100 Days to 2020!

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Let's make it count!

This is the most direct, constant access to me and my teachings that I've ever offered! In this program you'll receive daily guidance + love from now until January 1st direct from me to you via daily subscriber-only emails and a private group instagram. 

  • Daily videos of cosmic teachings + AstroTarot Forecast readings
  • Astroweather report of the day right to your inbox
  • Reflection question of the day
  • A daily practice to keep you on the path 
  • Group support in the private instagram where you can share your written reflections + questions with me and the group 
  • Private Instagram lives with me where I can answer your questions in real time


100 Days to 2020 offers insightful, affirming, catalyzing support! The remaining months of 2019 are a powerful time to cut away inauthentic behaviors, clear confusion, and get closer to the core of who we came here to be. 


Just $49 for over three months of intensive guidance, learning, and connection! (50 cents a day for a detailed daily reading each and every day!!) Join us!  Just click the discount box at checkout.

You can also subscribe for $20 a month for 3 months (3 payments of $20 will automatically be made. These will be on the day you purchase, Nov 1, and Dec 1) 

 There are no refunds or cancellations permitted on this product.


Customer Reviews

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Always spot on and insightful. Emily’s style is very fresh, modern and engaging.

Friend in my Inbox

Ok yal introvert review here.
With all the end of year events and workshops and the like, I Felt extremely overwhelmed by the conflict of having an interest but not necessarily wanting to be around people. Having this resource was a great way to tap into a collective energy as well as put the timely advice to use. I even went to an event or two and hosted a few myself 💁🏽‍♀️ Thank you Emily! and why I’m always tempted to all you Emily Elisabeth (from Clifford the Big Red dog) lol

Thank you!

Great, in depth, helpful daily emails and videos.

An incredible service

Having this level of wisdom and intuition pop into your inbox each day is a tremendous gift that you will not regret. The writing style is straightforward and accessible and honest, while giving what could be complicated and sometimes conflicting (thanks, universe!) information - and then parsing what that actually MEANS in a day-to-day way. Sometimes there are videos, sometimes there's just a brief paragraph, sometimes there is a longer explanation with really helpful context, but all of it is so valuable. And videos! I can't recommend this enough. The journal prompts are so thoughtful, and even though I am TERRIBLE at following through with them, they do make me sit and think about what my response would be, which is usually pretty illuminating in and of itself. Highly, highly recommend.

Amazing Insights

I have loved all of the products I've purchased from the Voluptuous Withch and Cosmic Coven is the best yet. I've loved the daily and monthly insights so much...so insightful in planning my life!

Lisa G