Audio Horoscope - Pisces

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INTUITION is the entry point to the greatest expressions, achievements, and ideas. Our connection to divine source and the higher self is the golden spoon delivering us the nectar of the cosmos. We access this through our body, our awareness, and our practices.

This Mercury Retrograde, March 5-28th, we are stepping into our personal embodiment of the HIGH PRIESTESS. The Piscean waters of the retrograde, and numerous reality-shifting aspects during these weeks, necessitate that we be GROUNDED, LISTENING, and MALLEABLE. This retro will be a beautiful time to explore being a CHANNEL FOR SOURCE, and how we can gently and steadily shift our daily life into this way of being.

This process is a creative collaboration to make the exploration of these themes healing, creative, and revelatory. All guided by me! This won’t be set up like a linear course to follow where you can’t miss a step. It’s perfectly ok to do what you can, when you can. 


What You Get and How It Works:

  • 1 Detailed Audio Horoscopes by Sign to give you clarity on the astrological narrative of your life at this time. Includes detailed information on the New Moon for your sign, as well as what Uranus in Taurus means for you


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    I really enjoyed Emily’s astrology horoscope for Pisces! It was informative, grounded, and yet extremely channeled and inspired! Very helpful in navigating the murky waters that are Neptune :-) thank you Emily!

    LOVE the voluptuous witch

    My intuition was legitimately coming through loud and clear as I was reading my horoscope and a light bulb went off. I feel SO much whenever I read legitimately anything from her.