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**PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE QUANTITY. You purchase ONE (1) of these and then are charged monthly. It is a subscription.**


Cosmic Coven is a direct connection to the cosmos. Astrology is complex and sometimes you just want clear answers. Cosmic Coven provides the insight, a-ha moments, and supreme empowerment of understanding what's up in the cosmos, in advance.


Baby Witch $5  

  • New + Full Moon audio horoscopes
  • Monthly motivational video horoscopes 
  • Daily detailed astro forecasts
  • Exclusive coven webinar gatherings + bonus content

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Voluptuous Witch serves healing truth!!!

I am so deeply touched by the readings I am receiving via the Cosmic Coven. Emily is saying truth that is allowing me to be seen and shift in ways my soul deeply craves! Thank you for all the magic you are and share 🔮🌈

When astrology meets self-care

I've followed The Voluptuous Witch's work through her online media chanels for the past three years and have benefitted from the various products I have purchased so far in a considerable way. Baby Witch is a daily, monthly, and lunar guide to the astrological weather tailored for each sign and mindful of encouraging the individual through the collective by using relatable injunctions to growth and self-empowerment. I resonate with the personal and political values of this content and enjoy the way it is beautifully illustrated with art by women through the daily posts. I think of it as self-care.

Membership review

Love the content so far, super excited to join the community


Love baby witch!

Is she a witch? ;)

I've been following thevoluptuouswitch for over 2 years now, and all her posts resonate on a deeper level. The same has been since subscribing to baby witch - the horoscopes feel intimate - like having a Kiki.