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Cosmic Coven is a direct connection to the cosmos. Astrology is complex and sometimes you just want clear answers. Cosmic Coven provides the insight, a-ha moments, and supreme empowerment of understanding what the f*ck is up in the universe, in advance.

This astrology is healing. It is for your heart, soul, and personal growth. All the content is focused on supporting your magic and power in the world. You’ll have a core, solid understanding of what the astrology means and how it applies to you. You’ll confidently know what to pay attention to and what to dismiss. You’ll know when you’re in sync with the astral plan and that boosts motivation, energy, and faith to take you to the next level. You’ll feel seen and understood from an astrological perspective.


Teen Witch (get 6 months for $25)

  • New + Full Moon written horoscopes
  • Monthly motivational audio horoscopes for your Sun + Rising sign

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Loving guidance!

Voluptuous Witch’s support has had such an influence in my life. From my first engagement with her work, a Mars+Venus reading, to my deepest, the Venus Retrograde 2018 offering, I am so grateful for the presence of this grounded and enlightening material. I get so much out of it. Thank you for all you do!

Love my Baby Witch membership

I love having a Baby Witch membership so much I renewed for another 6 months! The Voluptuous Witch is so talented at making astrology relatable and easier to understand.

Always the best from the Voluptuous Witch!

Always so spot on, best readings and great value. Thank you!

Baby Witch package

I’m so glad I got this! I love having the astrology updates on hand, and just knowing I can refer back to them whenever I need is so comforting! Thank you @thevoluptuouswitch ❤️


Not sure what took me so long to finally purchase, but missing all of the IG content I treated myself for my birthday. It is AMAZING. I read the daily posts every morning on my commute and I feel grounded and ready for each day. Highly, highly recommend!