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Cosmic Coven is a direct connection to the cosmos. Astrology is complex and sometimes you just want clear answers. Cosmic Coven provides the insight, a-ha moments, and supreme empowerment of understanding what the f*ck is up in the universe, in advance.

This astrology is healing. It is for your heart, soul, and personal growth. All the content is focused on supporting your magic and power in the world. You’ll have a core, solid understanding of what the astrology means and how it applies to you. You’ll confidently know what to pay attention to and what to dismiss. You’ll know when you’re in sync with the astral plan and that boosts motivation, energy, and faith to take you to the next level. You’ll feel seen and understood from an astrological perspective.


Boss Witch: (get 6 months for $75)

  • Exclusive daily posts on the astrology of the day
  • Monthly webinar with me on the astrology of the month
  • Weekly in-depth program guides with journal prompts, magical practices, astro lessons and more
  • Detailed guides for New/Full moons + other important astro events
  • Monthly exclusive interview with a magical witch or boss babe
  • New + Full Moon written horoscopes
  • Monthly motivational audio horoscope for your Sun + Rising sign

    Customer Reviews

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    My favorite Astrologer

    Boss Witch has been a phenomenal guide, the content is impeccable, and Emily is spot on. She is so eloquent, and transmits information in an accessible way, and beautifully to boot. Can't recommend her highly enough!!


    Love love love

    Thanks for the unofficial therapy!

    I feel so much love and warmth for the Voluptuous Witch. Her Daily Forecasts and daily 100 Days to 2020 readings give me much needed perspective, and provide grounding, soul-searching and inspiring, forward-moving energy. I get excited for her recorded Lunar/Monthly readings too, and will sometimes listen to other signs (not just my Aquarius sun/moon and Gemini rising) for the good advice she offers there, and insight into what I might encounter via others. Her witchcraft is healing and therapeutic, and I believe her cosmic coven is making this world a little better and kinder.

    I love it!

    I am new to Boss Witch and I have found it immediately helpful. This was a really good purchase that I wish I made earlier!

    So much information!

    You truly get so much with this membership. It’s the cost of 2 takeout orders so you really aren’t having to spend all that much, but what you get is so impressive. The reading materials, the personalized info for your signs, the critical info for the earthly shifts and events. It’s like the life hack for anyone wanting a new angle for leading an enriching life.