Unf*ck Your Retrograde: Mars on a Mission: August "Transition Zone" Guide

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Unf*ck Your Retrograde: Mars on a Mission 

August Transition Zone Guide!


We are in a major TRANSITION ZONE. Post-lunar eclipse, in a full month characterized by retrogrades, eclipse energies, and some extremely significant planetary alignments. We are IN-BETWEEN WORLDS. This is a full month of content designed to guide us through this portal, to foster self-compassion and healing, and to get us fully ready to be in our POWER in the last quarter of the year and beyond.

Why is it so important to be especially conscious now?

1) Transition and change can be challenging. Seeking SUPPORT, clarity, and perspective can really help the process

2) September brings major MOMENTUM. We will move forward quickly in the Fall. The only way to ensure we are moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION is to get into alignment now. 

This summer has been a lot about STRATEGY. Identifying your mission. Knowing where to focus your energies. Neutralizing challenges. For some us, it's been about navigating difficult developments or slow downs. The major themes are self-mastery, healing, clarity of goals, and connection with our truest desires. Going deeper into the astrology and self-development work are important ways to make the most of this transformational time. 

 The program includes:

  • Detailed and encouraging audio horoscopes by sign 
  • Guidance on where to best focus your energy during retrograde
  • Clarity-creating writing exercises
  • Rituals designed by me, aligned with the planetary cycles to give your manifestation and release work a magical boost
  • Block-busting tools and tips
  • Creation of a power plan to make the absolute most of the rest of the year

The retrograde package includes:

  • 12-min audio recording mp3 for your sign(s) covering the essential astro and how to navigate it
  • 3 Weekly PDFs
  • 3 Weekly Videos
  • Additional voice notes + astro reflections
  • Detailed astro calendar
  • Astro guide for transitioning into fall


***You will be emailed a link with Access to the Program. Please bookmark it to return to throughout the month.

This is a digital product. No refunds are offered on digital products (but we are confident you will love it!)