Uranus Horoscope - Leo

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This major astro event happens only every eight years — the planet Uranus has changed signs into Taurus! On the same day as a Taurus New Moon, auspicious and exciting energy is available. Learn what this new era will bring for you!

You’ll receive:

a 12 minute mp4 audio horoscope for your sign

In your Uranus in Taurus recordings I outline by sign:

  • the major astrology of May - November 2018 for your sign, where and how to best focus your energy

  • what Uranus in Taurus means for you

  • what chapter you are closing (Uranus in Aries)

  • where a large focus of your energy will need to be from May to November (how to get the most out of the rest of 2018)


    You’ll ideally want to listen for both your Rising Sign and your Sun Sign. (If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can look up your chart on astro.com)

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