They say it takes 40 days to change a habit or make a major shift — and Venus Retrograde provides us with 42 days swimming in the seas of reflection on love, beauty, relating with others, our true values, self-compassion, the feminine, and our relationship with money. This offering is not guided steps A-Z. It’s not about me leading you somewhere. It's about you leading yourself home — back to your own alignment with your Higher Self. It’s a daily download of the astro weather paired with guided journaling, spells, and exercises (actions) to help you get the most out of this potentially monumental shift in the way you relate to yourself and your softest parts and dreams. You can do every exercise to the fullest or simply read them for knowledge and reflection. You choose the pace and depth at which you participate, and I can promise that the deep seas of Venus in Scorpio (and the sky of Venus in Libra too) will feel more known and inviting with these tools at your side.




VENUS OPPOSITE URANUS! This is a MAJOR TURNING POINT of Venus Retrograde and of Venus' cycle. URANUS is a circuit breaker. Surprise, revolution, radical change. These two don't blend so easily. Uranus is brash and desires INDEPENDENCE. Venus seeks connection and prioritizes HARMONY. This is a time when change could be upon us. The oppositions often manifest as something (quite often someONE) outside of ourselves that provides the catalyst, counterpoint, or challenge to stimulate our evolution. They are also playing off the Moon's nodes. Wow. Fate is factor here. Trust what is happening now even if it takes time to understand.  

The MOON IN CANCER aspects Neptune, making it especially sensitive, surreal, and dreamy. Take time to be at home, in an intimate group, or gathered to enjoy a cozy meal. If stressed, try a float tank, bath, stroll by the water. 

The overall energy is pretty wire-y and wired, so nurture and ground yourself as well. And see where you can innovate and/or enjoy the buzz of this astro. 


What am I absolutely ready to shed? 

What behavior(s) and thoughts truly no longer suit my life or my desires?

Am I feeling tempted to backslide into any old habits or patterns? 

Is there change I'm resisting, in any area of life? How uncomfortable will I need to get before I allow this change to occur? 

Am I open to outside catalysts and what I can't control? Is that potentially exciting? Or scary? Or both. 


Sometimes huge events come crashing in and shift our perspective. Yes, this is a part of life. And at the same time, we can't have that happen all the time, nor would we want it to I don't think?  Many profound shifts are subtle. Gentle change can be just powerful as change that's abrupt. Gently shifting perspective can help us open up more fully to everything. 

Today take a stroll you normally take, or a drive, bike ride, etc. During this time, just practice the skills of OBSERVE + DESCRIBE. The skills Observe + Describe are *so* useful for ruminative thought and anxiety. And so underutilized because they’re so simple! You’re just going to notice things and say them in your head or out loud.  Like:“There are four paintings on the wall. One of them has a man.”“The air conditioner is blowing cool air.”“The chair is leather. It’s black.”Facts only. No assessments or appraisals, purely statements of observable and simple facts. (You can also do this any time you're anxious or ruminative. Start looking around the room, observing and describing what you see.)

Do this for as long as you can. Thing after thing. Keep observing and describing. And you will feel a shift! When you want to slip back into the other thought, don’t judge yourself or get into an internal convo about it. Use the same skill! Just start back up observing/describing. This is a very simple form of mindfulness that does not require the desire or ability to do sitting or walking meditation. And it works. Try it out and let me know how it goes. I am always surprised how many new things I see and fine when I do this, and how the quality of my experience is so different simply as a result of noticing.  

DAY 22 + 23: GIVING

Please note: I took Day 22 away, as I was mourning violence and felt I needed time to collect what to share. So, today's assignment covers both days. The prior days that were somehow deleted, I will be re-writing and adding them back in later today. 


MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER today! This is an outstanding aspect for COMMERCE, BIG IDEAS, HEALING, INVENTIVENESS, and GIVING OR RECEIVING GOOD NEWS. Jupiter expands everything it touches, so the flip side is needing to be aware of going down a rabbit hole of despair or paranoia (Mercury in Scorpio) or feeling overly suspicious. Intuitive hunches can be strong, just also be aware that big emotions can still carry us away or lead us down a dead-end thought path. 

Venus is nearly exact in her conjunction to Uranus. We are building toward an important moment of the retrograde where old patterns can be shattered. More on this soon.  


Am I generous with myself? How?

Am I stingy with myself? Do I withhold satisfaction, comfort, or luxury from myself? How?

What are some of the motivations for this? Did learn them from somewhere? Where/from who?

Am I generous with others? With who, and how?

What are forms of privilege that I have in the social world? That benefit me, whether I want them to or not (examples: whiteness, maleness, neurotypical-ness, able-bodied-ness, hetero privilege, cis privilege, inter-generational wealth, etc)

How can I, on a regular basis, align awareness of my own privilege with redistribution of power and resources to others with less privilege? 

Do I want to do that? Why yes? And why no? 



Take one action to be generous with yourself. This can be buying yourself flowers, making your bed really nicely in a way that makes you happy, eating a favorite, special food, giving yourself time in the Sun or to take a walk. Give yourself something you might otherwise feel you don't have time or entitlement to have the luxury of. 

For financial abundance, buy some BASIL and put a piece in your wallet. 

Also, take one action to give to someone else. Ideally, examine some of the forms of privilege that you do have and give in the direction of those who do not have that privilege.  Direct giving is a really true form of magic to start or continue practicing. This can be to a friend, neighbor, someone in your community, or via a gofundme of someone in need, or the Patreon of a person with less privilege who has educated you on these topics. If you haven't directly donated to a person before, it can feel a little nerve-wracking or awkward, but try it out and see how it feels. 


Holy shit! We've made it HALFWAY through VENUS RETROGRADE. Today marks the midpoint of this part of Venus' cycle marked by her conjunction with the Sun. 


VENUS CONJUNCT THE SUN today! Venus at the heart of the Sun. The tricky thing about meeting up with the Sun is that it overpowers what it touches, so Venus is, in one sense, 'weakened' by this meeting. Compared to its heat and size, she is diminutive. There is an element of SURRENDER here.  Strength in SOFTNESS and just BEING. Strength in TRANSPARENCY. Strength in EMOTIONAL HONESTY. The veil is pulled back on Venus in one of her most vulnerable positions (in Scorpio). Very soon she will be spending a month in the sign of Libra (November) so here we are pulling the last drops of our Venus in Scorpio awareness... until December. 

A very different energy that's present is Mars semisextile Pluto. We're still on our path emerging from the shadow of Mars Retrograde, and there is significant TRANSFORMATIVE POTENTIAL available to us. Use your energy wisely now. Preserving our energy is an easy thing to lose control of. It's rarely affirmed that doing as little as possible is an essential strategy for HEALING. The energy we extend outward cannot then be repurposed to our cells, for our own process. We feel depleted and wonder why we aren't healing. Mars-Pluto power can burn us out. This is not what we want. We want PURPOSEFUL power. Directed toward what is truly most important TO US.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY is insightful. Pay attention. 


Where am I at with all of this? Have I been engaging the process of working with this guide?

If yes, take a moment to inventory progress you have noticed. It can be miniscule! We're not sprinting anywhere. But have you noticed any likable effects of tuning into yourself in this way?

If not, why do I think that is? If it's something beyond just not really especially resonating with this (which is possible), what's in the way? 

What is the veil being pulled back on? What feels most vulnerable right now?

One word the encapsulates the past three weeks?

My intention for myself for the next three weeks?



Take some of the affirmations you wrote earlier in the program (Day 9 assignment) or revisit that and do it now. 

Find a semi-sheer cloth that can work as a veil, of sorts. Sit with your veil and take some time to feel it's texture, to feel connected to it. For the purpose of this exercise, you are going to think of the veil as whatever has been in the way of connecting with yourself fully during this time. Doubt. Distorted self-image. Fear of vulnerability. Self-judgment. Distraction. Anything that has arisen. It could also be nameless. Sometimes we don't know what's in the way and that can actually feel even more challenging. The veil can be simply that feeling, and the namelessness of it. 

Secure the veil so that it covers your face without needing to hold it there, if possible. Now, look into the mirror and say your affirmations through the veil, to yourself. This can actually feel somewhat comfortable, as there is some shielding there. Say your affirmation with real intention. Shout them if you want. Do them full out. 

Now for unveiling. Close your eyes and feel fully into the intention that what is between you and yourself be removed. That you be fully one with your own being. That any sense of separateness be removed. When you're in that place, remove the veil. Look into the mirror as you do this. Feel whatever arises. There is nothing to run from here, even awkwardness. Every feeling is right. Feel the experience of really looking at yourself.

Now repeat your affirmations again, Full out.  <3



What's the longest period of time I've ever been "single"? When was that? 

Do I have negative associations with being uncoupled/unpartnered? 

Does a relationship feel like an achievement or accomplishment? Something that validates me? 

What are some ways that my life has been better, more interesting, more fulfilling, or more productive during periods of not being in a relationship? 

Are there ways I could cultivate some of that experience for myself, even if I am in a relationship now?


Take yourself on a date to do something you enjoy or be somewhere you love. Do what you would do to truly romance yourself. If that's getting dressed up, then get gorgeous! If it's making a picnic and sitting on a beach blanket to enjoy the sun, then do that. Take yourself on a dreamy date. Give yourself your full attention. Put your phone on airplane mode. And enjoy. 

Alternative: Friend date! Invite a friend on an exciting or dreamy activity. Give each other full attention and lots of love. Ideally, you can do both of these! 



One thing about Full Moons - they REVEAL.  That big bright light shines into darkened places. They might be unseen forces, unspoken dynamics, hidden corners of the mind, subtle desires. The best thing we can do at the Full Moon is to SEE. To allow. To run toward our deepest emotions and, especially, parts of ourselves we sometimes abandon or ignore. 

The area of life being highlighted for you by this Full Moon, by sign (read for Rising + your Sun):

ARIES: Money, Body, Self-Esteem, Possessions, Material Needs

TAURUS: Self, Image, Will, Personal Magic, Style, Body, Relationships

GEMINI: Mental Health, Dreams, Secrets, Inner Development

CANCER: Friendships, Social Life, Social Justice, Big Dreams + Aspirations

LEO: Career, Reputation, Fame, Power, Public Role

VIRGO: Travel, Study, Spirituality, Expansion, Education, Publishing

LIBRA: Investments, Financial Stability, Benefactors, Ancestors, Divination

SCORPIO: Marriage, Partnership, Best Friends, Business Partners, Enemies

SAGITTARIUS: Work, Physical Health, Commuting, Ritual, Routine

CAPRICORN: Creativity, Romance, Seduction, Sex, Fun, Parenting, Risky Behavior

AQUARIUS: Home, Family, Lineage, Security + Foundation

PISCES: Communication, Thought Patterns, Neighborhood Connections, Siblings

It's possible that what arises could be related to this area of life, or that you might want to gear your magic toward this part of your life at this time. 


How much do I respect my emotions? Do I see them as a sacred communication? A burden? Being "crazy"? When I feel something, how do I respond to myself?

What emotion am I least comfortable with? (jealousy, anger, despair, loneliness, fear, vulnerability)

Why might that be? 

Am I willing to shift my self-talk to be more welcoming to this emotion?

Purely based on intuition, if this 'negative' emotion had a positive counterpart, what would it be?

What tools do I use when my emotions overwhelm me? (Do I have tools? Do I need some or more than what I currently have?)



I love Full Moon readings because there is so much that can be illuminated at this time! This is a variation on a Healthy Steps spread that is used for health and healing (and overseen by Archangel Raphael) that you can adapt to the area of life this Full Moon is highlighting for you. Just use the info for your sign from the astroweather above and have that be the focus of your reading. Each card represents an angle on the situation.


  • Card 1: Current condition
  • Card 2: Physical or material reality
  • Card 3: Emotions around this
  • Card 4: Who or what can help me
  • Card 5: Next steps I can take
  • Card 6: Short Term/what can I do
  • Card 7: Long-Term Outcome



SCORPIO SEASON arrives at 7:22am EST on Tuesday. We are moving into the heart of Venus Retrograde (over one-third of the way through!) and this Scorpio Sun will be shining a bright light on some of what we are doing here. It also instantly opposes URANUS IN TAURUS (who will soon retrograde back into Aries for a finale of our overarching Uranus lesson since 2010). 

The FULL MOON IN TAURUS is Wednesday at 12:45p EST. The Moon conjoins Uranus and opposes the Sun. SATURN + VENUS are also involved, a bit more loosely. This is a CLOSURE + NEW BEGINNINGS moon. I'll explain why.

Think back to the NEW MOON IN TAURUS on May 15th, 2018. This was also the day that Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time since 1934-1942. The past five months have been our first glimpse into our own personal (and our collective) journey with Uranus until 2024. This is an important moment for review. We have had significant retrogrades playing off this dynamic (Mars and now Venus), so this window of time and what transpired (and is transpiring) for us during these retrogrades is really significant. 

We have opportunity to CLOSE OUT what isn't working and to get really WISE about how we want the rest to play out. URANUS is the new beginnings element. It's like the BIG BANG. From the void of what has been lost, must go, has faded... a new Universe unfolds. 


Get detailed with this!

Write May, June, July, August, September, and October down, giving a column to each. In each column, write the significant events, revelations, people, places, shifts, losses, successes of that month. (I'll usually take my planner out and look for things to jog my memory of what was going on. A gmail search for those dates is really helpful too.)

Next, write one word that captures the essence of what you wish to keep from each month. Then write one word that encapsulates what you want to let go.

Now come up with one word or phrase that summarizes what you feel you're closing out from the full five month period. If you're going through a portal and have the option to close the door behind you, what would remain on the other side? 

Lastly, find a word or phrase that summarizes what you want to see grow or be created. 

Have you allowed change? How? 

Have you resisted it? How?


 So there are TWO OPTIONS here. One is tied to the work we did above. The other is money magic because a Taurus Moon is great for that. You can do one or both, of course, in the days near the full moon. 

Ritual #1: FIRE   

You will want to do this AFTER the time of the Full Moon. Can be immediately after, or in the next 2.5 days.

Yup, we are gonna burn some shit! Your inventory has given you a great view of your recent attachments, longings, and realities. Use this to make a simple list of what you're letting go including:

  • people
  • relationships
  • material things
  • obsessions
  • worries
  •  fears
  • places

  • desires
  • plans
  • limits
  • events
  • behaviors
  • identities

Safely burn your list. Scatter the ashes into the dirt.  

**note: prior to burning your list, I might also suggest you cut some cords.**

For this, I draw an energetic sword. You will envision your swords, hold the handle, draw it, feel the weight of it in your hand. This sword is a part of you. You can pull it any time you need. You can also call on Athena or another warrior you feel connected to to help you with this. You are going to imagine the things on your list as being around you, near you. Raise your swords and bring it down on the cords, severing the ties between yourself and these things. Burn some energy here! Make sound. Cry. Scream relief. Whatever severs. Then your list will be fully read to burn.

Ritual #2: ABUNDANCE

Ideally you will do this just slightly before the Full Moon is exact, but any time near the moon is also good.Sit with your Love Altar. Be with the most self-loving energy you can connect with. 

Re-read (or do) your Day 2 assignment that has a money inventory. 

From this, distill your Full Moon abundance desire.We are going to use five candles as we did with the Self-Love spell. Ideally these will be green and/or gold. You can use any colors you want though (with anything) so long as you infuse your intention into the candle. (If possible, don't use black candles though.)We are WARMING UP our money here and encouraging it to flow to us. In the spaces between your candles place some of the following ingredients: 

  • cinnamon 
  •  basil 
  •  coffee (can be really good for some quick cash) 
  •  anise (helpful for issues of debt) 
  •  sunflowers 

  •  pyrite 
  •  glitter 
  •  chocolate coins (like Hannukah gelt) 
  •  hematite 
  •  honey

Choose what you feel most called to. Hold your hands over your working and send your intention all the way into the herbs. You can also grind some of these up into a very fine powder, anoint your candle with some olive oil and rub the powder onto your center candle (a light dusting will do). (Please remember to always practice safely and use your best judgement. The safest, simplest way that's possible in your space and within the supplies you have is always the best way to go. You can also snuff out your candles when you leave the house and re-light them when you get home. Just don't blow them out with your breath.) Or place a paper with your written intention under the *heat-safe plate or surface* you use for your working. Light your candles and continue to pray to them regularly while they burn. 



Apologies that I fell slightly behind! Somewhere in here I missed a day and today's post is going up quite late. For that reason I'm grouping these days together under this assignment. Gathering supplies now, for example, and then continuing to add to your altar throughout the week is a good way to work with this. The altar and the love letter from Day 13 are important, so try to get these in even if you're not chronologically caught up <3  Make this happen by Tuesday so you're also ready to begin your Full Moon assignments. 


The MOON IN PISCES brings a dreamier vibration (especially as I write this. it conjoins Neptune and trines Mercury  (it's currently 8:42p EST on Saturday night) heightening intuition and telepathy. Creativity too. 

Venus is also now sextile SATURN so the very best thing to be aware of in the coming week is HOW you can support yourself in your current process. Saturn like structure, order, spreadsheets, dentist appointments, pilates, reasonable bedtimes, etc.   Saturn loves A PLAN. Especially if the emotional body has been particularly active and processing, grounding into ROUTINE and STRATEGIC ACTION can help so much. 

Monday at 2:58a EST, the MOON ENTERS ARIES. This brings a dose of FIRE into the elemental mix, which can be energizing, and also brings MOON SQUARE SATURN. Making Monday a great time to make a move and put some of this into action. 


Do I like structure?

How do I feel about the idea of having a structured day? Structured life?

What kind of routine works for me?

What are some of the benefits of having a routine and consistency?

Regarding what I'm currently "working on" within myself or my circumstances, what structures or systems might help me out here? (for example, if you want to change a behavioral pattern, looking into therapies like CBT or DBT, or books on the topic of behavioral change, 12-step programs and so forth. We don't always have to create something from scratch. Sometimes we can model off of what has been done)

Is consistent action a form of self-care? A sign of self love? 

What would it look like to lovingly bring more beneficial discipline into my life?



Now that you have written your LOVE LETTER, it's time to build a LOVE ALTAR in your home. Ideally you want to give this a generous amount of space. Choose a time, morning or night whichever suits you better, to spend time sitting at your altar. 

First, think about to WHOM you are offering. A specific deity? Source energy? Love itself? Your guides and protectors? Your higher self? Choose what resonates, just try to be fairly specific because this will help you choose your objects with greater clarity. 

Make a list of some things you would like to place there. Think about why. What qualities are they bringing? Some examples could be: candy for sweetness, fruit for pleasure, water for flow and for freshness, salt water for cleansing, tarot cards that invoke the energy you want you altar to have, rope or string for commitment, and so forth. Get creative! There is no wrong way to do this. It's intuitively created from your own symbolic language. 

Once you've gathered the core objects (you can add more in the coming days), make time to create your altar mindfully. You are calling in the love you want to be surrounded with. Meditate on the colors, scents, textures, weight, and energy of your altar objects. Observe them and even describe them objectively to really tune into their nature. Talk to them. Sing to them. Anything that makes you feel connected. 

Once your altar is set up, make a special space for your Self-Love letter. Open it back up and read it aloud. Ask the energies your communing with to listen and understand your letter. To help foster and protect this Love you are creating. 



Ooh this MERCURY-MARS square is a bit brutal! If there is a problem or OBSTACLE, you see it. And it may appear insurmountable (it's not) or make us want to pick a fight (with ourselves or someone else). I'm not going to preach about that because these types of things happen but with all the tense astro, prizing your PEACE above all else could never be a wrong way to go either. 

I will write more on this in the weeks to come but the HALLOWEEN astro is WILD and intense, featuring a Grand Cross, so all that energy is building now, plus we are approaching the TAURUS FULL MOON next week. Returning again and again and again to the idea of NOURISHING THE SEEDS YOU WANT TO GROW will benefit you. Same with PRAYING FOR WHAT YOU *DO* WANT rather than worrying about what you don't. As the Moon grows, so do our intentions. As we walk that path, challenge will arise. Not might. Will! So instead of being surprised by this or being hard on ourselves, this is an opportunity to work with WHAT IS. 

MOON SQUARE JUPITER is making emotions BIG and INTUITION strong, yes, but perhaps also grandiose. If these types of aspects give you an inspiration wave, then ride it! If they make you feel like you're in a pressure cooker, let some steam out. Discomfort is not optional but suffering can be. Angst is ok but no need to pickle in it either. Feel me?


In place of journaling today, we are going to dive right into a love letter written by you to YOURSELF. You can write this in your journal although  I'd recommend putting it on separate paper because we are going to use it for something in tomorrow's assignment.  If you have beautiful paper, a nice card, ink you love, stickers, pressed flowers... anything that makes you happy and makes you feel loved, please include. 

What are the elements of this letter? First and foremost, that it come from your heart, from a vulnerable place. We all have received a card from someone that didn't quite hit the spot because it sounded like just a collection of Things You're Supposed to Say. This is not that. You are you. So you will know if this letter comes from a soft and true place. 

Woo yourself! Witness yourself through the eyes of your own love. Imagine your highest most loving self and your highest most loving guides and how they see you. What is the lens of love that loves ALL of you. Fully. Tell yourself.

Make promises. If you are going to feel inspired to commit to yourself, what's on offer has to be juicy. What can you tell you yourself that you want to be for you? How do you want to show up? What can you make possible for you? These are the truest promises you'll ever read because no one can show up for you, as deeply and as meaningfully, as you. Share what your are committed to. 

If you want to apologize to yourself for past hurts, do. If you want to thank yourself for past wisdom and triumph, do. Share with yourself the full range of love. 



With the MOON IN AQUARIUS, we revisit some of this summer's MARS RETROGRADE themes. It could be quite overt or something more subtle, but notice if the main challenge or focus of your summer is invoked in the next few days. Perhaps it's a new development or insight, progress toward a solution, or a even a behavioral/mental slip backward (it does happen! Much of life if not linear, of course...)  Notice where you are at now in comparison to then. 

The MERCURY NEPTUNE TRINE is still in play (discussed in yesterday's post) and the MOON SQUARES MERCURY as well. Our minds may be quite active. Just be aware that perceptions could be somewhat askew as well. 


How have your desires, ambitions, fears, or blocks changed since this past summer? 

What's new now? 

What's been left in the past that you're happy to no longer be thinking about or working through?

What fears or anxieties did you have then that did not, in fact, come true?

What still needs some work? This can be emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological. 

What are you absolutely READY let go of/do differently?

What aspects of your progress and awareness are you able to take note of now? How can you celebrate yourself for this? 


While it can sometimes fall by the wayside, consistent energetic clearing of our space can be a lifesaver. The more you do it, the more second nature it becomes.


  • Salt

  • Palo Santo

  • Clear Quartz

  • Black Tourmaline

  • Florida water

You really only need one of these ingredients! But feel free to incorporate more if you have them. The main one to use today is SALT. One of the simplest + best tools for clearing your energy is salt. Salt in bath, especially, or a salt scrub in the shower will remove old energy, lingering ties, things just somehow got stuck to you and haven't left. You can also sprinkle salt on the floor around your room or a space that feels heavy and vacuum it all up. this works really well because a lot of time the corners of a room or low places will hold more old energy. This is what I'd like you to do tonight! 

Mindfully, sprinkle salt throughout your home. Hold the awareness of salt's cleansing properties and power as you do this. Then do next trip through to sweep or vacuum it all up. I like to put all the salt in a trashbag and throw it away somewhere a bit far from my house, in a trashcan at a crossroads. You could also flush the salt down the toilet or dispose of in a way of your choosing.

Sea salt, especially, neutralizes and can help us cut ties. Another important thing to remember is that if you are clearing your space, open the windows. If you're burning herbs to clear, washing your floor with salt water, etc then open the windows and let the old energy out. 



MERCURY makes some interesting aspects this week. Moving into square with Mars and trine Neptune, there is potential for IMPULSIVITY, FANTASY, WAKING DREAMS, and the arrival of DREAM MESSAGES in general. In the midst of this retrograde, it *does* have the potential for deluded or wishful thinking around relationships, aesthetics, or money. If fantasy carries you away, try not to act on it immediately. Let it sit and marinate. Wait to examine desires in the clear light of day.

However, if we stay grounded within the Neptunian energy, this is a highly creative and spiritual impulse catalyzed by Mars. This is a beautiful week for getting back into meditation practice, making time for sound healing (listening to frequencies you like or binaural beats counts!), listening to music, dancing, being by the ocean or other body of water, and visioning what comes next or what is BEYOND where you presently find yourself.


Where in my life I am an artist? 

List all the ways your creative expression is present in your life! (eg. personal style, cooking, the way you write, decorating, geomancy, art, creative thinking... and much more)

Do I take time to notice and nurture my own artistry? How?

What inspires me? 

What are some things I find beautiful?

What gets me into the flow? (eg. movement, laughter, friends, automatic writing, etc)


Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open for something that inspires you today. It could be a taste, a scent, a memory, a strong emotion, a flower, the sky, visual art that you come across, or anything else that moves you or activates you. 

Open your journal and set a timer for at least 5 minutes. The minutes will go by fast! So set for 8 or 10 or 12  -- whatever you think is a good amount for you -- or at least 5 if you just want to try it out first.

Connect (either in real time or in your memory) with your inspirational experience. Use this as your starting point -- describe the thing or your experience of the thing, it doesn't matter, just ground into that as your jumping off point. For the duration of the time, just continue to write. No edits. No re-reads, No pauses. It's important not to pause, even though it's totally natural to have the inclination to do so. This is time of just pure flowing consciousness moving through you. Write and write and write. If you feel self-conscious or hesitant, keep going. That's natural. Just acknowledge any thoughts of distractions and get back into the flow of free writing. If you like this practice, set a time to do it daily this week. 


Note: I had intended to group day 9 + day 10 together so as to give some time to catch up on past assignments and make some breathing room for new participants. Instead, I am providing a separate Day 10 (for the date 10/15/2018) to use and incorporate when you are able!


MOON SEXTILE VENUS-MERCURY is a gorgeous aspect. The MOON IN CAPRICORN brings grounding, focus, ambition, self-honesty. As Mercury now shines (possibly somewhat spooky) light on Venus' mission, the Moon helps us action it. This is the most significant astrology of the day and we can put it to good use. 


Continuing on the theme of VENUS CONJUNCT MERCURY, let's talk about RECEIVING messages, guidance, and intuitive knowing. 

Do I believe in a higher power, something greater than myself that is a form of Spirit?

If so, what is this Higher Power, as best as I am able to put words to it at this time?

Do I connect with my Higher Power daily?

In what ways?

Is this a relationship I would like to deepen and develop further?

If I do not believe in a Higher Power, what do I believe in as an overarching framework for what's going on here on Earth/in my life? Is there one?


You may use any deck for this (tarot, oracle, herb, flower, gem, and so forth. Any cards you feel called to use. If you don't have a deck, consider getting one you think you'd enjoy. We will use out cards more throughout the program). Get into a quiet, sacred space that feels energetically clear to you. You can burn herbs, sweep the floor, straighten things up -- anything that makes you feel clear and reduces distraction. Take time to get quiet. Leave your phone in the other room. Shuffle when you're ready.

Card 1:  represents You

Card 2:  the path to connecting with Divine Guidance

Card 3: any blocks or fears to connecting

Card 4: the key to removing the block 

Card 5: next steps

Record the spread in your journal or take a photo of it. Write down some thoughts on your interpretation of the cards. If anything stumps you, write that out too. Questions you are left with and so forth. Revisiting the spread in a few weeks or months will shed new light, mostly likely. So it's good to keep track and revisit the questions when you are ready. 



MERCURY CONJOINS VENUS! This is a very important aspect in the context of this Venus Retrograde. Mercury in Scorpio has been INTENSIFYING the Scorpionic vibe, while also aiding us in understanding what this energy is all about. Mercury in Scorpio is the DETECTIVE, the ARCHEOLOGIST, the PSYCHOLOGIST. Always seeking. Often obsessed. So now MERCURY AND VENUS MEET and we get a flash of insight into our process,  receive an important message, or experience a key development in events. 

Ideally we simply allow this to happen, rather than push or force. One thing about Venus in Scorpio is that sometimes her desire is so strong that it ends up getting in the way of it being fulfilled. This is not the time to push for premature clarity, defining a relationship, demanding answers, or forcing anyone's hand. The better strategy? To simply observe. 


Today we are revisiting some past journaling and assessing if we've moved forward with what we observed or intended. This is not about judgment! It's not pass-fail. It's 100% natural and expected have intention and find it challenging to follow through. Or to forget our intention altogether! Incorporating NEW desires, habits, perspectives in our lives on a consistent basis takes consistent effort. It's challenging, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Accountability is one tool we need and affirmation is another. Let's dive in:

Do I still feel connected to my self-love intention from Day 1's exercise? (If you haven't done it, perfect time to go back and do now. Also, repeating your working is a great idea. Keeping your intention burning for a full month can have *amazing* effects)

If not, what has distracted me?

What are some examples of loving action I have taken toward myself since October 5th? (or since starting this retro guide!)

If it's been hard to take action, what are some things that could be in the way? 

Like what's your first thought when you look into this? Is it busyness? Is it doubting whether or not doing these things will make a difference? Apathy? Fear? There's no wrong answer. Just look a little deeper than you normally might. 

Of everything you've considered so far, what is the MOST important thing to me to stick with through the rest of retrograde? 

What can I do right now, in this moment, to recommit to this?

What action can I take on a daily basis to support this commitment? 


Affirmations are a powerful tool. Sometimes they can get a bad rap because they're associated with some of the more avoidant love-and-lighters who don't believe in ever feeling anything bad or "negative". I am staunchly in support of love and light! And I also advocate for feeling all of our genuine feelings, without trying to simply disappear them. 

These affirmations are not intended to be a mask or a form of avoidance. They are here for BALANCE. We say so many unconscious negative things to ourselves everyday! Let's make a case for the other side, too. Let's remember how many other possibilities there are and how INFINITE our potential is. 

Using your journal answers, especially your #1 PRIORITY, brainstorm some affirmations that SUPPORT this. For example, if following your self-care routine is your top priority, you can use:

 "I care for myself effortlessly" 

"I consistently meet my own needs" 

"I listen to everything my body wants to tell me" 

and so forth.  

There's no perfect format other than the one that works best for you! Choose words that evoke FEELING. That capture your true desire. That affirm your ability to DO THIS.  And look to some resources like Louise Hay's work for inspiration if you feel stuck in the creation process. She has so many good ones! 

Most importantly, if you feel resistance to this, simply allow that. You don't have to believe it, yet. Belief comes from doing. The action leads. Doubt it and do it anyway.  

Advanced version: Practice your affirmations in the mirror daily. This kicks up both the resistance (initially) and the healing power. 



The difficult aspects we've been under (lots of squares and some opposition) can leave us feeling almost hungover! Whether it's internal struggle that shows up as obsession, fixation, anxiety, or depression, or having challenging interactions with others that leave us with a lot to unpack, it's really important to COME BACK TO OURSELVES and BACK TO CENTER. 

The SAGITTARIUS MOON brings some levity today. A bit of FIRE into the astro landscape! The MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE now, so it's a good time to get lost in MUSIC, ART-MAKING, or MEDITATION, and much less of a good time for using mind-altering substances to ESCAPE. Just be aware of your limits and motivations in the actions you choose. 

The MOON goes VOID from 9:58pm EST on Saturday 10/13 until 4:17pm EST on Sunday. VOID MOONS are excellent for DIVINATION of all kinds. Take some time to work with your decks, to channel messages through automatic writing or another medium you like, or to simply RELAX YOUR MIND and let awareness come through. It is *not* a good time to reach out and talk about a tricky subject or to initiate something. So save implementation of things like that for Sunday evening on. 

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN is great for making a plan. Sit down and STRATEGIZE! The challenging aspects *do* also stir up PASSION, MOTIVATION, DESIRE, and can bring CLARITY. What are you going to create now? What DISCIPLINE can you bring to your ideas to help make them real?


The PLUTO-SUN SQUARE made me think a lot of CODEPENDENCY. Not a sexy word, I know. Not especially appealing. But I am firmly of the opinion that if we are going to talk about INTIMACY, we have to talk about codependency too. This is a large topic, so we won't cover it all in one day. But these questions are intended to get us thinking on where and how this expresses for us. Like anything, it's on a SPECTRUM. Probably every person on this earth has some codependent traits. The goal here, for now, is simply to be aware. 

Have I ever relied on a partner/having a partner for my maintaining sense of self-worth? 

Have I engaged in relationships with a "break up/get back together" dynamic, where I return to a situation that had significant problems thinking it will be different this time?

To what degree does that person or people I'm romantically or sexually involved with become my whole world, or get out of balance with my other priorities and sources of safety and security? 

What needs am I/was I trying to meet via this other person/these other people? 

Are there ways I could meet my own needs that I'm not employing? What ways could I take care of myself? What or who else could support me?

When I feel obsessed with another person or a relationship, what difficult feelings am I trying to avoid? 

And... does it work? Or does it create more/different/same difficult feelings?


**please also revisit actions from Day 7, Day 6, or elements of your Self-Care Routine from Day 4**

There's been some heaviness in the air. That's part of life! We are always working with the full spectrum of experience. To balance that out a bit, it's time for some glamor! 

First, choose an adornment. It could be lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, a delicious lotion, or an accessory like jewelry, hat, wig, jacket, or shoes. Choose something that feels special to you. That you would associate with a special day or occasion, with feeling good. 

Next, charge it up. Set your intention toward feeling UPLIFTED, BRIGHT, CONFIDENT, UNSTOPPABLE, COURAGEOUS, JOYFUL, IRRESISTIBLE, or whatever else makes you feel good. Spend a few minutes really locating that feeling and experience. Letting your body come into it. Fantasizing feeling that way. Hold your magical object(s) in your hands, arms, or close to you body in some way. Send this intention into it. You're charging your magical tools. 

Put on music that reminds you of this feeling. Dance or stretch or move your body, Make sound! Moan or laugh or scream or make any unidentifiable noise that wants to come out. And when you feel a little or a lot lighter, APPLY YOUR MAKEUP or PUT YOUR ACCESSORY.

Look in the mirror and remind yourself you are MAGIC. Remind yourself of your agency. How you felt yesterday doesn't dictate how you feel today. How you feel now doesn't dictate how you will feel in an hour. Come into the POWER you have to influence your day. Remind yourself throughout the day that you are charged up and full of magic! 

Do at least one thing that is PLEASURABLE. And enjoy. No matter what else is happening, we are always entitled to JOY or COMFORT in the present moment.



One thing to understand about the current astrology is that it is extremely FIXED SIGN DOMINANT (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are the fixed signs) and there is a LACK OF FIRE ELEMENT. The fixed signs dig in. They're stubborn, but loyal. This means that the possibilities of what's unfolding now are POTENTIALLY MEANINGFUL, but not easy. If we can open ourselves up to change that change can be lasting, but prepare for some resistance along the way. That coupled with the lack of fire element means we are generating our own heat and light now. We feel sparked from within perhaps more than receiving inspiring external stimulation. 

The SCORPIO MOON of the past few days may have surfaced quite a bit emotionally and interpersonally. Things that were brewing or being held back are likely to have spilled over. Truths told. Realizations had. As I write this post tonight, for tomorrow Friday, October 11th, the Moon is separating from her conjunction with JUPITER. We are now seeing that VENUS RETROGRADE is also helping us to wrap up the past year (since October 2017) of JUPITER IN SCORPIO. It benefits us to take a broader view now and reflect on the lessons, work, and successes of the past year. 

Today we are going to take a BREAK from the journal questions and meditate instead.


Reflection and discussion are supremely valuable, yet they are also inherently cerebral. The thinking mind is a gift and an excellent tool. but we need many tools, not just one! For this assignment, we will let go of our thoughts and allow some deep presence to seep in.

If you live near a nature preserve, hiking trail, woods, beach, desert, or other quiet place, set aside a time to go there today or over the weekend. If something like that is less accessible, get creative. Look on google maps and see where streams run in your area, even a tiny one, that you can visit and listen to the sound. If you're in a city, find a spot up high with a wide view. Or perhaps a botanical garden or any other space filled with plants. The important thing is that you go somewhere that genuinely shifts you out of your daily perspective. Somewhere you can be an observer and step back from the micro details of life. Where earth, sky, air, water, or open space can work their magic on you. Give yourself as much time there as you're able. 

Do this without a goal. Whatever feelings move through you or thoughts that arise, don't fight them. Just let them move through you. Decide that, for this moment, there is nothing to figure out. 



As I post this, VENUS SQUARES MARS and MERCURY SQUARES URANUS, giving lots of energy, creative tension, inspiration, and possibly some conflict as well. This is AGITATOR energy, combined with the backdrop of SUN SQUARE PLUTO discussed in yesterday's post. If you are REFORMING or RENOVATING any part of your life, work, self, or mind, you've got some juice to work with here. 

Note that squares also are INTERNALLY focused. They are best used to work within. They stir stuff up, so that can make us want to get into it with someone else (or bring other people to try to stir stuff up with us) but this will not really satisfy what's in play here! As best you can, avoid projection and (especially) petty conflict or power struggle at this time.

I took my time getting to the topic of RELATIONSHIPS because 1) we've got lots of time together still, and 2) I try to remember that while love and sex can feel all-consuming, they don't always have to be the central focus of our inquiry. VENUS CONTAINS SO MUCH. So do we. And I believe that the absolute best way to use astrology for finding love is using it to know and understand YOURSELF. Self-knowledge, and the ability to self-care and self-satisfy, is the most important (and least emphasized) relationship tool. That said, Venus is now calling us toward inventory of the CONNECTIONS in our life. Present, past, future. 


These are intended to help reflect on the quality of connection in your life at this time. If romance is relevant to you, include it. If not, friendship and other intimacies are equally relevant. Include whatever feels most important now. 

When was the last time I felt loneliness? What did it feel like? 

My default thought/reaction to feeling lonely is _______.

When was the last time I felt seen and understood by another person? What did it feel like?

Do I have the amount/quality of physical connection that I need/want on a regular basis? If not, what would that look and feel like if I did?

Are there long-lost connections, romantic or friendship, to which I could bring a greater degree of closure? Is there a way in which I'm still holding on that could be holding me back? 

What does ideal intimacy look like for me? Have I experienced it yet, or is it something yet to experience? Write in detail about what you are craving and get as SPECIFIC as possible. This is the early stage of creation. 


Soak in the love! This bath is intended to immerse you in care, softness, and sweetness. Personalize by adding your favorite things. 


  • Honey

  • Rose Quartz

  • Amethyst

  • Rose petals

  • Jasmine essential oil

  • Pink salt

  • Hibiscus tea

Run a warm bath and add your ingredients. I like to listen to music or vibrational sounds that invoke a feeling of contentment. Experiment with some of the heart chakra frequencies on youtube, or the Solfeggio frequencies and feel what resonates. Sound is a delicious element of the bath because it makes it that much more immersive. Lighting candles or other soft lighting is also a good idea.

The idea here is to literally soak in the sensations of love, deep care, sweetness, and warmth. Close your eyes and really sink into the beauty of this space you created for yourself.  Dunk your head under the water and be fully immersed in the healing, feminine waters. Put your hands on your heart and say kind things to yourself. Say 'I love you'. 




This week is defined by SUN SQUARE PLUTO (exact on October 11th). We also still feel the VENUS-MARS SQUARE and neither of these are especially comfortable energies. The squares CATALYZE. They can be energizing, motivating, and sometimes extremely challenging. A lot of course depends on how and where they hit our personal chart. But the important thing to remember is that there is OPPORTUNITY here. To move, to shift, to grow, to reform, and to make a hard turn to go a different way if necessary. 

Sometimes it helps to retrace our steps and looked back at where we've been, to gain clarity on 1) how we have already changed and grown, and 2) what the necessary growth and change are now. And we have the perfect timing to do it! We are officially OUT of the shadow of MARS RETROGRADE. This means that Mars is now where he was *before* Mars Retrograde (this past June 26th-August 27th) and will now continue on his path of direct motion before retrograding again in ~2 years. This is the perfect moment to take stock of wtf happened this summer, and even in the shadow period pre-retrograde (May 12th), and consider the WISDOM, POWER, AND VULNERABILITY acquired in that time.  


What was my biggest challenge between May and September?

What story was playing out in my life? My psyche? My heart?

What progress did I make? 

Where did I get stuck or feel stuck? 

Have I seen more momentum or a shift in the past 5 weeks? 

Now that Mars is in new territory, what are my goals? 

If I had one totally non-negotiable thing to which I must devote my energy what would it be?


For this you can use a RED CANDLE. You only need one.  This candle represents your ENERGY, DRIVE, WILL, and DESIRE. You can also include the stones ruby, garnet, or jasper, anything you have that is made of iron, the Mars symbol itself, and garlic, ginger, or black pepper placing them around the candle. With FORCE + ENERGY, claim your intent out loud. Speak powerfully about what you are moving toward. Access your WILL here. Nothing wishy-washy or purely symbolic. Here you are claiming your ENERGY and yourSelf as divine director of that energy. AFFIRMATIONAL LANGUAGE is a great idea here. Claim it. Light your candle. Hold your hands over any objects you've included. Infuse them with your energy. Know your course has been set. 



We are still very much in the energy of the LIBRA NEW MOON. Today is an excellent day for your moon ritual (see Day 3's post) or for making time to revisit your altar and intentions. Every moment is an opportunity. Choices are not a one time thing -- to take sustained action we must make the same commitments again and again, reaffirming our relationship with what we are calling in. Same goes for casting out old habits or ways of being. We will have to make many choices, big and small, to build new pathways and ways of being. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are in Libra today. Mercury is now nearing the end of its time in Libra before moving into Scorpio, so this is a good time to continue reflecting on our Libran ideals. 

Mars and Venus are also moving to square one another. This is a catalyzing aspect that makes things happen. In that vein, I'd like us to each craft and commit to a self-care routine, with loving intention, and commit to practicing it daily throughout the retrograde. If you have a solid routine, then perhaps you'd like to simply add a Venusian element to it, or a more contemplative element. Maybe this is even a good time to evaluate your current self-care. If you feel routine-less and wondering what self-care even is, you're in the perfect place! We are going to do some exploration in the journal questions. 


What elements of my life feel they qualify as daily routine or daily ritual?

Is self-care a part of my day-to-day life currently? How do I feel about my current level of self-care?

What in my life or my being needs more care than it is currently receiving? (possibilities: physical health, mental health, physical comfort, nourishment, creativity, spiritual practice, nurturing relationships...)

Brainstorm some possible daily practices that would be genuinely nourishing to you. Write them all down. (There are no bad ideas in brainstorming!)

Now write a draft of a daily self-care routine. Include the when, how, and where of the essential self-care elements and how they weave into your day.

Is there anything standing in the way of my commitment to this? Any resistance? (It's good to name and acknowledge it)

Do I feel worthy of self-care? Do I believe self-care is "enough" or important enough?

Write a statement of your personal commitment to a self-care routine. 

(You can commit fully while still seeing it all as an experiment. This is an opportunity to observe what happens when you commit to these practices for an extended period of time.)


You can do anything for a day. And one day at a time, monumental change can occur in totally doable ways. Put your self-care routine in motion! Once you have your draft, commit 100% to practicing it for one day. 
You can do this. <3 



Monday, October 8th at 11:47p EST is the LIBRA NEW MOON. This has a magical quality while Libra's ruler Venus is retrograde. This is a SELF-LOVE MOON. It is especially good for setting deep intention around alignment with your personal aesthetics, love philosophy, or money beliefs. The NEW MOON SQUARES PLUTO, making it extra-oriented toward themes of: PERSONAL POWER, TRANSFORMATION, TRUTH, and FACING OUR SHADOWS. 

Yes, Libra likes to keep it light, bright, and beautiful, but with her ruler Venus now retrograde in Scorpio, Pluto aspecting this moon, and Mars simultaneously squaring Venus, this feels more like the road to TRUE HARMONY: acknowledging and honoring the shadows, fears, blocks, self-sabotage, shame, or psychological pain that also exist while we move toward the Libran ideals of connection, beauty, justice, and (the ever-elusive) balance.

I always say that Libra is *not* the most balanced sign, but the sign that most *wishes* for balance as this a concept the sign holds in high regard. That doesn't mean balance comes easily and, honestly, if we really consider BALANCE, isn't perfect balance a form of stagnation? And isn't stagnation essentially death? A bit of balance with some wobble to it is MOVEMENT. It's progress, it's TRYING, it's aliveness. 

Let's not make the LIBRA NEW MOON about perfection! Or the fantasy of a soulmate that fills up a void. Or moving ourselves to be more like someone else's beauty. This moon has so much more to do with accessing the POWER that comes with bringing LOVE TO OUR OWN SHADOW. What part of you that you have shunned holds a treasure? What "mistake" must be forgiven to move forward in peace and ease? Where can you lean into the BEAUTY OF WHOLENESS?

This Libra New Moon is potent and bright. We all can benefit from working with her.  Libras and Libra Risings, especially, please make time for new moon ritual (more on this below) and honor this personal new year of sorts. 

**please note that ideally you want to work with the new moon at the exact time or after (rather than before). if you won't be up late for the exact time, you can do you ritual the next morning or anytime in the following 2.5 days**


What does balance mean to me? How does/would it feel?

What am I longing to receive? How can I open up to receive more?

What am I holding onto shame around? What makes me feel shame?

What power deep inside me is bubbling and crackling to come through now? Am I open to my own power?



  • Apples + honey for Venus

  • a sweet incense of your choice (perhaps jasmine or rose)

  • journal + pen  

  • any objects of your choice you'd like to add to your altar (flowers, herbs, jewelry, etc)

Make a space on your table or desk for a makeshift altar, or use a separate altar if you prefer. Ideally your altar will be where you can sit and write in the presence of your altar space. 

The apples and honey are borrowed from the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, which I have celebrated my whole life. Both apples and honey are associated with Venus, so I also enjoy them as an offering to her. 

Place the apple slices in a circle around the honey and place on your altar with your other offerings. Thank Venus for her sweetness, beauty, power, and the gifts she has given you. You can sing, dance, leave a drawing. All will be appreciated.

Now sit with journal and pen, light your incense, and write your intentions. Less like a grocery list and more like a SUMMONING. How do these things FEEL, TASTE, SMELL to you. What is their ESSENCE. The incense evokes AIR ELEMENT as does writing, so these are excellent tools for air sign Libra. Write from your HEART. When you are finished, read these allowed to your altar. Leave your paper with your New Moon words or the whole journal in front of or below your altar. Ask Venus for her help. She wants to help you! Her LOVE is limitless. Ask for what you most want and know you are WORTHY.

Happy New Moon, lovers! Xo



We have been feeling the effects of a a VIRGO MOON connecting with URANUS IN TAURUS and SATURN IN CAPRICORN, then PLUTO IN CAPRICORN as well. This has the potential to ground us, get us into our body, enhance desire for contact with nature, food, safety, and comfort. It can also be MOTIVATING and encourage us to make our living and working spaces comfortable and organized, or to handle details of money, work, or ambition. Whether it's grounding down into REST and NOURISHMENT, or harnessing the power of EARTH ELEMENT to make significant headway on something that is important to us, bring awareness to how your own personal being responds to this earthy influence. Does is rev you up or wind you down? Can you make SPACE AND TIME to connect more fully with your body, your space, or the outdoors? 

Anchor your experience. Get your feet onto some dirt. Make the intangible tangible (by making lists, cleaning, sorting, crafting, building). Enjoy more rootedness today. Self-massage, cooking a nourishing meal, or bringing revitalizing scent into your space are all excellent ways to work with this.     


We will be exploring a range of Venus-related topics, including love, beauty, relationships, and money. We will do small inventories to get connected to our feelings on each topic. We're starting with money because it's one of the least openly discussed among women + feminine-leaning or identified people! 

What is my highest vision for my financial reality?  

Try not to avoid writing numbers here. Get specific about what you want your circumstances to be and also include what kind of money might make that possible. (How much money do I want to make? How much savings would I have? Spending money?)

How do I feel when I step into the reality? How does my body respond? What are my emotions? 

Get detailed here. Imagine you are entering this reality and write through exactly how it feels. 

Do I feel worthy of this reality? Are there any blocks or fears that immediately arise as I think about money or what it would be like to have more of it? 

Even if the blocks are factual or feel immoveable, write them down anyway so you are aware of what stands between you and a more satisfying financial reality. 

Is my relationship with money something I feel pretty good about? Feel bad about? Is it something I'd like to focus on over the next six weeks?

If money is a priority for you, you can consider directing future Venus Retro spellwork and practices in the direction, too. 


Set an intention for the day, ideally reflecting back on your Self-Love intentions you're working with (or will be working with) in your Day 1 spellwork. If you want to write it down, as a sentence, affirmation, or word, you can keep it in a pocket or wallet and return to it throughout the day to remind you! If you have a piece of jewelry, a crystal, or a talisman that can remind you of this intention, hold it in your hands and take a few minutes to send your intention into your object. Wear or carry it with you today and touch it when you remember, repeating your intention.


Venus Retrograde gives us an invaluable opportunity to turn the powers of Venus toward our own SELF: our heart, our beauty, our most deeply held values, and our relationship with money. Often we feel it necessary to arrange the outer facets of our lives first and hope the inner will follow (and that can even be a powerful tool at times, we will do a bit of that too in the coming weeks), but we may find it harder to take the space and pause necessary that allow us to return to our core and commune with the heart so as to better understand how to live and create from our truest, most essential self. 

Venus Retrograde offers us this PAUSE, by centering contemplation, journaling, ritual, and magic in our lives at this time (even as we necessarily move forward and continue to live our full lives). We plant the seeds of AUTHENTICITY deeper in our own HEART and witness the flourishing of an increasingly magical reality in the coming months and years.


VENUS stations Retrograde at 10 degrees of Scorpio at 3:04 pm EST today, October 5 2018. The MOON is in proud, bright, and loving Leo, encouraging glamour, affection, expression of care. (We are going to work with this loving moon setting intention and either beginning or starting to gather elements needed for our spellwork.) There is a dreamy, romantic, and possibly fuzzy or confusing energy as Neptune aspects the Sun over the next week. Feeling into the non-linear inklings, our dreams, feelings, messages that come listening to music or through lyrics, or spending time by the water can have some extra attention paid to them at this time. Particularly at the time of retrograde, slip into gentle awareness of what arises. It’s all correct! It doesn’t have to immediately make sense either. Begin to embrace less rush and more presence, as retrograde encourages and allows. 


As a way of entering this process, the first exercise is about checking in with where you are now.  

How am I feeling in my body today?

Close your eyes and do a scan of your body, starting at either your head or your feet, and moving through each part to feel into the experience your whole body is having. Note any important sensations, awarenesses, pleasure, pain, absence of feeling.

When I get very still and quiet, is there a message, image, or word that surfaces? Write this down. 

If you have time, do some free writing or automatic writing to see what else comes up around it.

Do I have a longing right now? It could be for touch, food, closeness, peace, sex, freedom, love, care, relief, numbness… anything really.  

Sometimes we don’t wish to feel our longings because we fear they can’t or won’t be satisfied. In the coming weeks, we will be connecting with desire and gently nurturing its flame. In a way that feels gentle and safe to you, notice if you have a strong desire for something right now.

If my heart could have one thing right now, what would it be?  

answer accordingly ;)


Gather ingredients for this to do anytime this week, ideally over the weekend if you can <3

Setting the Stage for Self-Love Spell ...


  • 5 candles, any color that calls to you (suggested colors are pink, red, white, or yellow) 

  • A large, heat-safe plate

  • Healing herbs of your choice (choose four, some suggestions below) 

  •  For love: chickweed, red clover, jasmine flower, hibiscus, basil For peace/cleansing: olive leaf, chamomile, pine


Place one candle in the center of the plate. This candle represents you. You can anoint with an oil of your choice, or simply use olive oil. Rub the oil into the candle and talk to it about your intention and desire. Melt the bottom of the candle and stick securely to your heat-safe plate. Place the other four candles around it, toward the four corners. Now, take your herbs and place between the candles. I place each herb separately in its own space; you can place yours intuitively however feels good to you. Hold your hands over the herbs reinforcing your intention. Speak out loud, thanking them for their power, claiming your intention of deep self-love and healing, distilling down to the PUREST ESSENCE of what you desire. Light the candles and pray to them. Revisit them in the coming hours, days, week (depending on how long-burning your candles are)

**Note: If you would like to do a similar process with one single candle, you are welcome to. Do what feels best to you. You can buy a single candle and fix with herbs and oil, or buy a fixed candle already made and use that. Work with what works for you.