High Priestess: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces - PDF ONLY

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Don’t let Mercury Retrograde make chaos in your life! Retrogrades have a bad reputation because mistakes, miscommunication, and slow-downs can interrupt our plans, but you can actually flip this just by being in the know.


This is the most magical retrograde we’ve had since 2013! And the strangest. The veil between this life and other realms is thin. Spirits, Magic, Intuition are much more relevant now than spreadsheets and five year plans.


It’s time to step into our embodiment of the HIGH PRIESTESS.


What You Get and How It Works:

  • Day-by-day PDF breakdown of the mercury retrograde transits, daily moon signs, translation of the energy (dos and don’ts), and daily reflection questions 

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High Priestess: Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

I love Emily's guides and programs, and am always excited to see what she comes out with. One specific quality I want to shout out is that she is always considerate of participants having varied circumstances. She makes space for disability, for geography, for lack of specific materials, and I really deeply appreciate the way she tries to make her material accessible for everyone.

Content was actionable and straightforward leading to deeper engagement

The High Priestess program felt like a gentle hand-holding delivered from a friend - no fluff. The written content was extremely helpful in picking practices to align with to support engagement with our intuition and contemplation. It helped me familiarize myself with how deeply I truly am impacted by the moon phases and how strong and normal it can be to use my intuition in service of myself, my life and my greater goals.

So healing

It's been so cool to work with the material from the Voluptuous Witch during retrogrades. Instead of dreading it and worrying about all of the things that can go wrong, I know I'm aligning myself with the will of the universe and making the most out of the time and allowing myself to rest, regroup, purge, consider, and think deeply. It's so helpful!

Voluptuous Witch Fangirl Forever

I’ve been buying programs and readings from Emily for the last two years and I’m never disappointed. I love everything she has to offer, and find a lot of value in it. Highly recommend!

So helpfull!

The mercury retrograde programs are so great! They give so much insight and confirmation of everything you experience and I could really recommend them to anyone. They are great on their own and also in combination with all the extra's in the shop