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Cosmic Coven is a direct connection to the cosmos. Astrology is complex and sometimes you just want clear answers. Cosmic Coven provides the insight, a-ha moments, and supreme empowerment of understanding what's up in the cosmos, in advance.


Boss Witch $15  

  • New + Full Moon audio horoscopes
  • Monthly motivational video horoscopes 
  • Daily detailed astro forecasts
  • Exclusive coven webinar gatherings + bonus content
  • Weekly Cosmic Guides full of astro info, magical practices, journaling, and tarot spreads
  • 10% off all other products 
  • 20% off personal readings 

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    my favorite thing every day

    I cannot get enough of Emily's beautiful, thoughtful, fierce and beautiful work. Getting Boss Witch was absolutely the right choice-- daily astro casts, audio horoscopes on each new and full moon, and detailed spell advice. Boss Witch is the best part of my morning- I love logging in every morning to take in all the goodness.

    Boss Witch

    Loving my subscription to Boss Witch. I have long wanted to subscribe to Emilys Cosmic Coven, and have been so pleased since I have. I love the guidance and the magic in the Ritual, reconnecting with this part of myself I have longed to explore. Thank you for all you share. Much Love Lorna <3

    A helping voice

    I am glad to have a solitude without intruders when I need it(sometimes I need it even when I'm not entirely ready to accept it) - and I am glad to have, just next to it, a solitude where I can read and ponder this material and its great way of gently directing you towards a healthy and empowered way of relating to your rhythms.

    Thank You!!

    I just listened to my New Moon horoscope (Aries) and it was so incredibly helpful. Nail on the head, struggling with career stuff and looking for a way out. Final interview for a new place on the 2/2 and it was noted to be careful on communication on the 3rd- so a gentle reminder to not go full Aries if the interview goes well. Having these insights and knowing when to move forward and when to reflect is huge and I’m so grateful.


    Membership - Boss Witch