustful, greedy, or manipulative expressions of desire and depth. This is of course contextual -- none of these expressions are actually anything that should not exist. But they are rarely welcomed, compassionately received, or celebrated. On the other hand, with Venus in Libra, we step into the other side of feminine expectation: the beauty queen, the perfect wife, the celebrated artist or lawyer or non-profit worker; the do-right, do-good, cool and calm expression that is more commonly celebrated. So, I offer that these days are good times to explore these themes within ourselves. To become aware of what we identify with and what we reject, in both ourselves and others. 

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE centers healing, art, creative expression of Self. On the challenging side, Neptune can bring confusion, delusion, and escapism. Cinema, music, the ocean, any form of sound healing, and meditation are favored. You can accept and honor the element of fantasy without it leading you off-course. Healing is a hot topic now. 


Is my narrative around healing a linear one? Do I believe, on some level, that healing is a straight line or linear process? 

Has that been true for me? 

What are examples of healing, growth, or progress in myself, nature, or community that seem to be more spiralic (meaning they both move forward and return to tread old ground, again and again)?

Do I have a before-and-after expectation stuck in my head? Do I expect that of my body, mind, or soul? 

What is limiting about this? 

What is helpful about it, if anything?

For me, where does this expectation come from?

Are there ways it limits my healing? 

How I have I been talking to myself about my progress and experience? Is there judgement there?

Draw a Venus Retrograde spiral. This is a loose prompt, meaning you can certainly extend the spiral back to include anything you've been contemplating during this time as well. Make your spiral and examine some examples of going "backward" or feeling in a Groundhog's Day can't-believe-this-is-still-happening type of thing. 

Can this narrative be adjusted? Are there other ways of seeing?


Something you have been struggling with or navigating is calling for acceptance. I know this is the hardest truth, but not everything is in your hands to decide. There are challenges you might be exerting tremendous amounts of energy fighting, denying, blaming, guilting yourself for, or bargaining with. And they are things you don't control. There can be a tremendous harnessing of POWER in radical acceptance. 

Choose something, big or small. Start small if big is overwhelming. Choose something that you *cannot* change. That is not up to you. These can be something as mundane as your kitchen being too small to cook the way you want to be able to, or as big as someone you love having an addiction that is out of your hands. It can be a chronic illness or a break-up or something that happened a long time ago.

Just for today, practice radical acceptance of this reality. This does not mean your feelings about it have to change. They likely *will* change over time if you continue to practice radical acceptance, but this is not something to force. For now, whether it's for one day, one hour, or minute, put down the war with what is. Accept that you cannot change it. Hold tremendous amount of love and compassion for yourself as you do this. (There may be grief involved. That is good, even though it does not feel good. Whatever arises as a result of acceptance is a necessary healing. It is what we have been avoiding by being out of acceptance. And when we experience that, we prove we can survive the difficult feelings we don't want to have, and will still be ok.)

Given that truth, what will do you? What's an action to take that's not about changing the circumstance, but about caring for yourself within it. That's your action for today!  


The Venus Retrograde astrology has been challenging for many of us and a lot of you have been asking me why. This recording gets to the heart of what I believe the astrology intends to show us, and where our personal work is now.



Wild and possibly frustrating or nerve-grating astrology, we are still in the Venus-Uranus opposition squaring off with the nodes of the Moon. Now we also have the MOON IN LEO (perfect for Halloween dress-up!) enhancing the drama, generosity, and childlike-play qualities of the day. 

MERCURY AT ZERO DEGREES OF SAGITTARIUS began to telegraph the incoming JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS energy (more on that in the coming days!) that begins November 8th. Let the fresh Fire energy of the Moon + Mercury inspire today!  

Major warning on what to avoid today: Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome. Blow-ups or making enemies is probably ill-advised.


What is your lineage / what are your lineages? These can be blood, spiritual, magical, professional, knowledge-based, artistic, and so forth. What lines do come from, connect to, and embody the present of?

What do you wish to carry forward from your lineage? Brilliance to celebrate, power to claim.

What do you wish to leave behind? Curses to break, sorrow to heal.

Who are your ancestors? 

Do you connect with them?

What would ask of or like to know from your ancestors?



If you already have one of these, then please of course respect your own practices and honor your own traditions of ancestor connection. As we know, the veil is thin at this time. Much connection is possible. You know best how to communicate with your ancestors, so follow your heart.

I often get questions on this topic, so I also know that many of us don't have set practices or feel we are unsure of how to connect with our ancestors. If this is the case, you can make an altar and follow these basic instructions, then personalize from there.

I keep my ancestor altar as a small table of its own. I have a cloth laid over it and I leave offerings there. I leave what my ancestors might have liked (for example, my family is Jewish so I make Shabbat for them each week, with wine and challah and lit candles). You can share something of your lineage, or simply leave what is beautiful to you like fruit, flowers, incense. 

I also have learned songs to sing them. Sometimes I dance for them. If you play an instrument that's a great idea too! The ancestors, I believe, want to see us enjoy our bodies and living form, and to use our earthly creativity while we are here. Anything that includes and captures this will please them. 

Be sure to invite in your benevolent, helpful, healing ancestors. The ones who want to protect you and love you. The ones who have something to teach you. Ask them for guidance. Thank them for being the gateway that allowed you to be here to live this life. Seek their wisdom and their safety.



As discussed in the last post, we are right in the midst of an ELECTRIC energy coming from Venus, Uranus, and the nodes of the Moon. The nodes are a very interesting topic especially because they are ABOUT TO CHANGE SIGN. Yes! After a year and half in Leo/Aquarius, the North Node will move into Cancer and the South Node into Capricorn. I find the transits of the nodes, by themselves, to somewhat subtle. More like a gentle whisper that directs you to a much more aligned end point. The current astro has other factors making it all a bit more obvious now. Some other nodal themes, however, may have slipped under the radar. 

The North Node moves into Cancer on November 7th, so we are closing a chapter now, as well as closing out the year of Jupiter in Scorpio (which changes sign just two days later). 


Since May 9th, 2017, the North Node has been impacting this area of your life (READ FOR YOUR RISING SIGN):

CANCER: Money, Body, Self-Esteem, Possessions, Material Needs 

LEO: Self, Image, Will, Personal Magic, Style, Body, Relationships 

VIRGO: Mental Health, Dreams, Secrets, Inner Development 

LIBRA: Friendships, Social Life, Social Justice, Big Dreams + Aspirations 

SCORPIO: Career, Reputation, Fame, Power, Public Role 

SAGITTARIUS: Travel, Study, Spirituality, Expansion, Education, Publishing 

CAPRICORN: Investments, Financial Stability, Benefactors, Ancestors, Divination 

AQUARIUS: Marriage, Partnership, Best Friends, Business Partners, Enemies 

PISCES: Work, Physical Health, Commuting, Ritual, Routine 

ARIES: Creativity, Romance, Seduction, Sex, Fun, Parenting, Risky Behavior 

TAURUS: Home, Family, Lineage, Security + Foundation 

GEMINI: Communication, Thought Patterns, Neighborhood Connections, Siblings

The South Node has been impacting this area of your life (READ FOR YOUR RISING SIGN):

CAPRICORN: Money, Body, Self-Esteem, Possessions, Material Needs 

AQUARIUS: Self, Image, Will, Personal Magic, Style, Body, Relationships 

PISCES: Mental Health, Dreams, Secrets, Inner Development 

ARIES: Friendships, Social Life, Social Justice, Big Dreams + Aspirations 

TAURUS: Career, Reputation, Fame, Power, Public Role 

GEMINI: Travel, Study, Spirituality, Expansion, Education, Publishing 

CANCER: Investments, Financial Stability, Benefactors, Ancestors, Divination 

LEO: Marriage, Partnership, Best Friends, Business Partners, Enemies 

VIRGO: Work, Physical Health, Commuting, Ritual, Routine 

LIBRA: Creativity, Romance, Seduction, Sex, Fun, Parenting, Risky Behavior 

SCORPIO: Home, Family, Lineage, Security + Foundation 

SAGITTARIUS: Communication, Thought Patterns, Neighborhood Connections, Siblings

Now, think back to where you were in May 2017. Reflect on subtle or not-so-subtle shifts in these parts of your life, and the ripple effect those have had.

How are you more aligned now than you were in May 2017?

What has come to closure (in the south node area especially)?

What has sparked up or become more than you originally thought it would (north node area especially)?



You can do this in conjunction with these very block-busting transits, if you're feeling the vibe, or if the energy already feels to be a lot for you (or you just don't feel especially clear), you can wait until the end of the week and use this to clear away any remains. It's simple and effective. 

You will need: 

White Candle


Sea Salt 


Olive oil 

Squeeze half your lemon into some olive oil, then add salt and some crushed up juniper berry. These are all powerful block-breaking and clearing agents. This mixture is a scrub for you to use in the shower. Scrub yourself with it while visualizing all blocks being removed from your path. (I learned this from Katelan Foisy and have used it often -- it really works!)

Next, take your white candle and anoint it with olive oil. Use a motion away from your own body to do this, pointing the candle outward toward a door or window. You're anointing away from yourself because the energy you want to put into this is that of the blocks being removed and going away from you. Put the candle on your heat-safe plate and surround it in a salt circle. Sprinkle a fews drops of lemon juice into the candle and onto the salt as well. Next, sprinkle juniper onto the salt and lemon. 

Hold your hands over your ingredients. Send the strength of your intention into them. Visualize all blocks removed from your path. See yourself moving in total freedom. Feel obstacles melting away. 

Light your candle and allow it to burn all the way down.